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Mobile & web app development platforms


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The digital world is swarmed by all types of apps these days. We have web apps, smartphone apps and tablet apps. Who build all those apps? Of course the developers, and what they use to build these apps? Of course tools. What tools? Well, this presentation provides an answer to this question. What app development platforms are used by the developers?

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Mobile & web app development platforms

  1. 1. { App Development Platforms Tools to build mobile & web apps quickly
  2. 2.  Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low- power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.  For example: Games (Angry Birds) & Lifestyle (Groupon)  Web application development is the process and practice of developing web applications  For example: Google Drive Mobile & Web Apps
  3. 3.  Small and medium size businesses are looking for quick time solutions related to web & app development problems:  For example: A small clothing business may not have the expertise (app development team) to build an app for their users.  Web & Mobile apps are growing strong day by day  According to a research mobile sales constitutes 17% of total online sales on this Cyber Monday. (IBM PR)  Platforms are companies providing solutions for quick web & mobile app development for small & medium businesses. Platforms
  4. 4. There are several app development platforms for quick time web and mobile app development: App Development Platforms  Knack  Appery  Codiqa  Kinvey  Keen  Conduit
  5. 5.  Create online database for your data  Do It Yourself (DIY) tool for building web apps that works with your data.  Functionalities like search, custom forms and data display.  Pricing: 3 Packages  Starter: $25/month  Pro: $49/month  Corporate: $149/month Knack
  6. 6.  Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery mobile and hybrid mobile app builder.  It supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone using integrated Apache Cordova/PhoneGap output.  Build your app using a powerful drag and drop visual builder tool.  Pricing: 5 Packages  Free: Free  Standard: $19/month (billed annually)  Pro: $56/month (billed annually)  Premium: $135/month (billed annually)  Enterprise: Ask Us Appery
  7. 7.  The cloud based platform builds your App with 100% HTML5 components.  Codiqa’s drag-and-drop interface allows for fast and easy mobile prototype building, with a Preview mode to test your prototype.  Pricing: 4 Packages  Individual: $16/month (Billed Annually)  Small Team: $33/month (Billed Annually)  Big Team: $60/month (Billed Annually)  Enterprise: Ask Codiqa
  8. 8.  Taking the hassle out of building and operating mobile backend.  Reduces backend development time & build prototype faster without any worries about server management.  You don’t have to pay until your App is successful.  Pricing: 4 Packages  Starter: Free  Indie: $200/month  Business: $1,500/month  Enterprise: Get in touch Kinvey
  9. 9.  A quick and easy way to embed powerful charting capabilities into your App.  The API helps to collect, analyze, and visualize your data.  For example: track user sessions and display engagement graphs for your website Keen  Pricing: 8 Packages  Developer: Free  Startup: $20/month  Growth: $125/month  Premium: $300/month  Professional: $600/month  Business: $1,000/month  Enterprise: $2,000/month  Custom: Contact
  10. 10.  Builds app designs quickly and easily.  You can develop apps for iOS and Android platforms.  A variety of components such as social feed, RSS, events, e-commerce, and notifications are available.  Pricing: 3 Packages  Basic: Free  Gold: $33/month (Billed Annually)  Growth: $83/month (Billed Annually) Conduit
  11. 11.  IBM Press Release on Cyber Monday:  http://www- 42661.wss  Knack Pricing:   Appery Pricing:   Codiqa Pricing:  Resources  Kinvey Pricing:   Keen Pricing:   Conduit Pricing:  ing.aspx
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