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The Skeletal System (nellz10186)


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A thorough understanding of the bones that make up the skeletal system, the differences between a joint, tendon and a ligament and the effect of physical activity on the human skeleton.

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The Skeletal System (nellz10186)

  1. 1.   The Skeletal System is a rigid framework of bones that serves many important functions. Bones and Cartilages, Tendons and Ligaments all make up the skeletal system.  The skeletal system comprises of an average 300-350 bones in newborns and 206 precisely in adults. The Human Skeletal System
  2. 2.   A bone is made up of salts, water, and tissue.  Inside a bone there is a jelly substance called bone marrow.  Bone marrow produces blood cells for the body. What is A bone?
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  4. 4.  Long Bones Long bones are some of the longest bones in the body  Short Bones Short bones are defined as being approximately as wide as they are long and have a primary function of providing support and stability with little movement.  Flat Bones Flat bones are flat plates of bone with the main function of providing protection to the bodies vital organs and being a base for muscular attachment.  Irregular Bones These are bones in the body which do not fall into any other category, due to their non-uniform shape. Classification of Bones
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  6. 6.  What are joints? A joint is the physical point of connection between two or more bones. What are Tendons? A flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous tissue attaching a muscle to a bone. What are Ligaments? A short band of tough, flexible fibrous connective tissue which connects bones to bones. Joints, Tendons and Ligaments
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  8. 8.   Increased Synovial Fluid Production  Increased Joint Range of Movement  Increased Bone Density  Stronger Ligaments The Long Term Effects of Physical Activity on The Skeletal System
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  10. 10.  How many bones are there in the human skeletal system? …………………………. What is a bone made up of? ………………………….. What is the primary function of a tendon? ………………………… List two (2) examples of a short bones ..…………… ..……………