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Mobile Application Development Trends 2013


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Mobile Application Development Trends 2013

  1. 1. Mobile Application Development Trends - 2013 Created By Cygnsi Media
  2. 2. 2013 Application Development Trends  iOS Apps will still Dominate the Market  Mobile Payment Application  Cloud Technologies  Gaming Applications  Healthcare Applications
  3. 3. IOS Apps Will Still Dominate The Market  We all know that Android os is the most well- known cellular os these days. And Android os industry stocks are more than the one iOS has. However, it is iOS applications which generate income from better via in-app ads, app charges or in-app buys. So, just because iOS is still earning cash and where Android os is designed over a 100 % free system iOS will control the industry.
  4. 4. Mobile Payment Application  Mobile transaction program is improving day by day, professional are declaring that it will surpass the bank cards program. These are known as cellular accessories. It is already becoming well-known in Western Nations and in USA. But still people are little risky over it because of two main reasons.  Security  Speed
  5. 5. Cloud Technologies  Even SharePoint 2013 shifted to reasoning. Cloud processing and saving information in atmosphere are these days is pattern and individuals will follow it further.
  6. 6. Gaming Applications  It’s a non-dying area. As the research data show mobile game playing applications are the most popular app classification these days. And individuals are desperate to obtain their preferred leisure activity.
  7. 7. Healthcare Applications  Another on going pattern. People are getting conscious about their wellness day by day. Such medical care applications help users to seek advice from with their physicians and getting alternatives. Another app is about keeping great wellness like exercise applications, yoga exercise applications, restoration improvement which help a user in tracking a great wellness.
  8. 8. Thank You Created By Cygnis Media