Customer Support at Redbubble - Part 2


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Presented by Dominic Taranto at meetup of Agile Product Owners and Business Analysts Group at Redbubble HQ on April 30th 2014.

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Customer Support at Redbubble - Part 2

  1. 1. Validated Learning and Outcomes using Lean Startup and Agile CS Perspective Dominic Taranto - CS agent and ABG rep. ● One of the cohort of CS agents spread across three offices. ● Employed not just for my abilities for Rote tasks but as an artist and designer. ● Participant in multiple groups/guilds/project teams beyond my contracted duties. Person in Window at Federation Square by Andrew Makowiecki
  2. 2. Who are our customers? Artists & Buyers ● Artists are our first customer - ‘We stand for Artists!’ is our mantra but they themselves have customers - we must also offer support to their buyers. ABG & BBG ● When it comes to our Rote tasks and experimentation we are split between A & B. ● Day to day support is either artist or buyer focused. ● To ensure we offer the correct support, CS has a presence in both the Artist Business Group & Buyer Business Group. Rote tasks & Project Time ● Rote (day to day) Answering emails, on live chat which is primarily reactive or immediate support ● Project Time (20% of week) A chance for CS to experiment, innovate, problem solve, housekeeping, contribute to other dpt. and offer proactive support. Black and White Wheel by wolfcat
  3. 3. Project Focal Areas Outreach/Sharing: ● Share data with other teams to validate their assumptions. ● Can we assist or give feedback from CS perspective? ● To help improve processes which down the track minimise support contact or improve customer experience on site. ● Research into new tools/approaches or features of support Housekeeping: ● Regular self-evaluation on processes ● What have we learnt in the past quarter? What can be streamlined/improved/cut? ● Long term planning for future changes in company services or direction. Humanising: ● Are we in line with RB culture and personality? ● How can we work towards artist loyalty? ● Experiment with new ways in which artists can interact and build authentic relationships amongst themselves, CS and RB Sunday night in the city by KerrirMcSnap
  4. 4. Tools of the Trade! How it works: ● Trello Work station - tracking progress of each project - internally (CS) ● Logiforms Data collection - WAREN - What Are Redbubblers Enquiring Now 639cc470769c&usr_id=26865 ● Confluence Published results to report back to all of RB ● Skype Instant day to day messaging or face time ● RJMetrics ● GA - Google Analytics Large scale tracking of user behaviour Triangulation by Hartkamp
  5. 5. WAREN logiform Confluence
  6. 6. Project Examples Outreach… WAREN data as an open resource - Review all artist contact for the past 6 months - Look for trends or changes as new features have been released eg. New uploader Housekeeping… Passive value of WAREN data - Missing trends that could be added to preemptive support FAQ network - Updating current FAQ network to offer comprehensive self help which minimises the need for artist contact Humanising... CS Redbubble profiles - Artists are more likely to trust and seek help from agents who they perceive are not just tech support but creative peers. - A visible presence on the site for each agent - Training opportunity for agents - Immersion within the RB online community After Dave by JX
  7. 7. Thank you! bring the sake and don't forget I love you by Luckyvegetable