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SBML Browse


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SBML Browse

  1. 1. Unable to quickly view models? Tired of installing software? Want to share your models easily? libSBML compatibility issues? SBML Browse uses your browser! No more troublesome software installation! Extensible solution for Level 3! Mouse-over “MIRIAM” Annotation support!! SBML browsing problems?!? Just add this to your model… <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href=""?> Firefox, IE, Safari will do the rest! Try… SBML Browse…today! Brought you from those plucky chaps at MCISB1 and the Chalmers University2. BBSRC/EPSRC Grant BB/C008219/1 A Swainston N1, Smallbone K1, Smallbone N2 product. Send a stamped addressed envelope to for a no obligation quote. “Brings SBML to my browser!”