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Mmvc18 bios of_presenters


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Presenters of MMVC18 and their bios

Join us August 3-5 for free on MMVC18 7th annual online event: Sign up for MMVC18 free online conference August 3-5, 2018

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Mmvc18 bios of_presenters

  1. 1. 7th Annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference August 3-5 2018 Syllabus | About the Presenters | Webinars | Conference Area | YouTube Playlist | #mmvc18 | Reflections
  2. 2. Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is an education technology relationship-based mentor to educators worldwide. Nellie has been teaching English in high school and at the college level for over 35 years and integrating technology into face-to-face programs since 1992. She organizes free online events such as Moodle & Second Life MOOCs, online conferences (Connecting Online and Moodle MOOTs), Blog Festivals, EFLtalks for free. She is passionate about using technologies such as Moodle, WizIQ, Screencast-o-matic, and google drive to promote active learning and teaching as a way to learn.
  3. 3. Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD, E-learning, OER, MOOC and online expert and consultant, especially regarding quality. Ossiannilsson earned her PhD from Oulu University, Finland, with a dissertation on international benchmarking, and quality enhancement on e-learning in Higher Education. She works with strategic issues on e-learning, learning analytics, MOOCs, OERs and open education, especially concerning quality and benchmarking. She frequently participates as a speaker at conferences. Ossiannilsson is a consultant and board member in several international and national associations and projects. She served as an evaluator for the SEQUENT. She was the research leader for the ICDE Quality standard study 2014/15. Ossiannilsson earned the title EDEN Fellow 2014, and Open Education Europa Fellow in 2015. She serves as international quality reviewer for EADTU on E-learning and MOOCs. Ossiannilsson has a long carreer at Lund University, Sweden.
  4. 4. Julie Pratten is originally from the UK, currently living in Turkey. After teaching both business and general English in 20 countries or more, including Brazil, Germany, Lithuania and Paraguay, I entered the world of finance via the Czech Republic, after I designed a series of courses for the Czech National Bank. I have since written several business and finance titles, including ‘Absolute Financial English’, the main course book for the Cambridge ESOL ‘ICFE examination’ and ‘Absolute Financial English’ (Delta). Nowadays I live in Turkey, with my husband, two cats, dogs and chickens. Although I live in a rural setting, just a stone’s throw away from the sea, I provide language consultancy for several financial institutions and deliver courses at the Banks Association of Turkey and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. My current interests include developing mobile applications for EAP and recent applications include ‘Brighton Study Kit’ and ‘Academic Flip Words’. I have just set up the independent platform ‘Academic Study Kit’. Currently, I am working on the business English course book ‘Good Business English’; this modular course uses sustainable and ethical business models as vehicles for teaching business English. In my opinion, this is the only way forward. In September I set up Heart ELT, a project aimed at establishing a school for Syrian children living in a refugee camp in Iraq.
  5. 5. Talila is an expert in situated digital learning. She creates with high school and university students from universities in Madrid-Spain, Puebla- Mexico,Pinerolo- Italy experiential interactive maps. She teaches online via interactive platform in Mofet international channel in Israel. Talila is eager to develop educators in museums with their own expertise in the area of solving problems and creating original contents . She also conducted a workshop in UNESCO Mobile Learning Week in Paris. The projects around the world are in the site.
  6. 6. Gonzalo Reina has a Master degree in Physics Science and he has been working as a teacher at a secondary school in Madrid for many years. Maths and other science subjects. He also taught at a high school in Houston, TX, and he also worked on IT for many years Gonzalo is co-founder of with Javier. Javier and Gonzalo share a friendship and the same profession. Furthermore, they had similar experiences while they were learning other languages, so that is why they decided to create this platform. They built a website to help people improve their speaking without having to go abroad many times. They finally found the strength and time to do it. So here it is: They truly hope that their website will become a meaningful tool for your learning.
