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Teen Tech Week @ SIS                              LIS 2633 Technology in the Lives of Children            1. Summary      ...
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Teen tech week @ the Library


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This project was prepared for one of my school projects but was inspired by me. This was our rough draft which was not bad.

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Teen tech week @ the Library

  1. 1. Teen Tech Week @ SIS LIS 2633 Technology in the Lives of Children 1. Summary 5. Plan of ActionVintage Tech for Teens will offer a •Post event on library websitebasic introduction to obsolete Vintage Tech for Teens •Begin taking registrationstechnologies and offer teens the Remixed Trash and •Find, screen, and train volunteersspace and time to imagine, share Mashed-Up Treasuresideas, and create something new •Solicit donations of old machines;from old materials. arrange for post-event recycling •Contact high school computer teachers and clubs to advertize 4. Resources •Make and post flyers 2. Intended audience •Hardware: old computers, phones, •Research for and prepare talk or • English- or Spanish-speaking game consoles, etc.; computer and have college volunteers do this urban teens ages 13-18 projector; 4 wireless laptops •Gather tools and craft equipment • Up to 20 participants who will be •Software: PowerPoint, Internet •Set up room; test technology divided into groups of 5 based on their stated level of skill with •Human: bilingual librarian; 2-3 •Day of: greet kids and have them technology and tools computer science college make nametags; 25-30 minute volunteers; approx. 8 hrs. planning lesson (history, parts-identification, and networking, 3 hrs. resource- safety, recycling); break into gathering and setup, 4 hrs. session groups; take apart machines; make 3. Rationale for the program •Library: room; tables/chairs for 25; new things; evaluate sessionThis workshop will integrate hands-on craft and technology books; toolseducation and imaginative play. Kids and craft supplies—screwdrivers,who speak different languages and hot glue, tape, etc.; water, light Rose Radkowskihave different skills will work together snacks; pathfinders; displaysto interact with technology in a new Jessica Smith •Marketing: flyers, personalway and learn about recycling. contacts, library website Nelida Vazquez