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Nancy Judevine Presentation

  1. 1. Nancy Elizabeth Judevine<br />25059 Meadowlark<br />Channahon, IL 60410<br />815.351.3730<br /><br />
  2. 2. Employment History<br />Joliet Park District Inwood Athletic Club, Joliet, IL<br />Active Older Adult Program Supervisor, November 2006 - November 2010<br /><ul><li> Provided creative program, marketing and promotion strategies
  3. 3. Created grant proposals and completed reporting requirements</li></ul>Youth Fitness Supervisor, November 2006 - April 2010<br /><ul><li> Performed productivity measures and assessments</li></ul>Fitness Center Supervisor, October 2001 - November 2006<br /><ul><li> Managed staff acquisition, training, scheduling and disciplinary processes</li></ul>Fitness Professional, August 1994 - November 2010<br /><ul><li> Directed training design, development and delivery
  4. 4. Led a wide variety of group fitness classes</li></ul>During my tenure for Inwood Athletic Club I was directly involved in the evolution of the fitness department from a single exercise studio to a state-of-the-art facility that serves over 4000 members with a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness floor, 2,500 sq. ft. of group exercise space and an Olympic size eight-lane, 25-yard indoor pool. Through this growth period I gained experience in many aspects of recreation programming, including management of community based fitness facilities, design and implementation of customized programs for individuals based upon comprehensive fitness assessments, and development of group exercise approaches such as Pilates, functional training, core conditioning, fitness kickboxing, golf fitness, senior fitness, youth fitness and post-rehabilitative training. I am passionate about creating high quality fitness and wellness programming.<br />As Active Older Adult Program Supervisor I designed, implemented and marketed consistently successful trips, exercise and social programs. As Youth Fitness Supervisor I reduced program costs by 30% and increased participation. I was closely involved with numerous member retention programs, initiatives and events, and often served as public liaison in the community to provide education and marketing through speaking, print, radio and television media. I have coordinated the efforts of volunteers to acquire sponsorship and participation for a variety of charity functions, health fairs and fitness events.I served as a mentor for colleagues and was consistently commended by members for my outstanding customer service skills.<br />
  5. 5. Developed and led Mature Munchers program<br />Transported active older adults to suburban restaurants for socializing and delicious cuisine. Fee included van transportation and luncheon. Averaged 20 participants per trip.<br /><ul><li> Gino’s East
  6. 6. BD’s Mongolian BBQ
  7. 7. Key Wester
  8. 8. Ted’s Montana Grill
  9. 9. Macaroni Grill
  10. 10. Sweet Tomatoes
  11. 11. Bonfire
  12. 12. Floosmoor Station
  13. 13. Tommy Nevin’s Pub
  14. 14. Benihana
  15. 15. Papadeaux
  16. 16. Maggiano’s
  17. 17. The Clubhouse
  18. 18. Tin Fish
  19. 19. Cooper’s Hawk
  20. 20. Cheesecake Factory
  21. 21. Mimi’s Cafe
  22. 22. Weber Grill
  23. 23. Flat Top Grill
  24. 24. Greek Islands</li></ul>Planned and hosted social trips and activities<br />Offered a variety of day outings to local attractions. Averaged 24 participants per trip.<br /><ul><li> Nite Club at Noon - Mardi Gras
  25. 25. Speakeasy Dinner Theater
  26. 26. Drury Lane - Sweet Charity
  27. 27. Geneva’s The Little Traveler
  28. 28. Tony ‘N Tina’s Wedding
  29. 29. Chicago Botanical Gardens
  30. 30. Historic Pontiac, IL
  31. 31. Drury Lane - Cabaret
  32. 32. Starved Rock - Patsy Cline Tribute
  33. 33. History Lunch Cruise
  34. 34. The Milk Pail - Driving Miss Daisy
  35. 35. Senior Lifestyle Expo
  36. 36. Shipshewana Fall Crafters Fair
  37. 37. Eli’s Cheesecake Factory
  38. 38. Drury Lane - The Odd Couple
  39. 39. Historic LaSalle County
  40. 40. Kane County Cougars
  41. 41. Day At The Races
  42. 42. Lake Michigan and Chicago River Boat Tour
  43. 43. Chicago Neighborhood Tours
  44. 44. Noble Horse Theater</li></ul>Designed and facilitated H2Over Fifty program<br />Aquatic exercisers invited to dive in to this social club and each received a logo pool towel. Participants earned laps to win additional prizes by attending educational and informational seminars. Refreshments provided. Membership totaled 77 participants.<br /><ul><li> Home fire safety
  45. 45. Neighborhood Watch
  46. 46. Rialto volunteering
  47. 47. Automobile care
  48. 48. Dryer vent safety
  49. 49. Mind benders
  50. 50. Fall prevention
  51. 51. Travelogue days
  52. 52. Nutrition for seniors
  53. 53. Health insurance
  54. 54. Crime prevention
  55. 55. Joliet city planning