  7. 7. Jeff Cooper: This is me a few years ago; few > 40! 😆 I was born and raised in Berkeley, California and started Cal when I was 16. I studied Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. At 19 I hit the wall; bi-polarity (then called “manic-depressive”) manifested itself. At 22, after dropping out of Cal I rode my bicycle from Berkeley to Boulder (1800 miles through Oregon in 26 days) to “get myself together” before returning to Cal and majoring in Rhetoric and simultaneously studying Drama and performing in plays. However I could not complete Berkeley due to my condition. I went to San Francisco State where I received my degree in Drama Education, and Professional Clear Teaching Credential in English. My major teaching took place at Richmond High (of “Coach Carter” fame) where I taught English and ESL for four years. In 1996 I had 170 9th graders, 20 languages, 25 gangs and an average reading level of 3rd. I also had this newfangled thing called “The Internet.” I hooked up with Yvonnes Marie Andres through the Global SchoolNet and the Newsday Project; 27 schools internationally made school newspapers based on articles written by students. My students were published more than any other school because they had stories to tell. In 2000 I became the Education Technology Specialist for the College of Education at Pacific University in Forest Grove. I volunteered over 30,000 hours over a 15 year period at Tapped In an “Educational MUVE” where I helped teachers create virtual classrooms, add resource rooms and more. I am now attempting to revive TI and create collaborative virtual school districts internationally.
  8. 8. Susan Brodar was born in London and brought up bilingual English / Italian. After attending school in London until 15, she finished her British education at Munich International School. There she started teaching Italian at evening classes aged only 17 while studying Mass Communications and Journalism at Munich University, Germany. She continued teaching parallel to interpreting at trade fairs and business meetings as well doing translations. Today she is a freelance English language teacher both online and face-to-face. She also creates online English courses for independent learners. With over 39 years of teaching mainly English but also other languages, she has acquired experience in teaching a range of ages from toddlers to adults, with obviously varying methods, including university undergraduates, postgraduates and teacher trainees. She also prepares students for a variety of certifications. Passionate in teaching languages, she is constantly researching engaging ways of teaching all ages and believes in full-immersion.
  9. 9. Parminder Mitter Chaudhuri is Lecturer,in Food Production and Food Science and Nutrition with over 20 years experience of teaching. She is Ignou Counsellor as well. She has taught in junior and senior sections in school. Now,she is full time Lecturer in graduate college. She is the President of Women Cell in the College. She is a Qualified Learning Facilitator,from Lausanne School of Hotel Management, Switzerland. She has a Train The Trainer Certificate from MPDC.She is Graduate with Zoology Honors, has Diploma in Management and professional degree in Hotel Management.She is a Moodler. She is passionate about learning and the use of technology for simplifying the process of learning. She is pursuing Masters Degree now.
  10. 10. Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center, founder and partner at Business Language Training Institute and founder of EFLtalks. He is a teacher, writer and frequent worldwide speaker discussing Business English, Teacher Development, teaching online and about using technology and images. He is president of the new BRAZ-TESOL BESIG, a member of the IATEFL BESIG online team, Online Event Coordinator and interviewer for the Visual Arts Circle and co-founder of the Independent Authors & Publishers Group. He lives in both Brazil and Poland.
  11. 11. I am currently working as Professor and Head in the Department of English in B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai. I teach technical English and business English to engineering students. I served as Visiting Consultant for one semester in Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat in 2008. I am a teacher trainer and have been regularly conducting workshops for teachers of colleges and schools. I am guiding research scholars in the field of ELT and CALL. I have authored three books and nearly 9 articles in refereed journals. I am one of the Editors for International Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT) since 2009 and Handbook of Research on Individual Differences in CALL since 2014. I have conducted many projects on developing communication skills with the help of technological tools with students and this presentation will deal with one of them.
