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UCD from across the pond - A case study in remote UX


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How do you design the UX for a complex website when you're based in the UK and the users, business stakeholders and the rest of the design team are in America? In this insightful case study you’ll find out what lessons I learnt from tackling this challenge in a recent role.

You’ll learn how to foster a collaborative remote team; how to use technology to carry out remote UX research, design and usability testing; and which UX tools and techniques are best suited to remote UX.

Published in: Design
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UCD from across the pond - A case study in remote UX

  1. 1. UCD from across the Pond A case study in Remote UX Neil Turner
  2. 2. My background…
  3. 3. What would your ideal project look like?
  4. 4. Co-located team
  5. 5. Awesome project war room
  6. 6. Easy access to users
  7. 7. And stakeholders…
  8. 8. Who works in a co-located team? Who has an awesome project war room? Who has easy access to users? Who has easy access to stakeholders?
  9. 9. Ideal world vs Real world
  10. 10. Welcome to the messy real world of Remote UX
  11. 11. Thanks to globalisation, remote UX is on the rise…
  12. 12. And of course more of us are frequently working remotely
  13. 13. Redesigning a global research platform
  14. 14. Not UCD across this pond (at my office)
  15. 15. But this pond…
  16. 16. Not much chance of co-location…
  17. 17. Or going on a ‘Swift’ world tour…
  18. 18. How to carry out user-centred design remotely? How to carry out UX team work remotely?
  19. 19. How we carried out UCD remotely
  20. 20. Using the Internet of course
  21. 21. ForSee and Survey Monkey for capturing user insights & participants
  22. 22. WebEx for user interviews and usability testing
  23. 23. User Testing for rapid mobile usability testing
  24. 24. PLAY VIDEO
  25. 25. Chalkmark for click testing prototypes
  26. 26. With some good ol’ fashioned face-to-face user research when possible
  27. 27. How we carried out UCD remotely • Online surveys to capture user insights & recruit participants • Moderated remote user interviews & testing • Unmoderated user testing & click testing • Face-to-face user research when possible
  28. 28. How we carried out UX team work remotely
  29. 29. It wasn’t as easy as being co-located… “Long distance relationships are SOOO easy!” …said NO ONE! Ever!
  30. 30. How can you replicate this remotely?
  31. 31. PLAY VIDEO
  32. 32. With difficulty, which is why we got the team together for a week
  33. 33. Local teams working remotely
  34. 34. Team members in the office when possible
  35. 35. How can you replicate this remotely?
  36. 36. Daily stand-ups (local and remote)
  37. 37. Weekly design reviews (online)
  38. 38. PLAY VIDEO
  39. 39. Talking to someone, not emailing
  40. 40. How can you replicate this remotely?
  41. 41. PLAY VIDEO
  42. 42. Good meeting discipline • Have a clear agenda • Share content beforehand • Turn up on time • Use headset audio (or video) • Be polite • Get to know online meeting tool
  43. 43. With headsets and a decent Broadband connection
  44. 44. How can you replicate this remotely?
  45. 45. Used online UX & collaboration tools
  46. 46. With an online style guide
  47. 47. And Jira as the single source of truth
  48. 48. How can you best work across time zones?
  49. 49. How can you best work across time zones? • Tried to be considerate to working times • Utilised cross-over times (afternoons in UK) • Scheduled meetings at least painful time • Kept meetings short & sweet
  50. 50. How did we carry out UX team work remotely? • Local teams working remotely • Got whole team together for 1 week • Used range of online design & collaboration tools • Scheduled regular, disciplined catch-ups • Encouraged phone & IM over email • Had single of point of truth
  51. 51. We got there…
  52. 52. How can we work better remotely? • What should we start doing? • What should we stop doing? • What should we continue doing?
  53. 53. How to be a remote UX…
  54. 54. Do stuff face to face if you can (UX research & design)
  55. 55. Come up with a good remote game plan
  56. 56. Invest in good remote tools and tech
  57. 57. Use online UX & collaboration tools & learn how to best use them
  58. 58. Be prepared and always run a pilot
  59. 59. Meet-up online as regularly as possible
  60. 60. Use video, phone and IM over emails
  61. 61. Make the best use of team time together
  62. 62. Be considerate Oh, you want me to work late? Well, I want you to go f**k yourself. We can’t always get what we want.
  63. 63. Get used to working remotely
  64. 64. THANK YOU :-) @neilturnerux