Web design trends in 2013


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Web design trends in 2013

  1. 1. WEB DESIGN TRENDS IN 2013 Created By Cygnis Media http://www.cygnismedia.com/
  2. 2. WEB DESIGN TRENDS  Mobile Website Design  Large Photo Backgrounds  Cleaner Source Code  Social Media Sharing  Infinite Scrolling  Development Platforms Will Gain Popularity in The Business
  3. 3. MOBILE WEBSITE DESIGN  It is said that by 2015 there will be one cellular phone for every person on this planet and online cellular use is expected to get over pc use. A appropriate cellular web design allows you to take advantage of unclaimed market area or linking with customers, employees and customers on the go in a way that is simple, practical, and personal.  75% of customers choose a cellular friendly website (Google, 2012)  70% of cellular visitors act within an hour; only 30% of PC visitors do (Mobile Professional 2012)  One third of cellular queries on Search engines are for small companies and services (Diana Pouliot, Home of Mobile Marketing, Google)  61% of customers who visit a cellular unfavorable website are likely to go to a rival's website (Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2012 via IAB)  58% of cellular customers anticipate cellular websites to fill as quickly as or quicker than pc websites (Google 2012)  Mobile records for 23% of web traffic. This is a 90% increase on 12 several weeks past (12.6%) and over 8 times higher than 24 several weeks past (2.7%)
  4. 4. LARGE PHOTO BACKGROUNDS  Photography and fans of photography will enjoy this style pattern. I have seen plenty of features talking about the concepts of big over-sized photography in the qualifications. It’s an excellent way to catch your prospective customer's attention and it can look great when done effectively.  I am often attached to big pictures since they can be attractive on the sight. When combined into your structure, this style strategy can give your website a major advantage in marketing.
  5. 5. CLEANER SOURCE CODE  The release of more CSS frameworks have permitted web designers to make down their programming periods considerably. Which indicates you can build an entire 2-column or 3-column website structure within a couple of minutes, when using the right tools. It also indicates there is less HTML markup necessary to achieve the same results.  Building websites on fresh source rule indicates everything is more structured, and often small. This is good because small file sizes mean faster running periods from the server. Plus when going back into the structure for modifying these can be instant and brief without problems. I have discovered a lot about fresh HTML/CSS just by studying articles online and learning the words of other skilled designers
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING  Marketing is one of the greatest identifying aspects in a site's failing or success. Public networking and popular marketing have increased in many different sites. Stumbleupon used to rule well- known in this sector but has since admitted to competitors like Stumbleupon. But these are not the only two well-known sources for discussing experiences online.  You can check essentially any social group for discussing badges and will likely find a great remedy. You can place these badges pinned to weblog content and content anywhere in your structure. These are still used definitely by visitors and lovers who want to discuss content quickly on locations like Facebook or myspace, Tweets, or even LinkedIn.
  7. 7. INFINITE SCROLLING  Infinite look for running has been around for at least a few years. But this strategy had not really hit popular until this season and I’m sure it will proceed into 2014 and beyond.  Pinterest has implemented this running strategy for their structure and it performs magnificently. You can look for anything and the look for engines will constantly fill as you look for down. Pagination is generally a non-issue and does not even perform as a hindrance into the consumer encounter. Discuss developing for simplicity!  This is a great strategy which does not perform on every structure, but for the right sites this can look and act extremely.
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS WILL GAIN POPULARITY IN THE BUSINESS  Companies around the world face a increasing problem: Disappointed with the IT division, end customers are looking for illegal cloud-based services behind IT’s back. This causes serious protection problems, as IT can no longer control the business's information. This pattern causes many IT divisions to re-think their program distribution design, with many looking for company-wide growth systems.
  9. 9. THANK YOU Created By Cygnis Media http://www.cygnismedia.com/