Duct Tape, Circuits, and Knitting, Oh My! Maker Culture at Your Library (SWKLS Tech Day)


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Dan Alexander (NEKLS), Heather Braum (NEKLS), and Erin Downey Howerton (Wichita Public Library) presented at the 2014 SWKLS Technology Day on maker culture.

Session description: Maker culture, maker spaces, and content creation are new movements in libraries -- or are they? People have always created, with the help of library resources. The maker movement in libraries goes much further than resources by providing space, tools, mentors, more resources, and even programming to help people make and create even more! Public libraries have been the main focus of maker spaces, but school and academic libraries can also participate! This session will provide a brief primer on the maker movement and its culture, showcase how libraries are developing maker programming and spaces in their libraries, explain why libraries should embrace this movement, and how you can do it -- with plenty of resources to help!

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Duct Tape, Circuits, and Knitting, Oh My! Maker Culture at Your Library (SWKLS Tech Day)

  1. 1. Duct Tape, Circuits, & Knitting, Oh My! Maker Culture at Your Library Dan Alexander (NEKLS) Heather Braum (NEKLS) Erin Howerton (Wichita PL) Source: http://goo.gl/F2XnTS
  2. 2. Before the cool stuff....
  3. 3. quilting stencils knitting books welding howtos car repair manuals cake pans altered books knitting clubs card creating Do you offer these?
  4. 4. lego clubs robotics duct tape classes pottery clothing creation gardening jewelry repair electricity Do you offer these?
  5. 5. music crafting digital creation crazy summer projects writing clubs game design 3D printing computer programming Do you offer these?
  6. 6. John Seely Brown Henry Jenkins Howard Rheingold Buffy Hamilton Ann Marie Thomas David Lankes Gary Stager Chris Anderson People
  7. 7. Books
  8. 8. participatory learning DIY entrepreneurial learning STEM/ STEAM return to play new librarianship Ideas constructivism learning to fail
  9. 9. How did we get to today’s movement? DIY Culture for millennia Craftsmanship -- master/apprentice Learning through doing Source: http://goo.gl/pWu0kd
  10. 10. How did we get to today’s movement? Mass production Expensive products Popular Mechanics & Farmers & Crafters Source: http://goo.gl/2a06G1
  11. 11. How did we get to today’s movement? Cheap manufactured goods DIY Dark Age (1970-2000) Explosion of the Internet Source: http://goo.gl/4Rbz6M
  12. 12. How did we get to today’s movement? Sustainability movement People desperate to create, learn, socialize Libraries’ role in past & present Source: http://goo.gl/nSQJ6o
  13. 13. Discussion & Questions Source: http://goo.gl/UpzNY
  14. 14. DIY Tools High Tech Low Tech No Tech
  15. 15. High Tech DIY Tools Desktop Manufacturing
  16. 16. High Tech DIY Tools Desktop Manufacturing Desktop 3D Printers Desktop 3D Scanners Desktop CNC Machines
  17. 17. High Tech DIY Tools Electronics
  18. 18. High Tech DIY Tools Electronics Raspberry Pi Arduino Circuitry Projects
  19. 19. High Tech DIY Tools Projection
  20. 20. High Tech DIY Tools Projection Projection Mapping VPT Facade Signage
  21. 21. Low Tech DIY Tools Papercraft
  22. 22. Low Tech DIY Tools Papercraft Pepakura Designer Papercraft Museum
  23. 23. Low Tech DIY Tools Digital & Vinyl Cutters
  24. 24. Low Tech DIY Tools Digital & Vinyl Cutters Silhouette Cameo KNK Zing Silver Bullet
  25. 25. Low Tech DIY Tools Templates
  26. 26. Low Tech DIY Tools Templates Carvings Enlargements Screen Printing
  27. 27. No Tech DIY Tools Gardening/Canning
  28. 28. No Tech DIY Tools Textiles
  29. 29. No Tech DIY Tools Woodworking
  30. 30. No Tech DIY Tools Vehicle & Bicycle
  31. 31. No Tech DIY Tools Crafting
  32. 32. No Tech DIY Tools Cooking
  33. 33. The Most Valuable Tool ?
  34. 34. You & Your Community Source: http://goo.gl/ewc1h
  35. 35. Discussion & Questions Source: http://goo.gl/UpzNY
  36. 36. Let’s...Improve Summer Reading Programming • assets • enthusiasm • expertise
  37. 37. Let’s Get a Partnership extend the message amp up the activities connect to community resources
  38. 38. But how can we fund it? • Local STEM/STEAM money • Not the traditional summer reading/ programming support • Grants through professional organizations
  39. 39. Planning with Collaborators Structured, regular access to programs Variety of things to try Pilot with regulars
  40. 40. What Worked? • Group activities save $$$ • Process-based rather than product-based projects help, too
  41. 41. Motor Activity
  42. 42. Music Program
  43. 43. Stop Motion Animation
  44. 44. Magnetic Obstacle Course
  45. 45. What Didn’t Work? • Low-tech & retro tech wasn’t a hit
  46. 46. Lessons Learned Dramatically increased male attendance & engagement Females relished opportunity to work in groups
  47. 47. Lessons Learned Everyone loved writing stories & making new friends Things that weren’t easily available at home were the big draw
  48. 48. Lessons Learned 380% increase in program attendance over last summer Repeats requested & being delivered
  49. 49. Lessons Learned Making can happen... Anywhere!
  50. 50. Discussion & Questions Source: http://goo.gl/UpzNY
  51. 51. Info & Contact Us • Presentation Information: www.nekls.org/?p=14024 • includes slides, link to list of resources, & more! • Contact us • Dan: dalexander@nekls.org • Heather: hbraum@nekls.org / @hbraum • Erin: erindowney@gmail.com / @hybridlib