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Asian Beer Network Brewery Planning

  1. BREWERY PLANNING PRESENTATION How a project comes together...
  2. Typical Project Overview The typical timeline of events Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Market research, building a business plan and locking in the scope of the brewery (planned volumes). Location selection, sourcing equipment, waiting for fabrication whilst preparing the building. Plus, hiring key staff. Commission and installation of the brewery, hiring staff and getting the brewery operational.
  3. Key Points To A Project Market research is key to ensuring a successful brewery project. Need to plan for initial sales volumes and predicted growth. This allows for the correct equipment to be sourced so the brewhouse grows with you. One of the biggest upfront costs on any brewery project is the price of the brewing equipment. Get quotes from multiple manufacturers, testimonials for previous clients and if possible see some prior projects in person for yourself.
  4. As the brewery becomes operational Pricing / Raw Materials Marketing / Promotion Distribution As part of the market research you need to source and cost out the raw materials you'll be using. To work out the beer per liter costs. Just because you brew it, it doesn't mean it will sell, even if the it's the best beer in the world. How will you make people aware of your beer? Distribution is often tricky for new breweries. Will you do self distribution or use a third party? Thorough research is needed.
  5. Operation Strategy Production Delivering Beer Materials 01 03 02 Production schedule is planned around monthly sales volumes. Brewing, tank residency, processing and packaging need to be planned. Beer needs to be ready for when customers needs it. Understanding your processes, timelines involved and ensuring the production staff are properly trained is key. Logistics is key to good production. Need to ensure you have the materials needed to brew and package the beer.
  6. Financial Plans Start-Up Costs Human resources Marketing Costs Sources of capital Again your research and business plan is key. From the cost of the equipment, preparing the building and installing the equipment needs to be figured out. Once you know the size of the operation. The number of staff needed can be figured out. Employees from Production to distribution. Sales and marketing are important. and need to be factored into the business plan. Most breweries which I see fail is lack of reach in the market. Where's the capital for the project coming from? Some breweries are funded from crowdsourcing, family and friends, bank loans or even specialist brewery lenders.
  7. Financial Forecasts Planning for the future growth is key, it'll help decide the size of the initial brewing equipment. The equipment needs to grow with you. A brewhouse at a minimum, will hopefully last for the first 5-years. Expense Sales Profit Growth 40 30 20 10 0
  8. Projected Profit Phases of growth profit 43.8% expense 31.3% sales 12.5% growth 12.5% The business plan should include your predicted sales volume, running capital and projected profits over time. It can take time for a brewery to break even...two years or more. Breweries often plan "phases of growth". Room to add more tanks to increase the volume of production. The initial brewhouse needs to big enough to see you through a "few" phases of growth. Implementation Plan and Phases of Development
  9. Looking Forward to Talking I look forward to discussing your brewery project with you. My name is Neil and I've 25-years of commercial brewing experience. Having worked in a number of different countries from the UK to Bermuda. I'm a British brewer now based in China. I help people around the world with their brewing projects. From small container breweries to craft production breweries with different pack types. I look forward to chatting with you about your brewery plans, and thank you for your time.
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