  12. 12. M.A. Senior Lecturer Wrocław University of Science and Technology - Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27 50-370 Wrocław, Poland. Emeritus. I am an enthusiastic online non-native English teacher. I have been teaching English online since 2010. I have taught children as well as adults. I have a master’s degree in education from the University of Wroclaw, Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1974. After 40 years of teaching in traditional classroom settings, I grow into an experienced online professional tutor. I specialize in Conversational English. As a non-native ESL teacher, I’m at a disadvantage when compared to native English speakers. I am involved in the TEFL EQUITY ADVOCATES movement, which was initiated by Marek Kiczkowiak.
  13. 13. “Learning is an adventure for life” is the vision that Sheryl McCoy shares. She teaches and judges online and face-to- face contests, workshops, and courses,developing a fusion of teaching tools, Inquiry based skills, and interests. Sheryl earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Ed, as well as a Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction in Environmental Science at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas. Today, Sheryl lives with her family on their sustainable farm in the Central Plains of the United States where she works and volunteers in a variety of settings, including face to face and online within informal education networks.
  14. 14. Nives Torresi is a Teacher, at Classical Studies High School (Italy), of English Conversation & English Drama; English Exam Preparation (Cambridge FCE & PET) and Business English to local corporations. Nives also translates from Italian to English (specializing in Business Manuals, Historical archives & Medical papers), works as Interpreter and Mediator for Business negotiations. Also teaches online via interactive learning platforms for Business & Conversation English courses & Language tutoring. Participates actively in online Teacher Training or development courses such as Moodle for Teachers and Teaching with Technology, More about Nives
  15. 15. Judy Wong is a performing artist, a visual artist, a writer and foremost an English teacher to speakers of other languages. Her extensive background, spanning over fifty years, in the arts is the basis of her unique teaching style. She is currently an Adjunct Faculty at a PACE University in New York City, USA. When she isn’t teaching at the colleges, she has an active private student practice and has been known to occasionally collaborate with her international colleagues in Armenia and Croatia. She is an active EFLtalker and on the Advisory Board of EFLtalks. Judy holds a BS in Liberal Arts /Teaching Academics through the Arts and a MA in TESOL from the New School University in NYC, USA. She is a member of NYS TESOL, TESOL International and IATEFL. “We are teachers as well as students and our students are our teachers”.
  16. 16. John Allan is an education technology specialist based in Qatar and Canada. John has been involved in the adult language teaching English for 30 years as an instructional designer, trainer, instructor, blogger, writer & course developer. He has facilitated over 200 unique education technology workshops and webinars. He is currently developing learning objects and teaching in Doha, Qatar and developing training materials and mentoring instructors for the LearnIT2teach project in Canada.
  17. 17. Harshita Kapoor is the co-founder of Codewizacademy, an e-learning portal designed and developed for teaching Core programming and IT related skills. Before devoting herself to developing pathbreaking modules in e-learning, she has worked as an educationist, being a faculty at prominent educational institutes in the K-12 sector. She was also entrusted with various special assignments such as content reviewing and instructional designing for school learning solutions. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Application. She has also been conferred with various certifications in recognition of her programming skills, such as OCPJP by Oracle. She has a rare distinction of being certified as Cyber Crime Investigator by ASCL, India. This helped her deal with Cyberbullying and challenges related to being online, for school students. She has also conducted several seminars on Cyber Security for students, management and parents at the K-12 level. She is passionate about teaching, mainly programming and related subjects since that is her forte.
  18. 18. Helen Chenoby is a Maths, IT, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Russian Language teacher in high school and higher education, lives in Melbourne, originally from Russia. She runs her own Moodle courses for many different curricular, including Mathematics, Information Technology and ESL curriculum. She is interested in the application of emerging Internet technologies to education and development of eLearning materials which are both engaging and innovative with the use of Moodle. Her quantitative research study found that student’s Moodle usage affect student final mark in mathematics.
