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Robotics design


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Published in: Software, Technology, Business
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Robotics design

  1. 1. Robotics Design By Nha-Chi Nguyen, Neleena Paul, Nicholas Partain, Luke Porter, Andrew Ramos
  2. 2. The A Team • Luke Porter
  3. 3. The A Team • Chi Nguyen
  4. 4. The A Team • Neleena Paul
  5. 5. The A Team • Andrew Ramos
  6. 6. The A Team • Nicholas Partain
  7. 7. Mission To create a robot that can: • Pass over a slope • Retrieve at least three rockets • Proceed through a dark tunnel • Eventually drop the objects in red box Success: Aforementioned tasks done without human touch
  8. 8. The Program
  9. 9. The Programming Process First Mission: Sound activation and safely proceeding over a slope Solution: • sound sensor • a combination of line tracking and forward movement
  10. 10. The Programming Process Second Mission: Guiding the robot to the storage to retrieve at least three rockets Solution: • line tracking and straight motion • lift and clamp mechanism
  11. 11. The Programming Process Final Mission: To drop the rockets in their designated red box after passing through a tunnel Solution: • reverse motion • change of direction utilizing the right motor • line tracking and descending the arms
  12. 12. Robot’s Design • original taskbot design except the NXT is placed flat • goal post contraption for rocket security • Utilizes only light and sound sensors • Three motors
  13. 13. Pros and Cons of Our Solution Pros • The robot has the ability to gather and drop off 4 rockets. • Calibrates efficiently to the white line • Only requires two sensors • Extra safety measures in the program Limitations • line tracks to the left of the white line which sometimes causes unexpected motions • Lack of prior programming knowledge
  14. 14. Improvements • Split up tasks more efficiently and equally among all team members • Watch informational videos on how to program the robot beforehand