Wizard oz presentation


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The presentation was created for one my Grad classes. The idea was inspired by me. I interview an employee at the Free Library of Philadelphia where I currently work. I took pictures of the Library to use in the slides.

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Wizard oz presentation

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  2. 2. James DeWalt is the headlibrarian of the Social Sciences& History Department. He hasworked as the departmenthead since 1995. He holds amasters degree in libraryscience from the University ofIllinois and a masters of historyfrom Temple University. He hasbeen a member of ALA since1977 and a member of RUSAfor fifteen years. He is also amember of the PhiladelphiaArea Consortium of SpecialCollections Libraries (PACSCL).
  4. 4. Mr. DeWalt says the area of library science is changing.Where academic libraries tend to become more and morespecialized, the public library tends to generalize. Mr. DeWaltwas originally interested in becoming an academic librarian, butbegan his career in the public library and felt he had alreadycommitted to the Free Library. In this position though, he hasachieve his career goals he might not have reached in theacademic setting.
  5. 5. Mr. DeWalt uses RUSA’s “Best Bibliographies in History”, Library Journal, Booklist, and Choice to make selections for the department collection and YBL Library Services and University Press for the less popular materials.He uses ISI Web of Knowledge to find the most cited materials to add to the collection.
  6. 6. Eight librarians and two library assistants work in the Social Sciences &History Department. Requirements for working as a librarian are a MLIS from an ALA accredited school. Subject specialization is preferred.
  7. 7. Mr. DeWalt says the most difficult aspect ofhis job is “keeping focused on the realeveryday needs of the users, which His personal interestsare changing over time, not have changed frombuilding a collection linguistics whenaround what I would he began tolike, and being history.Sensitive andresponsive tothe needsof lesscapableusers.”
  8. 8. “I was influenced mostly byfriends and associates inthe library science at theUniversity of Illinois,especially several whomade librarianship seemlike a worthwhile andfascinating profession, notat all like the stereotypethat most folks are used to.Also, early supervisors andadministrators gave me asense of standards andexcellence in service andcollection building.”
  9. 9. “The room holds about 200,000 volumesincluding bound periodicals. This is downfrom about 250,000 from about ten yearsago after a period of collection downsizing.”
  10. 10. “Librarians serve to explain search strategies and distinguish reliable from unreliable sources of information.” Reference librarians in the department find themselves typically using encyclopedias, Internet resources, each other, experience and intuition.
  11. 11. “I advise [library and information ] students to now focus on information technology generally, not to think too narrowly within the field of librarianship. Learn skills that can be adapted to several career paths.” He recommends memberships to ALA and RUSA, especially for “small towns with few libraries.” Local organizations, such as PACSCL that serves the Philadelphia region, are very important.