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Showcasing Moodle MOOC 10

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Showcase Individual and Team Courses
  2. 2. I’m a secondary high school Teacher in maths and physics, in Magliano Sabina (Italy). I created a Moodle Course about the topic: “The State of Matter” My main goals are about: ● the exchange of ideas among teachers ● the great pedagogical potentiality from this kind of approach ● I discovery a very intuitive and complete platform ● the simplicity and immediacy about the big amount of material that can be shared Thank you so much Nellie for the opportunity you gave us! Moreno Concezzi (Rieti, Italy) This is the link to my Course and the link to my course presentation video
  3. 3. I teach English, German and Romanian as a FL at a private language school in Iasi, Romania. For my individual course I chose a grammar topic:: “English tenses: a crash course” The course objectives are: ● To overview the meaning and usage of the verb tenses in English ● To consolidate students’ understanding of the tenses ● To encourage reflection and collaboration in the learning process ● To provide students with a set of useful resources for individual study Andreea-Katia Nechifor (Romania) Available badges: 3 (one for each section) Course completion: all activities must be marked as complete
  4. 4. Helen Chenoby I participated in Moodle Mooc 10 which provided training on how to teach online using Moodle, WizIQ, Google drive & presentation tools that focus on teaching as a way to learn. Two web sites designed by Dr. Nellie using the latest version of Moodle (3.3) - Moodle for teachers and Moodle for teaching are a great learning environments, where we learnt “By-doing” and “Sharing” . We created many videos and learnt how to reflect on the processes, we created our own courses and the final result of our individual work in the course practice area we added to Padlet “Moodle MOOC 10 Week 5: Individual Courses” It was very effective and informative course. We were instantly supported and guided. Many thanks to Nives who always was available to help. Thank you very much to Dr Nellie for providing this opportunity to communicate with people who are passion about online learning design from all around the word
  5. 5. Luisa Petrillo (Naples,Italy) I’m an English teacher in a low Secondary School in the South of Italy. I joined Moodle Mooc 10 to learn how to teach online using Moodle. For my individual Course I chose to talk about Italy, just to continue what I had started in the Collaborative Course Design. The Course is an introduction to Italian Culture with a special focus on Italians seen from the outside, between truth and stereotypes.This is the link to my course ew.php?id=13 The link to the showcasing video VVXU9zPJTQ I’m really grateful to Dr Nellie for the positive learning environment she provided me with: a really great experience to meet passionate teachers and learn from each other.
  6. 6. Anatoly Chenoby I participated in Dr Nellie M4T MOOC 10 course where Dr Nellie lead and nurtured us through following milestones: - Introducing overall Moodle structure and components; - Provides with tool for team collaborations - Detailed investigation for some Moodle features (profile, frontpage, gradebook, blocks,badge Management,activities and resources, etc…) - For everyone she created their own sandboxes where we can design courses of our choice using latest Moodle features - We received constant and prompt response to all our queries and help Here is the link to the course I created -> Thank you for organising the course in great way!
  7. 7. I am an ITC professor at the College of Forestry in Gurghiu and when necessary, trainer for my fellow teachers (ITC Trainer and educational management) . I teach ITC (1 hour/week) at middle school, high school, vocational school and post-secondary school. My course: WPS Writer Emilia Dan - RO
  8. 8. Introduction ; Video Tutorial Tools and Activities ✓ Learning about each other ✓ Create our team for the collaborative course in the course practice area (CPA) My videos: ➢ My Profile ➢ Layout of Moodle MOOC 10 ➢ Rich Editor on Moodle My Profile Emilia Dan - RO
  9. 9. Section 1 - Learning and Teaching online ✓ Student Engagement ✓ Authentic Learning My Videos ➢ PoodLL in the Editor ➢ External Blog (how to add an external blog) ➢ Blogging on Moodle as a Student ➢ Exabis ePortofolio Section 2 - Course Design with Resources and Activities ✓ Compare Activities and Resources ✓ Role of a teacher in the classroom and in a Moodle course ✓ Effective Course Design Forum Teacher Practice Area My videos: ➢ Resources in the TPA ➢ Activities in the TPA Profile Emilia Dan - RO
  10. 10. Blocks available to a Manager Blocks on Moodle and the Manager Practice Area In week 3, participants will have the role of a manager in the Manager Practice Area (MPA) 1. What is the role of a manager in a school? 2. What is the role of a manager in a Moodle course? My videos: ➢ Video Tutorials of Blocks as a Manager Emilia Dan - RO
