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Neil's PowerPoint Portfolio Show


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A PowerPoint slide show of Neil Tambini's sculpture work.

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Neil's PowerPoint Portfolio Show

  1. 1. A Portfolio of SculpturesA Portfolio of Sculptures by Neil Tambiniby Neil Tambini
  2. 2. Clay sculpted usingClay sculpted using Roma Plastilina.Roma Plastilina. 10 “ tall10 “ tall OrganicOrganic AbstractAbstract
  3. 3. Terra cotta figure: half-life-size
  4. 4. Bronze Bust ofBronze Bust of Painter,Painter, Daniel W. PinkhamDaniel W. Pinkham
  5. 5. Deinonychus 10 ft. length, sculpted in Roma Plastilina
  6. 6. Velociraptor One of ten dinosaurs created for Jurassic Park, The Ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
  7. 7. Ultrasaurus
  8. 8. Ultrasaurus
  9. 9. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  10. 10. Humanoid Robot commissioned by Ford Motor Company
  11. 11. Portrait Bust of Ross Rigby, completed during a 2 hour class demonstration at Petersen Art Center
  12. 12. Superman Bust commissioned by Meshwerks
  13. 13. For Luxor lobbyFor Luxor lobby 24 ft. Seated Egyptian God24 ft. Seated Egyptian God
  14. 14. 18 ft. Egyptian Standing Man18 ft. Egyptian Standing Man
  15. 15. Egyptian column capital
  16. 16. 18” Egyptian Dog-Sphinx maquette18” Egyptian Dog-Sphinx maquette
  17. 17. Hieroglyphics
  18. 18. Turkish decorative panel for Luxor food court
  19. 19. Sentinels for Luxor’s RA nightclubSentinels for Luxor’s RA nightclub
  20. 20. RARA Luxor’s Nightclub
  21. 21. Installation of 40 ft. columns at LuxorInstallation of 40 ft. columns at Luxor
  22. 22. Luxor lobbyLuxor lobby
  23. 23. 24 ft. Seated Egyptian God
  24. 24. 18 ft. Egyptian Standing Man
  25. 25. Pair of 18 ft. Egyptian Standing Men at Luxor’s Imax Theater
  26. 26. Elephants for Mandalay Bay and Circus CircusElephants for Mandalay Bay and Circus Circus
  27. 27. One of a pair of Winged Dragons for Mandalay Bay Entrance
  28. 28. One of four Eagle statuesOne of four Eagle statues for Paris Hotelfor Paris Hotel
  29. 29. Mer-man for ParisMer-man for Paris Hotel FountainHotel Fountain
  30. 30. Paris Fountain Mer-man
  31. 31. Paris Hotel Fountain
  32. 32. Leg for Mandalay Bay courtyard firepot
  33. 33. Mandalay Bay Courtyard
  34. 34. I hope you enjoyed seeing my work.I hope you enjoyed seeing my work. ~Neil Tambini~Neil Tambini