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Hakka culture


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Learning Hakka Culture is important for us because we have lived together for more than 100 years. If we don't respect them, we may have conflicts with each other in the future. In order to bring our different cultural groups closer together, we want to explore and investigate: Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they do? In this project, we are going to introduce the origin of Hakka culture, food, traditional clothing, their rituals and religious values and more…

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Hakka culture

  1. 1. Hakka Culture iEARN 2016 Sheng Kung Shengka Girls
  2. 2. Motivation 1.We want to understand more about Hakka culture. 2.We want to taste Hakka cuisine. 3.We want to investigate Hakka Clothing. 4.We want to see the differences between our culture and Hakka culture.
  3. 3. Our Project •Our learning process •The difficulties encountered and how we solved the problems •The impact of the project •Recommendations
  4. 4. Hakka People in China Guangdong Jiangxi Fujian Guangxi Sichuan
  5. 5. Hakka Culture in Taiwan More resoures More integration Losing culture Less resoures Less integration Keeping culture
  6. 6. Hakka Cuisine Hakka use all kinds of pickled vegetables in their recipes. Hakka fry dish Caozai Guo Stewed meat .
  7. 7. Hakka Snacks: Huat Kueh •Wheat flour •Rice flour •Keep longer
  8. 8. Hakka Lei-Cha Ingredients : Green tea, sesame, and peanuts
  9. 9. Lei-Cha
  10. 10. Blue shirt ● Simple style Don’t show the curves of the body. No heavy decorations on the shirts.
  11. 11. Blue shirt
  12. 12. Festivals Tian Chuan Festival: 1.Every year near the end of February and beginning of March. 2. The 20th day of the first lunar month is the “Sky Mending Day”. 3.Harvest festival. 4. Now this is a Hakka traditional festival.
  13. 13. Made a living by extracting oil from Tung tree seeds. ● Used the flowers as food ingredients. Tung Blossom Festival
  14. 14. Religious Beliefs The Hakka follow mostly: Chinese Folk religion Daoism Confucianism
  15. 15. “Paper Umbrella” Bamboo Paper Hakka Umbrella
  16. 16. D.I.Y.
  17. 17. Interview
  18. 18. Not only learning...
  19. 19. Our friends from overseas Pakistan New Zealand Kurdistan Palestine
  20. 20. Pakistani - Religious Celebrations
  21. 21. New Year Celebration in Kurdistan
  22. 22. Palestine - Religious Celebration
  23. 23. Video Conference
  24. 24. Difficulties 1. Learning Hakka culture. 2. Translating Hakka words into English. 3. Doing D.I.Y by ourselves. 4. Finding common time among us. 5. Doing the video conference with other countries.
  25. 25. Recommendations •We could invite a Hakka speaker. •We could ask a Hakka person for help with translation. •We could spend a little bit of money to buy D.I.Y. supplies. •We could choose other countries closer to our time zone. •We could use our free time together.
  26. 26. Summary