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HealthCare Data Mining and Natural Language Processing


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ezDI is a clinical search engine based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) enveloped with Clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is specially designed for mining clinical data, and running relevant queries. This technology enables high-end data analysis and analytics very quickly and accurately.

ezDI’s clinical natural language processing (NLP) engine turns text into facts and codes using patented technology.

Endless Possibilities – we unwrap your clinical data and find the metrics you seek!

HealthCare Data Mining and Natural Language Processing

  1. 1. Meet Dr. SmithRenowned Cardiologist!
  2. 2. One Day Dr. Smith has…
  3. 3. An “AWESOME” Idea!that can improve Patient Life.
  4. 4. he’s reallypassionate about it.
  5. 5. He wants tosave patients at risk forCardiovascular disease.
  6. 6. Dr. Smith is experienced.He knows how to test hisideas using…
  7. 7. …traditional methods
  8. 8. He starts manually reviewing hischarts to identify patients at risk.
  9. 9. But he cannot read themedical records ofeach and every patient…
  10. 10. he has patients’ to see,and lot of other responsibilities…
  11. 11. he forms a team of nursesto manually review andidentify patients “at risk”.
  12. 12. In this go around, 300 medical chartswere reviewed.The research looks good!
  13. 13. Great!Patients were called for follow-up andIndividual Patient care was improved!
  14. 14. Dr. Smith wants to move forward,and implement this idea…
  15. 15. But he has 300,000 charts…
  16. 16. Manual review could take months…years…
  17. 17. …and it will be very expensive –he needsthousands of dollars of funding…
  18. 18. But how – in this economyand healthcare reform…
  19. 19. He’s passionate andhe wants to do it…
  20. 20. One day, he read on MedAxiom* that…*MedAxiom is a one of the most valuable resource for cardiology practices. The network hasover 300 cardiology practices representing 5,400 physicians across USA.
  21. 21. ezDataIntelligence (ezDI)…designed for mining clinical data
  22. 22. ezDI :- Clinical search engine- Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  23. 23. Dr. Smith tried it and loved it.Now he sends all his patient records anddata to ezDI to identify his patients atrisk for cardiovascular disease.
  24. 24. Need to see CAD patient Need electrophysiologist with prior MI Nuclearstress test Need EF < 35% defibrillator SMOKER Need History of Echocardiogram Congestive heart failure ezDI automatically identifies the patients and sends the results back.
  25. 25. even better: the results are inreal-time and cost very little.
  26. 26. Dr. Smith is very happy and proud.
  27. 27. He believed in the company andcalled it “the future of healthcare”. FUTURE
  28. 28. Soon others joined ezDI andDr. Smith on the mission ofimproved patient care!
  29. 29. Join ezDI in the “HealthCareData Mining” revolution.
  30. 30. Thank you. ezDI is a product of Mediscribes, Inc