  56. 56. Medicare
  57. 57. Internet safety
  58. 58. Investing for seniors
  59. 59. Life after retirement
  60. 60. Women’s health
  61. 61. Social Security
  62. 62. Death planning
  63. 63. Game days</li></ul>Active Older Adult Program Supervisor<br />
  64. 64. Performed free weekly blood pressure screenings<br />Women exercise charity<br />by Denise Baran-Unland For The Herald-News Nov 16, 2010<br />The benefits of several senior exercises classes are extending to the area’s hungry and overseas soldiers, thanks to the efforts of two groups of determined women.<br />The first, who have exercised the last two years at Provena Saint Joseph Inwood Athletic Club in Joliet, meet monthly at a restaurant for fellowship and to collect canned goods for various food pantries.<br />The second belong to a senior swim class. Last year, they collected and sent items to the troops. This year, the women will volunteer for Operation Care Package. Both groups are two years old, but, until recently, neither group knew the other existed.<br />“A steady dozen of us are in the pool every morning, five days a week,” said Jean Eichholzer of Joliet. “But we also like to sit and chit-chat and enjoy each other’s company. Last year, I had a grandson in the Marines and one of the gals had a son in Iraq, so all of us made up packages for them. It was a wonderful experience.”<br />This year, no one in swim group has family members that are serving, so Eichholzer suggested they pack boxes for Operation Care Package. She had helped that organization in the past and knew it always needed volunteers. Once the holidays have passed, the women don’t shelve their caring spirit — they bestow it on each other.<br />“A lot of us are single people,” Eichholzer. “When we don’t see someone for a couple days or if someone is sick or having a problem, we give her a call and make sure she’s OK.”<br />Marge Hirsch of Joliet said her charitable group started when several of the women began making lunch dates after exercise class. About 21 now participate each month. The women decided that, since they were meeting anyway, those in need should benefit from fellowship.<br />The amount and types of food donations vary each month. For example, last month Hirsch bought a flat of mixed canned goods, four boxes of macaroni and cheese, and a pound of coffee. The women plan to double their purchases for Thanksgiving and Christmas.<br />“There are a lot of widows in this group, and some whose husbands are not so active, but we feel if you can afford a club membership, you can spare some money for others,” Hirsch said. Like those in the first group, these women look out for each other. “We help with problems. We have pool parties in the summer. In December, one of the women is hosting the lunch in her home.”<br />Hirsch is hoping others will be inspired by their efforts and that the two benevolent groups at Inwood can soon meet. “We can exchange ideas and make even more things happen,” Hirsch said.<br />My fitness and social programs created life enriching experiences<br />Active Older Adult Program Supervisor<br />
  65. 65. T.A.S.K. Force<br />Tackling All Sedentary Kids<br />Developed an eight-week program designed specially for kids ages 6-12 who are inactive, overweight or have health issues. Youth fitness leaders provided nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle information in a fun and friendly environment. Used state of the art equipment including child sized strength training machines and the interactive SportWall, DDR, Wii and Wii Fit.<br />Solicited referrals from local pediatricians and utilized the services of a registered dietitian and family behavior specialist.<br />Conducted performance based assessments at the beginning and end of the program to confirm improvements in participants’ abilities.<br />Obtained scholarships to subsidize program fees for families that demonstrated financial need.<br />Youth Fitness Supervisor<br />Supervised fitness staff to provide innovative youth fitness opportunities<br />
  66. 66. Designed youth fitness day programs for school holidays and breaks<br />Blending generations to create lasting family memories<br />Youth Fitness Supervisor<br />
  67. 67. Specialist in providing age-appropriate group exercise opportunities for active older adults<br />Walk ‘N Weights Alternate intervals of walking and strength training with dumbbells and elastic resistance equipment.<br />50+ Fitness Fusion Improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength in this guided interval/circuit class designed for the older adult.<br />Ageless Aerobics Remember grapevines, step taps and mambas? Enjoy low impact movements in this traditional aerobics class.<br />Mature Mobility A special class for those 50 or better. Daily function improves with exercises that target flexibility and range of motion. <br />Fitness Professional<br />
