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Moodle for Teachers EVO18


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his is the 6th annual M4TEVO session. The first M4TEVO session started in 2012. The goal of the M4T EVO 2018 session is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle. Participants will learn about resources, activities, and blocks available in a Moodle course as students and practice with the role of a teacher and manager. In weeks 4 and 5, they will work collaboratively to design and develop their own Moodle course. Participants will learn to create video tutorials using screencast-o-matic, Screencastify and Hippo with Chrome and SlideSpeech.

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Moodle for Teachers EVO18

  1. 1. Kickoff Webcast January 14, 2018 Welcome to EVO18
  2. 2. Nellie Deutsch Rosmery Ribera M4TEVO18 Moderators
  3. 3. Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is an education technology relationship-based mentor to educators worldwide. Nellie has been teaching English in high school & college level for over 35 years and integrating technology into face-to-face programs since 1992. She currently teaches EFL in middle school. Nellie has been teaching teachers and administrators how to Moodle since 2003 and WizIQ since 2007 when it was founded. She organizes free online events such as Moodle & Second Life MOOCs, online conferences (Connecting Online and Moodle MOOT), and webinars. She is passionate about using technologies (Moodle, WizIQ, Slidespeech, Screencast-o-matic, and google drive) to encourage active learning and teaching as a way to learn. In addition, Nellie practices and teaches Mindfulness, the Alexander Technique and well being both online and face-to-face.. M4TEVO18 Moderator
  4. 4. Rosmery Ribera been an English teacher for over 7 years now. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and two post graduate online degrees from the University of Oregon thanks to two scholarships granted by the USA Embassy in Bolivia (Webskills and Introduction to TESOL Methods). She is studying online to get my TESOL certificate from the Arizona State University via Coursera. In July 2016, she started a double Master: a Ma TESOL and a Máster Universitario en Lingüística Aplicada a la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera. She has hosted many webinars on WizIQ during different MOOCs to share the valuable knowledge that she had the blessing to get. She is a grammar enthusiast. You can find all her Grammar Guides posted on She tutors students for TOEFL and TOEFL IBT tests. It is great to see them thrive and get great scores. She believes in learning as a way of living and teaching as a way of giving back to the community. M4TEVO18 Moderator
  5. 5. General Overview Layout Week 1
  6. 6. Edit Profile
  7. 7. Edit Profile
  8. 8. Overview of M4TEVO18
  9. 9. Moderators - Support
  10. 10. Teachers’ Lounge
  11. 11. YouTube Playlist
  12. 12. Live Online Classes
  13. 13. WizIQ Live
  14. 14. Weekly Digital Badges
  15. 15. Weekly Digital Badges
  16. 16. Weekly Digital Badges
  17. 17. Learning by Teaching ● Learn from peers ● Sustain learning Video Tutorial Tools ● Learn by doing
  18. 18. Creating Video Tutorials SlidespeechScreencast-o-matic
  19. 19. Introduction Orientation
  20. 20. Introduction Forum
  21. 21. Week 1 Discussions
  22. 22. Video Tutorials
  23. 23. Video Tutorial on Profile Add an image and set your timezone
  24. 24. Rich Editor and PoodLL Record Audio and Video
  25. 25. Video Tutorial for Poodll
  26. 26. Subscribe to Forums ● Minimize ● dock ● Subscribe ● Unsubscribe
  27. 27. Certificate
  28. 28. Kickoff Webcast January 14, 2018 Let the fun begin!