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Travel writing that drives traffic


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A presentation on travel writing that drives traffic at the Getaway Travel Blog Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2012.

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Travel writing that drives traffic

  1. 1. Travel Writing that Drives Traffic Getaway Travel Blog Conference Cape Town - August 2012 Nellie
  2. 2. Who am I?Travel Blogger• adventure travel blog•Lonely Planet, Wend, Getaway, Huffington Post
  3. 3. Who am I?Travel Writer•CNN Go, BBC, Women Adventure Magazine,Reader Digest, Food & Travel, amongst many.
  4. 4. Who am I?Editor-in-Chief/Publisher•WildJunket Magazine: a digital flipbookmagazine designed for iPad readers•Available on Zinio, Magzter and ourNewsstand app
  5. 5. Content SummaryPicking your nicheFinding your voiceChoosing the right topics for blog postsLearning writing techniquesHow to keep readers interested
  6. 6. Picking Your NicheAsk yourself these questions:•What is your interest?•Do you have the content?•Is the topic trendy?•Is there competition?
  7. 7. Picking Your NicheExample: WildJunket – adventure travel
  8. 8. Picking Your NicheExample: The Road Forks – culinary travel
  9. 9. Picking Your NicheExample: FoxNomad – travel technology
  10. 10. Finding Your Voice•A reflection of your personality•Include observations and opinions•Don’t be afraid to get personal•Don’t write like a fact-checker
  11. 11. Choosing the Right Topics for Your Blog Posts•Read other blogs•Use social media to find travel trends•News, happenings, festivals eg. Olympics•Google keywords:
  12. 12. Choosing the Right Topics for Your Blog Posts Blog post styles: •Travel narratives •Photo essays •Travel lists •Travel tips •Personal thoughts
  13. 13. Learning Writing Techniques• Attention-grabbing headlines• Compelling beginnings - anecdote, quote, punch line• The middle - continuity, headings• Ending - ask readers a question
  14. 14. Learning Writing TechniquesBringing a story to life:•Introduce characters – to humanize your story•Use all your senses – for good visual descriptions•Show, don’t tell
  15. 15. How to Keep Your Readers InterestedYour job is not done after you’ve published yourblog posts. Add extra finishing touches:•Link to other posts•Call to action•Engagement with readers•Social media promotion
  16. 16. How to Keep Your Readers InterestedIncreasing readership:•Find out which are your most popular posts•Write similar posts•Create a series out of them Eg. Top beaches in Europe, Asia, America
  17. 17. Where to go next - Resources•Copyblogger•Lonely Planet’s Guide to “Travel Writing”•
  18. 18. Contact informationWhere to find