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Washington post opinions


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Washington post opinions

  1. 1. View on the Web. Friday, October 25, 2013 Lally Weymouth An interview with Australia’s Tony Abbott The Post’s Lally Weymouth talks with the new prime minister. Kent Conrad Conrad: Revenue isn’t off the table Tax reform is an essential part of entitlement reform. John R. Allen and Michael O’Hanlon U.S.-Afghanistan relations The partnership between Afghanistan and the United States is about more than convenience. David Cole Four decades in solitary Two inmates, accused in a guard’s death, endured cruel and inhumane punishment. Nawaf Obaid Saudi Arabia’s sharp turn The kingdom’s refusal to join the U.N. Eugene Robinson Redskins name a racial slur We love the team, but the name can no longer be overlooked. Michael Gerson GOP: Stop being so negative Republicans need to do more than point fingers on Obamacare.
  2. 2. Fareed Zakaria The world is watching China Southeast Asians realize they must understand Beijing. Ruth Marcus Real-world advice for young women Binge drinking is part of the problem of sexual assault. Evan Burfield didn’t have to hurt so much The government needs to overhaul the way it procures IT contracts. Tom Toles Tom Toles Cartoon Click on the image for the full-size cartoon Ann Telnaes
  3. 3. Ann Telnaes Animation Click on the image to watch the animation Editorials Come clean, Mr. Mayor More for Virginia’s House A bad example Opinions blogs Thursday’s outtake Happy Hour Roundup Some better ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ casting choices 10 Best Halloween Couples Costumes For One
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