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Clinchem 2013 marketing presentation


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Clinchem 2013 marketing presentation

  1. 1. “Is Regenerative Medicine a hope or hype? ” 28-29th of April, 2013 LRCEmail: Website:
  2. 2. Mission“Is to provide excellence in Laboratory services, Teaching, Training, and Research activities”. Vision“Is to be recognized as an Academic Department of excellence to support and enhance the mission and vision of Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University”. Objectives1. To provide excellent Laboratory Medicine Services for the patients of Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital in a timely & professional manner.2. To provide an atmosphere of respect for our staff while encouraging continued personal growth, education and development.3. To provide excellent teaching to a broad spectrum of Health care professionals, Health care workers and Laboratory personnel in conjunction with the University.4. To provide the physical facilities and atmosphere where Research activities can flourish, in collaboration with Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine and other affiliated institutions5. To promote health, treatment and prevention of disease in the diverse population which we serve.
  3. 3. 
 Record-breaking attendance of nearly 600 participants in the 1st CLINCHEM 2010 Conference" Molecular Biology: Into the future"  held from 31st of March -2nd of April at CICC. Conference accreditation by European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Sponsors: SIEMENS, EL-DAWLEYA, TECHNOSCIEN, CLINILAB, ETICO, ENDOMEDIX & ULTRADIAGNOSTICS
  4. 4. Conference Hall Entrance
  5. 5.
  6. 6. In response to the feedback we received from our attendees and sponsors we decided togive it another shot and organize the 2nd CLINCHEM 2010 Conference “ TransfusionMedicine & Quality updates: Revolution not evolution" that was held from the 24-25th ofOctober, 2010 at the LRC at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, anothergreat success…Sponsors: DIA MED, FUTURE HORIZON, SPECTRA, SIEMENS & INTERPHARM
  7. 7. Out side the LRC – Kasr Al Ainy During the sessions Exhibition Area 7
  8. 8. 
 Record-breaking attendance of nearly 600 participants in the 3rd CLINCHEM Conference" Genetics & Tissue Engineering"  held from 3rd-4th of April at CICC. Conference accreditation by American Association of Clinical Chemistry. Sponsors: ENDOMEDIX, SIEMENS & BIO SYTEMS
  9. 9. Exhibition Entrance
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Marketing today}  Is all about return on investment and efficiency of funds employed. Make an important and valuable sponsorship commitment to this exiting event! }  Medical advances in the field of Regenerative Medicine are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Hence, we expect attendance this year to be higher than it has ever been.}  Around 12 experts in the field of Regenerative Medicine this includes a large contingent from all over the world.}  The Conference will be accredited by the American Academy for Continuing Medical Education (AACME) .
  12. 12. Marketing todayWhen you sponsor the  4th CLINCHEM 2013 Conference, “IsRegenerative Medicine a hope or hype?” that will be held fromthe 28-29th April, 2013 at the LRC at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty ofMedicine you:◦  Position yourself as the partner of choice in an industry set to commercialize◦  To get a cost-effective marketing exposure to your target audience, culminating in more meetings, more leads and closing more sales◦  Educate, demonstrate expertise and showcase new products and services to a targeted audience of decision-makers◦  Achieve your business development goals through new partnerships and alliances◦  Get direct and exclusive access to global stem cell and regenerative medicine leaders
  13. 13. How do you reserve a sponsorship?}  Who:   Please contact Mr. Alaa Ragheb
 Mobile : 0100- 160 3116
 E-mail :}  Why:   To reserve a sponsorship level}  When: Reserve before 15th of March, 2013    We look forward to working with you on this innovative and exciting event! Email: Website: