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Developing Facebook Application


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There are a lot of things you can learn over the internet, learning to code is one of those things. The idea is to help young and energetic developers to master the art of coding and make them a future superstar in the tech industry. There are a lot of companies working as a Facebook app developer, a young learner can try their luck with those companies as well. However, it is also wise to be aware of things you may need in such companies. A Facebook app developer needs to master the art of PHP, as all Facebook applications are built with PHP. This tutorial may help you understand how a Facebook app developer starts its project. Please feel free to add your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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Developing Facebook Application

  1. 1. Developing Facebook Application A beginner’s guide
  2. 2. Facebook Apps  With more than 1 billion users world wide. Facebook is one of the biggest marketing and promotion source.  More than 1 million people engages with Facebook apps on a daily basis.  According to a statistic, Facebook has more than 10 million apps.
  3. 3. How to develop a Facebook App?  In order to develop a Facebook app you may need following things and skills  Facebook Account  PHP Skills  A server (hosting service)  You may also need to get yourself registered on Facebook as a developer.
  4. 4. Getting Started  Login to the Facebook and go to the developers area and click on Set Up New Application.
  5. 5. Project Details  Adding project details is a very handy practice.  You can add logo of your project through an image file.  You can also set the language for your Facebook app.  You can add any other detail you may think will help you develop your app.
  6. 6. Setting Up Address of your App  Facebook will create an API key and a secret key.  At this time the application is ready to run, but you can add more information and icons.  When done, go to Canvas page.  You will have to set an address for your app in the URL.  Address to your app may look something like this: 
  7. 7. In Canvas Callback URL, you have to enter the URL of the page on your server that will host the application. Then set Render Method to FBML. FBML mode lets you quickly start building an application from scratch, which is good for a absolute beginners.
  8. 8. Adding Client Library  Download the client library and copy the content of Facebook->platform->php to the Facebook application directory in your server – the same path of Canvas Callback URL.  Your directory now should look like this:
  9. 9. Coding  Code your application
  10. 10. Remarks  Now that your application is completed, you can submit it to the Application directory.  Before you are able to do it, your application must have at least 5 total users or 10 monthly active user.
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