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Moving from user centred thinking to system thinking


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User-centred thinking has done the design community proud. However, whilst its laser beam focus on the user is an undoubted strength, it does sometimes mean that the wider user eco-system is not always considered. I'm going to introduce system thinking (also known as service design). System thinking is a way to not only consider the user but the wider system in which a user interacts with a service or product. Think of it as user-centred design 2.0!

This is a presentation that I gave at a SynchHerts meetup ( on 7th Aug 2014.

Published in: Design
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Moving from user centred thinking to system thinking

  2. 2. WHAT IS USER-CENTRED THINKING? | @neilturnerux
  3. 3. | @neilturnerux “Needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, or service are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process” Wikipedia
  4. 4. User-centred product or service Some design related stuff More design related stuff… Even more design related stuff… User centred design | @neilturnerux
  5. 5. User-centred design f***king rocks man… | @neilturnerux
  6. 6. | @neilturnerux PLAY
  7. 7. | @neilturnerux PLAY
  8. 8. | @neilturnerux Introducing system thinking… (and service design)
  9. 9. A lot like the movies (bear with me) | @neilturnerux
  10. 10. Booking a summer holiday (the story) | @neilturnerux
  11. 11. The actors | @neilturnerux
  12. 12. Holidaymaker Travel agents Friends & family Call centre staff Website team Mobile team Marketing team Other travellers The interplay / relationships | @neilturnerux
  13. 13. Print advertising Mobile site / app Brochure Travel agent 3rd party travel agent Travel website Telephone Website Email The scenes / Touchpoints TV advert | @neilturnerux
  14. 14. Highstreet Website Mobile site Telephone Brochure Pick up brochures Browse holidays Search holidays Shortlist holidays Book holiday Get holiday money Ask query The sequence of events | @neilturnerux
  15. 15. SERVICE DESIGN TOOLS | @neilturnerux
  16. 16. A system map visually shows the different actors and artefacts, and the relationships between them. | @neilturnerux System map
  17. 17. Example Flickr system map | @neilturnerux
  18. 18. | @neilturnerux Experience map An experience map shows a customer’s end to end journey across multiple touchpoints in the pursuit of a goal
  19. 19. At each stage of the customer’s journey… | @neilturnerux
  20. 20. | @neilturnerux Personas are fictional characters that represent the different actors within a system. They are fictional but should be based on fact. Personas
  21. 21. Some service design resources Service Design - From Insight to Implementation (Book) | @neilturnerux Adaptive Path’s guide to experience mapping (free eBook)
  22. 22. “In an increasingly complex world we must take a holistic view to create truly exception user experiences. Meow” A very wise cat | @neilturnerux
  23. 23. Psst… Want some slides? | @neilturnerux