  11. 11. Collaborative Course Design Participants will work in teams to design a course . They will document the steps and reflect on the process and share the final module of their lesson in the topic section using screencast-o-matic and publish the recording on Youtube or Vimeo My videos: ➢ Videos Capturing the Steps (Submit) of the Team Course Collaboration ➢ Videos Capturing Individual Reflections on the Process of Working in the Course Practice Area ❖ 1 ❖ 2 Emilia Dan - RO
  12. 12. Emilia Dan - RO
  13. 13. Manager of a Moodle Site Participants, who receive badges for weeks 1- 3, will be able to continue working on Moodle for Teachers manager training course for managers of a Moodle site. My videos: ➢ Create a new course ➢ User and Enrolment Methods ➢ Grades ➢ Create 1 Badge with Criteria ➢ FrontPage ➢ Showcasing Individual Courses from Moodle for Teaching unread posts Emilia Dan - RO
  14. 14. Emilia Dan - RO
  15. 15. Harshita Kapoor
  16. 16. WEEK 3 and WEEK 4 Collaborative course design Business English and Cultural Communication Harshita Kapoor
  17. 17. WEEK 3 and WEEK 4 Collaborative course design Business English and Cultural Communication Harshita Kapoor
  18. 18. Final Course Countries across the globe- truly collaborative: ● North India ● South India ● Italy ● Italy ● Romania ● UK Course Outline: ● Syllabus-Presentation ● Individual Cultures ● Badges ● Certificates Great Team Work!! Harshita Kapoor
  19. 19. WEEK 5 My Individual Course Harshita Kapoor
  20. 20. My Individual Course Harshita Kapoor
  21. 21. Week 1
  22. 22. Week 2 - Learning and teaching online (part 1)
  23. 23. Week 2 - Course design with resources and activities (part 2)
  24. 24. Week 3 and 4 - Collaborative Course Design
  25. 25. Week 5 - Final Course
  26. 26. Week 5 - Final Course
  27. 27. My name is Maria Luisa de Cristofaro. I teach Science in a secondary high school in Naples, Italy. I think that students have to understand that we live in a global, universal system, where everything is connected and flows continuously from a part to another, that everything changes but it is not destroyed, and subjects such as biology, chemistry,physics, earth science, math are so related each other. I’ve planned a course for science teachers where peer knowledge is a goal, and an adequate learning design of their lessons is fundamental. I’ve tried to work aiding science teachers to build a shared repository of tools and resources for their lessons, that can be updated also in their future work. I think that communication is also important, so I decided to implement mainly chat rooms and a general forum section. I’m very grateful to everyone for the support Thanks This is the link of my course video presentation on youtube:
  28. 28. This course has really learned to me what is a Moodle Platform, how to manage it as a teacher, as a course administrator and a site administrator. Now I’m able to participate in live online classes and I’ve got the knowledge and skills to navigate a Moodle course, access resources, activities, and blocks from a student perspective and I’ve practiced the same Moodle features as teacher and manager of a Moodle course. I’ve developed a lesson in teams and a course itself on my own.
  29. 29. Week 1: Video Tutorial Tools and Activities ● Learning about each other ● Create our team for the collaborative course in the course practice area (CPA) My videos: 1. My Profile 2. Layout of Moodle MOOC 10 3. Rich Editor on Moodle Satishkumar D
  30. 30. Week 2: Learning and teaching online (section 1) ● Authentic learning ● Student Engagement ● Exabis and Mahara ePortfolios My Videos: 1. PoodLL in the Editor 2. how to add an external blog 3. how to use the Blog as a student 4. Exabis ePortfolio 5. Mahara Week 2: Course Design with Resources and Activities (Section 2) ● Compare Activities and Resources ● Role of teacher in classroom & in a moodle course ● Effective course design ● Learning Tools Interoperability My Videos: 1. Resources in the TPA 2. Activities in TPA Satishkumar D
  31. 31. Week 3: Blocks available to a Manager ● Role of a Manager in a school ● Role of a Manager in a Moodle course ● CPA Team Collaboration My Video: 1. Blocks in MPA Satishkumar D
  32. 32. Weeks 3 and 4: Collaborative Course Design My Videos: Steps of the Team Course Collaboration Individual reflection I Individual reflection II Satishkumar D
  33. 33. Week 5: Manager of a Moodle Site My Videos: 1. Create a New course 2. User and Enrolment methods 3. Grades 4. Create 1 Badge with criteria 5. Front page Satishkumar D
  34. 34. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY) My name is Tiziana Angiolini and I teach English and German in Upper secondary schools in Italy. I have been involved in self-development for years and I have done my second Moodle Mooc thanks to Nellie Deutsch. I am a lifelong learner and I love teaching. I chose to do the MOOC late in April as I had to give up MM9 in November due to the many activities I was involved in.This time I have been able to finish the MOOC. I have worked in the five weeks by taking advantage of the great platform which is Moodle and I have learnt a lot. My first MOOC was only based on working on Moodle and creating some activities. I had realized that Moodle has many possibilities but I would have never imagined it would be such a nice platform for creating projects and collaborating with other teachers. This time I have learnt more and I have worked with other teachers in week 3 and 4 while in week 5 I created my course.