  19. 19. Poonam Vohra has a postgraduate degree in Economics and in Education; earned a certification for Teaching Online from University of New South Wales; and for being a Microsoft Innovator in Education Expert from Microsoft. She has also earned certificates for completing online courses relating to technology and education from IT4ALL and Microsoft. She has been teaching to the senior school students for the last more than 25 years and adopted diverse pedagogies to enhance student learning. She has conducted workshop offline for teachers teaching economics and also presented online to the global audience. She believes in adopting democratic and flexible approach in handling changes and constantly updating skills for continuous professional development. Her goal is to be a lifelong learner.
  20. 20. Ewa Kozłowska is a graduate student of Mechanical-Medical Engineering, interacademic field of study run cooperatively by Gdańsk University of Technology and Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland. She has started her adventure with e- learning in May 2015 by volunteering in SP4CE ERASMUS+ project and taking part in Moodle MOOCs. She is a certified Fusion 360 instructor at the Autodesk Authorised Training Centre at the Gdansk University of Technology. She is working on the topic of medical devices designing with the usage of computer collaboration tools by engineers and physicians.
  21. 21. Anna Grabowska was awarded her PhD from Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), and has a Masters in Science degree in Applied Informatics from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Retired from GUT since 2008. She is an e-learning specialist for the PRO-MED sp. z o.o., a Head of the Autodesk Training Centre at Gdansk University of Technology, an advisor for U3A online in Australia, a founder member of the Association of Academic E-learning, a fellow 2009 of EDEN.
  22. 22. Nataša Božić Grojić is an EFL teacher and a British Council-certified teacher trainer. She works at Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca in Belgrade and her students are adults and teenagers. She has been working as a language teacher for 28 years and still believes it is the best job in the world. She spends a lot of time online, learning and sharing with other teachers. She is passionate about blogging and digital storytelling. She blogs at .
  23. 23. Maha Hassan is the founder/Ceo of Maha ESL Community. She is also Head of English Dept. at the Arab Academy for Training Technology. She aims at helping teachers believe in, achieve and sustain Professional Development. She has been working as a Teacher Trainer for more than 15 years. She has given presentations at Nile Tesol 2015, LIF (Language in Focus) Turkey, 2015, Global Education Online Conference 2012 and 2014 as well as at Reinventing the Classroom and Learning Revolution Online Conferences 2014. She has also given a Poster Session at Nile Tesol Conference 2014. She also had a paper on teaching Adults published on . You can get access to this article through her blog: as well as an article on Nile Tesol Newsletter, 2014. She has also been responsible for setting and adjusting curriculums to suit all stages. During her working experience she has mostly been responsible for choosing curriculums, appraising them and training teachers how to get through them.
  24. 24. Nicolas Martignoni was a professor of ICT integration at the Fribourg University of teacher education from 2001 to 2008. From 2008 to 2017, he was the director of the ICT Centre for schools in Fribourg. He has been the coordinator of the French-speaking community of Moodle users since 2003. He is the creator of the MoodleBox. The MoodleBox is a cheap mobile device providing a complete Moodle learning environment and built on a Raspberry Pi computer. MoodleBox is used on every continent, all around the world. Nicolas Martignoni regularly speaks at national and international conferences.
  25. 25. Jim Baker, a self-identifying maverick, is a teacher of 48 years. He has written for the Guardian, and the majority of his career was spent as a chemistry teacher at Lincoln Christ's Hospital School. In his penultimate year he was awarded a 'Lifetime achievement Award'. He is a freelance educational consultant, and acted as Chemistry Expert for The Chemistry Journey Project’s Virtual School Initiative. He is a contributory author of Teaching Secondary Science, Constructing Meaning and Developing Understanding, 4th Edition. He is a pioneer of ‘Flipped Learning’ and trains educationalists world-wide on ‘flipped learning’ and ‘cloud computing’.
  26. 26. 7th Annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference August 3-5 2018 Syllabus | About the Presenters | Webinars | Conference Area | YouTube Playlist | #mmvc18 | Reflections