  68. 68. Tbtc object<br />What’s your fitness age? Get a team of 3 - 6 together and find out; age is just a number unless it applies to how healthy we are. Let our qualified, certified personal trainers help you and your<br />friends, family or team lower your fitness age through a guided fitness program that includes supervised workouts and individual nutrition analysis. Teams meet 2x per week for 6 weeks. <br />Fitness Professional<br />Incentive Programs<br />Walking Clubs<br />300-Mile Club Participants tracked mileage in a walking log and received a logo t-shirt and attended an end of program party.<br />Walk Across America Walkers pooled mileage and watched as they progressed across the country on a wall mounted map. Each participant received a logo t-shirt and a weekly photograph of their location.<br />Sole Searchers An unique blend of Geocaching and walking using hand-held GPS units.<br />
  69. 69. “My 6 yr. (old) daughter attended the (Wii-Swim-Skate) program today. I have to compliment every employee from the two ladies at the front desk to every single person involved in this event. They were not only attentive but extremely patient and kind to even the most novice of skaters, right down to tying their shoelaces. I would appreciate it if they could be told ‘job well done’ and a huge thank you.”<br />Karen Brasch 1/18/2010<br />“Would like to let you know how much Nancy J. has changed my life. Her encouragement and insight in helping me work out, take trips, talk in H20 has made such a difference. Thank you for having her here.”<br />Barb Wojciechowski 12/14/2009<br />“Love Love Love Nancy’s class Thurs. @ 9:30. I have been working out 25 years and have never had this much fun working out!!! And I burn the most calories for the week. Thanks Nancy.”<br />Sue McNamara 12/11/2009<br />Committed to excellent customer service<br />
  70. 70. Employment History<br />Carillon Adult Community, Plainfield, IL<br />Fitness Professional, August 1993 - June 1996<br /><ul><li> Designed and implemented fitness programs and classes for mature adult population
  71. 71. Performed weekly blood pressure screenings
  72. 72. Contributed fitness and wellness articles to community newsletter
  73. 73. Prepared educational handouts and bulletin boards
  74. 74. Coordinated health fairs and incentive programs</li></li></ul><li>Channahon Park District, Channahon, IL<br />Fitness Professional, September 2001 - April 2006<br /><ul><li> Performed member orientations and fitness assessments
  75. 75. Provided one-on-one and small group personal training
  76. 76. Led a variety of group exercise formats</li></ul>Plainfield Youth Hockey League, Plainfield, IL<br />Strength and Conditioning Coach, June 1998 - September 1998<br /><ul><li> Designed and implemented pre-season training program</li></ul>Instec Corporation (formerly AIRS, Inc.), Naperville, IL<br />Computer Programmer, November 1989 - January 1992<br /><ul><li> Wrote computer code for automated insurance rating software</li></ul>Olin Chemicals, Joliet, IL<br />Industrial Operator, May 1980 - November 1989<br /><ul><li> Controlled system processes for chemical manufacturing
  77. 77. Monitored gauges, signals and recording instruments
  78. 78. Performed quality control procedures
  79. 79. Certified lift truck operator</li></ul>Joliet Metallurgical Laboratories, Joliet, IL<br />Testing Specialist, May 1980 - November 1989<br /><ul><li> Controlled system processes for metal strength testing
  80. 80. Monitored gauges, signals and recording instruments
  81. 81. Performed quality control procedures</li></ul>Employment History<br />
  82. 82. Lewis University<br /> Romeoville, IL<br />Bachelor of Arts<br />Sport Management major<br />Business Administration minor<br />GPA 3.912/4.0, Dean’s List<br />Education<br />Joliet Junior College<br /> Joliet, IL<br />Associate of Applied Science<br />Computer Science major<br />Subjects of independent study:<br /><ul><li> Stem Cell Research - Biology 125
  83. 83. Mind Body Exercise and Emotional Well Being - Health 275
  84. 84. Mental Health in the Workplace - Corporate Wellness 366
  85. 85. Emotional Intelligence and Client Retention in Group Exercise and Personal Training </li></ul> Programs - Research Methods in Sport Science 410<br />