  35. 35. Week 1-2 We learnt about blogging , eportfolios, creating a profile, using PoodLL and working with resources and activities . I loved learning about PoodLL as I could record videos and audios. This is one of the best features of the MOODLE platform! Week 3 This was a challenging week and I worked on the MANAGER PRACTICE AREA Tiziana Angiolini( ITALY)
  36. 36. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY) Week 3-4 The key word to define the main activities we created is COLLABORATION and TOGETHER we can do a lot. I was part of a group that worked on the same theme: We are all in this together. The topic was sustainability and each member had a BLOCK or a part in the course. We had to share a policydocument as regarded the team work.Everything was online and we planned the course.
  37. 37. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY) Week 3-4 While searching online I found interesting documents which I shared with my team and I could use some of them in my session : English Language: Learning about our World and its Future. I worked with another teacher of English, HELENA, who worked on another part of the course and developed a great course in Week 5. We were two teachers of English who were exploiting different paths within the same topic. The other teachers were teachers of nonlinguistic subjects and made great blocks dealing with the issues . It was a bit difficult to share ideas online and we also had to rely on emails. But WE MANAGED TO DO OUR COURSE.
  38. 38. Week 4 I had to reflect on the process of working while creating a course on the Moodle Platform. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
  39. 39. Week 5 I created my course. I got back to the idea I had in mind when I started the MOOC. I wanted to do something about teaching Literature. It should be part of my final activities in this MOOC. And I did it. I managed to start my course. It was really motivating and engaging. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
  40. 40. Week 5 I had to work online, bookmark what images and documents I needed, I looked for materials which should not be copyrighted. I developed my course by creating different sections andI created activities and tasks for my students. I also created badges for the course. Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
  41. 41. My course: it is still work in Progress but I have managed and now I know what I am required to do when working on MOODLE. Thank you Dr NELLIE and all the teachers who worked in this great MOOC. Looking forward to MM11! Tiziana Angiolini Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
  42. 42. Hi everyone! I am Maria from Canada. My passions are connecting with people and building community. I am helping a wonderful woman who is using Moodle to teach community developers about community building and the empowerment of citizens. At the top of this slide you see the sections of my own website, which I will use to develop my own Moodle course in the future.
  43. 43. My collaborative group worked on: We are all in this together A very applicable theme for sustainable community development. The key word was FLOW. My take on FLOW is that knowledge and skills can be lost when we don’t pass them onto the next generations and learn from and share with the newcomers in our countries. (Maria)
  44. 44. Because of everything I have learned in Moodle MOOC 10 I am no longer hesitant about making a video, posting it on Youtube, and moving forward. I have also learned which settings to change in the Moodle course that I am helping with. This will allow us to automate the grading and show a progress bar - which is very motivating for participants. I am looking forward to Moodle MOOC 11. Thank you for all the beautiful resources that we were able to explore and adopt. Thank you, everyone, for all your input, videos, courses, and encouragements. It’s inspiring to see so many people passionate about teaching and learning! Thank you, Nellie Deutsch, for creating this course, for your patience, and for exposing us all to so much richness! Happy Moodling. (Maria)
  45. 45. Hello everyone! I am Sheryl from USA. Being curious and interested in other people helps me enjoy teaching and sharing ways to learn with my family, my community, and my professional cohort. Participating in Moodle activities rekindled my love of learning and teaching. In Moodle MOOC 10, I was very lucky to work with a wonderful team of great teachers. Thanks to Dr. Nellie Deutsch, I’ve come a long way in my quest to make a place for myself online. (Sheryl McCoy
  46. 46. My collaborative group worked on: We Are All In This Together A very applicable theme for sustainable community development. The key word was FLOW. My take on FLOW is the fact that all things have an ending and a beginning, and that energy is at the core of these changes. Humans appreciate sustainability and I hope to share that with others in my classes. (Sheryl)
  47. 47. Often, it’s difficult to put into words the exceptional experience that is offered here in the Moodle MOOC10 courses, but I can assure you that you will be different, changed in a positive way for sharing with other teachers all over the world and learning how to effectively teach online. SHERYL McCoy I’m continuing to develop a more professional course here on Moodle with the help of Dr. Nellie and her team. Their helpful attitudes that I could do this have encouraged me to share what I know with other teachers, parents, and students.
  48. 48. Dana Nistor (România)
  49. 49. Really enjoyed this MOOC 10. Thank you Dr Nellie, my fellow team mates and the rest of the MOOC 10 students. Hope we meet again. Steve
  50. 50.