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Top Pinteresting Business

  1. 1. Top Pinteresting Business Tools Created By Cygnis Media :
  2. 2. Pin Alerts • PinAlerts is a very useful Pinterest tool that allows you to find out in real time whether someone has pinned something from your website. It allows you to quickly respond and say thanks to those who are promoting your work, as well as helping to increase your followers by asking your pinners to follow some of your other boards.
  3. 3. Pinreach • Pinreach helps you understand better where you stand on Pinterest and how well you’re doing, by calculating your Pinterest “score.” Another useful feature is that you can see the daily trending members and trending pins
  4. 4. Followers on Pinterest • Followers on Pinterest is a smartphone/tablet app that costs £0.80. It's very similar to another one of my favorite Twitter tools, Manage filter You can use it to find out who isn’t following you back, track new followers, follow and unfollow users and discover new people and boards to follow
  5. 5. Piqora • Piqora (formerly known as Pinfluencer) is a great tool for anyone who is serious about using Pinterest for marketing reasons. You can use it to start any promotions on Pinterest, to track your results with their analytics and manage your content (including pin scheduling).
  6. 6. Pinstamatic • Pinstamatic is a great Pinterest tool that helps you make even better boards. Regular images are just not enough anymore to stand out, and with this tool you can get that extra edge over your competition. For example, you can add quotations to your board, which has a much better chance of attracting users to it as well as fun sticky notes. Another great feature is that you can share music on your boards and your friends can play them right from there
  7. 7. Pinterest Right Click • Pinterest Right Click is another browser extension, but this time for Mozilla Firefox users. Once installed, it adds a “Pin Image” option to your right-click menu, so whenever you find an image that you would like to pin, you can do it very quickly by right-clicking.
  8. 8. PinBooster • PinBooster is a great tool for those who want to advertise on Pinterest. It works simply by compensating popular pinners to endorse your business on Pinterest. They can share your photos and videos and promote your hashtags and events to their followers. It's a useful way to grow your follower base and even get some leads out of it. And if you are a great pinner yourself and have lots of followers, you can sign up on Pinbooster and actually get paid to pin.
  9. 9. Thank You Top Pinteresting Business Tools Created By Cygnis Media