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  • 1. Thanks for your willingness to explore an exciting new way to approach important communication.
  • 2. We are talking about utilizing a serious communication revolution.
  • 3. And Enfront’s founder is experienced…using then emerging technology to create Unified Neighbors…
  • 4. Which has morphed into consumer powerhouse Angie’s List.
  • 5. The parallel is real…this time utilizing digital technology to create Enfront.
  • 6. Some call it micro-marketing, supporting targeted messaing…
  • 7. To small groups…
  •   8. And to individuals…
  • It’s been around for awhile, so it’s fair to ask what we’re doing that’s different.
  • 10. We’ll be talking answers to three major questions
  • 11. We communicators are wearing too many hats…
  • 12. We’re juggling too many balls…
  • 13. And too often important communication winds up here…
  • 14. Ironically, when it comes to marketing communication, we have two much help…
  • 15. There are hordes of single-media sales people hawking their solution…
  • 16. Leading to confusion…
  • 17. And the possibility of marketing strategy being defined by the most persuasive peddler.
  • 18. And thirdly, most communicators lack truly actionable data…
  • 19 Meaning that vital communication can be literally impossible.
  • 20. So Enfront’s set about building a better communication system,
  • 21. But realized that new technology calls for a whole new way to think about marketing.
  • 23. Loyalty is the key to long-term success…proven by Harvard’s Fred Reichheld, but also by observation and common sense.
  • 24. So the latest promotion, while perhaps important, is not balanced marketing…
  • 25. And can lead directly to upside-down priorities.
  • 26. Leaving competitors to do most of the communicating with your loyal clients.
  • 27. Enfront has trademarked Client Path Marketing… stressing loyalty, of course…
  • 28. But reminding us that loyalty doesn’t just happen…
  • 29 It requires a set of stages, through time, and a set of effective touches.
  • 30. And we dramatically improve the odds of a safe journey…
  • 31. If we deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • 32. So this idea is definitely not theory – we’re talking about timely, on-demand communication that happens when it should happen.
  • 33. Let’s bring the concept to life, with five fundamental uses of micro-marketing… (and here let’s trade ideas, talk goals, make it real)…
  • 34. Every marketer needs an effective way to earn the attention of Strangers, actually target ideal clients … sometimes with value information, sometimes with methods to simply get the foot in the door.
  • 35. Networking is big – sometimes formal, at events or on-line… sometimes informal as we travel through life. We need solid, well thought-out ways to qualify the people we meet ad stay in touch with them appropriately.
  • 36. It would be great every prospect behaved well – kept their appointments, purchased after we make our brilliant presentation… but they don’t always… we’ve already invested heavily in them… it is absolutely fundamental to stay in touch during the decision cycle.
  • 37. New customers should be welcomed warmly… and we should find out how well we served – a vital moment that can save a slightly wobbly situation, but the window is short.
  • 38. We should be in regular touch with established clients. Sometimes with information, but often just because we should be maintaining share of mind, vital for long-term loyalty in a highly competitive world.
  • 39. And this system can help the cash register ring, supporting highly targeted upsell and cross-sell as well as systematic efforts at referral building. [Pause to talk, if dialog not yet flowing]
  • 40. Now let’s look at a system that makes all this possible.
  • 41. The Enfront marketing system is on-line, at your-fingertips, and highly integrated.
  • 42. Your messaging is highly customized for you, highly personalized to your recipient
  • 43. And minimum order quantity is one … here showing the system’s personalized jumbo postcard.
  • 44. The system includes a built-in Email module.
  • 45. A proven attention-grabber in a flexible letter format.
  • 46. And an innovative gift concept: the postcard box.
  • 47. And multiple client-facing personnel can share system resources while having their own customized communication.
  • 48. You have immediate communication literally at your fingertips,
  • 49. In part because your contact data is integrated and actionable…
  • 50. And you can arrange for production to be launched tomorrow, or at any time in the future, automatically.
  • 51. Putting it all together … you can communicate using any set of Enfront’s output media…
  • 52. Targeted to any individuals or small groups
  • 53. And delivered at any specified times… with all production and delivery handled by Enfront.
  • 54. It is truly like hiring a very low-cost marketing assistant…
  • 55. And the bottom line is the kind of consistent, effective, affordable communication that gets vital touches that make a real difference.
  • 56. We go to work with open and honest dialog about current strengths and weaknesses in your operation. We prioritize projects. And we build ongoing solutions into your infrastructure.
  • 57. I look forward to the possibility of working with you.
  • Partner Intro Presentation (1) (1)

    1. 1. Stand-Out Micro-Marketing Exploring a Sales & Marketing Revolutions
    2. 2. Riding the Crest… of a Communication Revolution
    3. 3. Unified Neighbors Big Idea Credentials
    4. 4. Unified Neighbors Credentials
    5. 5. Unified Neighbors Credentials
    6. 6. Affordable, Targeted Messaging…
    7. 7. Affordable, Targeted Messaging…
    8. 8. Affordable, Targeted Messaging…
    9. 9. Affordable, Targeted Messaging… But what do we do with it?
    10. 10. Today’s Reality! 1 of 3
    11. 11. Today’s Reality!
    12. 12. Today’s Reality!
    13. 13. Today’s Reality! Important Communication
    14. 14. Too Much Marketing “Help” 2 of 3
    15. 15. Single-Media Sellers “ I’m best for you!” *
    16. 16. Confusion
    17. 17. Non-Objective Decision Making
    18. 18. Data Not Actionable 3 of 3
    19. 19. Affordable, Targeted Messaging… Not Possible
    20. 20. Goals 1. A Marketing System that Supports Important Action
    21. 21. Goals 1. A Marketing System that Supports Important Action 2. A Better Way to THINK about Marketing’s Role
    22. 22. Defining the Goal Correctly *
    23. 23. Loyalty = Long-Term Success *
    24. 24. NOT the Latest Advertising Try *
    25. 25. Priorities Get Upside Down *
    26. 26. *
    27. 27. Emphasis on Loyalty Developed and Trademarked by Enfront
    28. 28. Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen
    29. 29. Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen A Set of Stages and Touches
    30. 30. Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen A Set of Stages and Touches We Can Greatly Affect Progress
    31. 31. Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen A Set of Stages and Touches We Can Greatly Affect Progress Right Message, Right Person, Right Time
    32. 32. Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen A Set of Stages and Touches We Can Greatly Affect Progress Right Message, Right Person, Right Time ACTION!
    33. 33. Let’s Make It Real Putting Technology and The Client Path to Work
    34. 34. 1. Introduction: Target Ideal Client
    35. 35. 2. Effective “Second Impression” New High Potential Acquaintance
    36. 36. 3. Follow-up Delaying Prospect
    37. 37. 4. New Client Welcome, Orientation
    38. 38. 5a. Appreciation / Loyalty Building
    39. 39. 5b. Upsell / Cross-Sell
    40. 40. * The Tool that Turns Theory Into Action
    41. 42. Highly Personalized Touches
    42. 43. Highly Personalized Touches Minimum Order Qty ONE!
    43. 44. Email
    44. 45. Letter
    45. 46. The Postcard Gift Box
    46. 47. Multiple Client Facing Personnel
    47. 51. Any Set of Media Choices
    48. 52. Any Individual or Small Group
    49. 53. Any Predefined Delivery Schedule
    50. 57. Thanks for Your Interest [email_address] 603-321-6640