  86. 86. Party Planning for Adults 55 & Better; Getting Older Adults Moving<br />National Recreation and Park Association<br />Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Exercise & Fall Prevention<br /> Exercise Etc. Inc.<br />Creating Cardio & Strength Training Programs<br /> Aquatic Exercise Association<br />Understanding and Motivating Older Adults; Aging Gracefully: The Relationship Between Balance Training and Fall Prevention<br /> American Council on Exercise<br />Creating and Managing a Sustainable Adult Leisure Education Program; Boomers – Boom or Bust?<br />Illinois Park & Recreation Association<br />Certifications and Credentials<br />American Red Cross<br /><ul><li> CPR / AED / First Aid for the Professional Rescuer</li></ul>American Council on Exercise<br /><ul><li> Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  87. 87. Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  88. 88. Strength Training Specialist</li></ul>IDEA Health & Fitness Association<br /><ul><li> Elite Personal Fitness Trainer</li></ul>GMP Fitness<br /><ul><li> Longevity Wellness Specialist</li></ul>I annually attend the IDEA Health & Fitness Association International Fitness Fusion Conference, the National Recreation and Park Association Congress & Exposition, and the Illinois Park & Recreation Association Soaring to New Heights Conference. Listed below are some of the seminars that I have attended:<br />
  89. 89. Provided expert opinion to local press on a variety of fitness subjects<br />In The News<br />
  90. 90. In The News<br />Interviewed by Club Solutions magazine October 2009 issue<br />DIFFERENT NEEDS<br />Joining a health club may be outside a senior’s comfort zone, said Nancy Judevine, Active Older Adult and Youth Fitness Supervisor for Provena St. Joseph Inwood Athletic Club in Illinois. “Friendly front desk workers create a positive experience for seniors that will welcome them to your club and keep them there. Stellar customer service cannot be emphasized enough,” she added.<br />
  91. 91. Volunteerism<br />Minooka High School Band & Guard Booster Organization<br />President, April 2008 - June 2010<br /><ul><li> Created and executed successful fundraising activities and events
  92. 92. Composed extensive Handbook & By Laws document
  93. 93. Prepared agendas for and led monthly meetings
  94. 94. Crafted organization newsletter
  95. 95. Directed parent and student volunteers
  96. 96. Managed organization accounts</li></ul>As President of the Minooka High School Band & Guard Boosters I was directly involved with cost analysis and budgeting. I was responsible for planning and executing events and activities that benefited the student performers and the Boosters’ financial accounts. Under my leadership our fundraising profits rose by 25% and parent participation increased. My attention to publicity and marketing increased community awareness and participation in Booster events. I created an extensive Handbook and By Laws document which serves to outline and streamline procedures for future leaders of this organization.<br />Fundraiser to cover expenses for annual performance trip. Profited $12,000.00<br />Fundraiser to cover expenses for annual student Band Camp. 2009 profit - $6900.00<br />2010 profit - $7500.00<br />Fundraiser to cover expenses for annual performance trip. Profited $15,000.00<br />Fundraiser to benefit General Fund. Profited $1,200.00<br />
  97. 97. Created Handbook & By Laws to outline and streamline procedures for future leaders of the organization.<br />Designed and distributed quarterly newsletter to inform and include family members.<br />Produced customized financial forms available for download from the internet.<br />Volunteerism<br />Minooka High School Band & Guard Booster Organization<br />
  98. 98. Joliet Park District, Joliet, IL<br />Offered personal time and effort at a variety of events<br /><ul><li> KidzFest
  99. 99. Taste of Joliet
  100. 100. Red Eye 8K Run
  101. 101. Sundowner 5K Run
  102. 102. Worldwide Day of Play
  103. 103. Grocery Store Tours
  104. 104. Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall
  105. 105. Forever Young Senior Fun Walk & Vendor Fair
  106. 106. Rockdale Rambler 10K Run
  107. 107. Step Jam
  108. 108. Westfield Mall Business Expo
  109. 109. Movies In The Park</li></ul>Provena St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL<br />Wellness Specialist, May 2005 - April 2006<br /><ul><li> Coordinated and delivered employee wellness initiatives
  110. 110. Designed and implemented individual group programs
  111. 111. Created innovative workout recording and reward system</li></ul>St. Ann Catholic Church, Channahon, IL<br />St. Ann<br /> A Catholic Community Parish<br />Health Ministry, June 2001 - September 2002<br /><ul><li> Developed and presented wellness programs to community members</li></ul>Volunteerism<br />
  112. 112. Entrepreneurship<br />Timeless Creations<br />Owner and operator, 1980 - Present<br />A home-based business focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of art and craft items such as jewelry, textiles, seasonal decorations and home décor. I have exhibited and sold my merchandise at many shows throughout the tri-state area.<br />
  113. 113. Nancy Elizabeth Judevine<br />25059 Meadowlark<br />Channahon, IL 60410<br />815.351.3730<br /><br />