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Today, we are witnessing the pinnacle of digital advertising. We never thought of paying or ads in Google. Yet, we are reaching people through Goolge. Even social media is ready to play its part in advertising. Facebook with more than 1 billion users is the next big thing in digital advertising world. Who caters modern day advertising needs for companies and their brands? A need which spanned from smartphone apps to social media games, this is where digital advertising agencies come to play their part. This presentation is a basic overview about digital advertising agencies and their functions.

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Digital Advertising Agency

  2. 2. ADVERTISING AGENCY  Advertising agency is a company offer services to create, plan, and handle advertising for its clients. • For example: Havas is a company handling all the advertising of Jack Daniels.  There are several types of advertising agencies: • Full service agencies • Creative agencies • Specialized agencies • In-house advertising agencies • Digital agencies
  3. 3. FULL SERVICE AGENCIES  These agencies are involved in planning, creating, producing advertisements, performing research and selecting media.  Some full service agencies also provide non-advertising related services including strategic market planning, direct market promotion programs, interactive marketing and web site design, and public relations.  The importance of the various functions provided by a full service agency will depend upon the client.
  4. 4. CREATIVE AGENCIES  Creative agencies specialize in "creative" or design-based business models and are also known as a "creative boutique". Their basic interest is in the creation of the advertisement or branding. • For example: Creating a cover design for the marketing pamphlet.  The client who chooses to use a design only based advertising agency must assume some of the advertising purchasing.
  5. 5. SPECIALIZED AGENCIES  These agencies specialized in a particular activity of the whole communication process.  They may specialize in certain functions (copy, art, media), audiences (minority youth)or industries (health, computers) or in a marketing communication area (direct marketing, sales promotion, public relation).
  6. 6. IN-HOUSE ADVERTISING  An In-House agency is a team within a company that focuses on selling the company's product; they will handle all aspects of the brand.  A company hire individuals to cater its marketing needs.
  7. 7. DIGITAL AGENCIES  Digital agencies differentiate themselves by offering a mix of web design/web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising/marketing, or e-business/e-commerce consulting.  The creation of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have sparked market interest, as some interactive agencies have started offering personal and corporate community site development as one of their service offerings.
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCIES  Social media agencies specialize in promotion of brands in the various social media platforms like blogs, social networking sites, Q&A sites, discussion forums, and micro-blogs. The three key services of social media agencies are: • Social media marketing • Online reputation management • SEO
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF DIGITAL AGENCY  Working with a specialty or boutique agency offers unique benefits as well, including: • More granular channel strategy and tactical expertise • Client access to agency decision makers and top personnel • Lower spending minimums  Agencies owned by large media or holding companies can provide the following benefits: • Diversity of capabilities from co-owned media properties • Built-in sister agency relationships and priority referrals • In-network efficiencies
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  Modern day advertising has changed a lot with the advent of social media.  Digital advertising companies are focusing mobile and web apps to target different types of audience.
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