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Home made solutions for floor cleaning


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At Cyclone Professinal Cleaners ( we offer a wide variety of cleaning services and we care about you and your business by using healthier methods, products and equipment.

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Home made solutions for floor cleaning

  1. 1. Floor cleaning- Home made solutions
  2. 2. Grout Cleaner• Inexpensive substitute tocommercial cleaners.• Lemon - one of the strongestfood-acids, effective againstmost household bacteriaBacking soda + Bleach + Toothbrush
  3. 3. • White Vinegar - cuts grease, removesmildew, odors, some stains and wax build-up.• Wipe off the spill or stain immediately
  4. 4. • Routine Floor cleaning: Saves a lotof trouble• Vacuum or sweep thoroughly
  5. 5. • Choosing the right chemical solutionfor floor cleaning is requiredRemoving Wax from Tile Floors:Washing powder + Ammonia + Warm water
  6. 6. • DIY PolishApply to surface then wipe dry with asoft cotton towel.Scratch RepairRub a crayon that is the same color asthe flooring into the scratch, filling thespace as full of the wax as you can.vegetable oil + vinegar + Vodka
  7. 7. We care about you and your business byusing healthier methods, products,equipment.Contact us:Address:Cyclone Professional Cleaners8025 GreenwoodDr. Plano, TX 75025Phone: 972-390-8700Website: