Top 25 Toys Christmas 2011


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25 Hottest Christmas toys of 2011,Take a look and get some great Ideas

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Top 25 Toys Christmas 2011

  1. 1. Get your kids what they want this year!
  2. 2. IntroductionIf youre a parent, you know the horrible pressure there is to get your kids the right presentsduring the holiday seasons. As adults, we all think that you should be happy for gettinganything... But, I think you know just as well as I do that children wont react that way.Its the happiest time of the year for many kids. They are out of school. In many parts of theworld its snowing. Best of all, the thought of getting exactly what they want on Christmasmorning makes every child smile for the last couple months of the year.If you need to know the top 25 Christmas toys of 2011, youve come to the right place. Thisebook is here to give all those parents that are struggling to find that perfect gift your childreally really wants. The toys in this book are all award nominations at the very least and eachcategory has the winner of the year.These toys are chosen due to product sales and overall child rating. Just to make it easier forthose parents on the run... like myself... I have the ebook broken into 5 categories.Infants/Toddler toys, preschooler toys, boys toys, girls toys, and specialty toys.Each toy has a description and a couple reviews about that product. All of this informationwas found through Amazon,, and some popular toy blogs. This information isto give you a better idea of what you will be buying your kids.If you are interested in purchasing one of the top 25 toys, click the title link for that toy. Youwill be brought to This website will have the product for purchase and moreinformation about the product just in case you havent completely made up your mind.Lets get to the toys...
  3. 3. Top 5 Toys For Infants and Toddlers1. Playskool Musical Activity Ball and Gear CenterWhirling, twirling, musical fun is on the way with this exciting MUSICAL GEAR CENTER set!Your little one can push this button to activate the music and motion that will keep both hiseyes and ears engaged. As he drops the ball onto the track, hell watch with delight as it fallsdown the tube and then spins at the bottom. Hell love spinning the gears on the side to turnthe friendly face around and around--and when he gets older, you can remove the gears so hecan stack them and take his fun to "new heights"! The active play, twirling fun and happymusic just goes on and on!Features: • Exciting and engaging ball-drop and turning gear set lets baby activate the action to get the balls rolling, gears twirling and music playing. • Gears can be removed for stacking fun as baby grows older! • Balls fit other EXPLORE N GROW ball sets. Gears fit other EXPLORE N GROW gears sets. Each sold separately. • Set includes activity center base, ball arch, two balls, five gears and instructions.Whats in the BoxSet includes activity center base, ball arch, two balls, five gears and instructions.
  4. 4. Customer Reviews:“Overall, this toy is pretty fun for a baby. Ive played with my friends 14 month-old with thistoy and it kept her occupied for a good 15 minutes. She had a lot of fun figuring out where toput the balls and got excited anticipating them to pop out; also she had fun taking the gearsoff and putting them back on and turning them. The balls are large enough that she cant fitthem in her mouth and theres a little slot for the balls to stay in when youre not using them(so they dont get lost). Its pretty sturdy as she was being a bit rough with it and didnt fallapart. The music is not totally annoying, so thats a plus too. ““Durable and easy to assemble are the highlights of this Playskool toy. Otherwise, its had its 5minutes of fame in our home, and likely will be stashed away while my young sons play withother toys they find more amusing. My boys are 8 months and 2 years old. The 2 year old likesto run around with the balls best, and finds the rest of toy less than engaging. My 8 month oldhas been amused with the music playing, and may become interested in turning the gears--that is if the toy even still interests him in the near future. The gears turn well and they stackeasily, but they dont DO anything. Turning the gears doesnt make the music turn on, ormake the balls drop. The balls must be manually dropped down, and all they do is drop. Whenthey drop, they dont cause the music to turn on, either. Only pushing down the red smileyface on the right corner makes the music go. If pushed far enough down, the gears will alsoturn. If the gears played more of a role in causing the music to play or the balls to roll, Iprobably would have rated this toy better. As it is, the elements are not related to each other atall. “2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learn & Move Music StationGet baby moving, playing and learning with so much variety—and so much fun. The Learnand Move Music Station easily connects to your TV, with five interactive worlds to discover ontwo levels. Baby can press the colorful piano keys or move the monkey, puppy and kitty to
  5. 5. explore plenty of active learning. C’mon, let’s play. Teaches: Letters, A - Z, numbers, counting,colors, shapes, opposites, animals, first words, greetings, body parts, music and more.Requires 3 AA and 3 C batteries, not included.Customer Reviews:“We took this toy out of the box and had it up and running in five minutes. Our intention was for our 11month son to practice standing, but also have something lean on if needed. He loves our real piano, sowe thought it would be perfect.It is solidly built, and has great sound when used in stand-alone mode. Keeps my little guy interestedfor quite a while. The tv interaction has very smooth and almost un-noticeable transitions. For examplethe color keys will change the background color of the screen, while the animation stays the same.However, my 3 year old daughter noticed immediately how the keys changed the colors, and she couldchange the animations using the trumpet slide or guitar roller to make slight changes in the animationsand music. I had a hard time keeping her away from it so that my son could use it!I had to put some strips of velcro on the rear legs, because when used in the upright settiing, it tends toslide all over the floor and my little guy would topple over. It surprises me that they diddnt think ofthis. After that slight modification it has worked hours without any incident. ““We love this toy! Have not had any problems with it. After reading reviews, we expected lag timewhen connected to the TV but did not experience that. We consider the TV connection a "bonus" thatwe will use when our daughter gets older- playing with the toy "as is" is plenty to entertain her for now(she is 8 months, I know a little young for this, but we thought it looked so fun- and we like that it cangrow with her and she can use it when she is able to stand). Overall, she loves to play with it and welike the music and activities it provides. The price was a little high, but when you consider that it willlast for many months, I think its worth it. “3. LEGO Duplo Learning
  6. 6. This Lego set brings the same top quality fun that all other Lego products have done in thepast. Perfect for ages 2+. Overall its a nice set with a lot of pieces, but it all depends on whatyoure wanting to do with Legos.This set is great for novelty pieces, like the double-decker four peg pieces which each have anumber or corresponding number of items. They would be great fun for playing little numbergames with. This set also contains one cute little person who can be made to attach standing,or laying, or sitting on any Lego piece, and his pal, a dalmation dog. There is a single window,and a little standard Lego car. The white fence is a great novelty piece too.For anyone new to Legos, or who is balking at the $25 price tag, I think it is worth mentioningthat the ABS plastic used by Lego is quite safe and durable, and that many basic Lego bricksare still manufactured in European countries, which is pretty outstanding when you considerhow big the company is.I wouldnt pass up this set. The possibility for games with numbers is cool, the novel pieces arenice, and there are a few basics like the car.Customer Reviews:“I originally got my son the duplo box of 71. We had fun, but it was hard to make more thanone thing at a time and hard to make a good house.This set was the perfect compliment to it and filled up the rest of the 71 box.I love the pictures and numbers and so does my son.The cute additions (dog, flowers, fence, window, boy) are great for imaginative play, and itsnice to have an extra train car to hook up to the other one from the 71 box. ““when i purchased this lego for my almost 2 years old baby, i didnt think it would be this nice. thepieces are big enough for his age, and he loves the little dog and man, and the car, which is nice to findall in one box. It has great educational potential, since it allows to match the numbers with theircorrespondent amount of little fun figures. Colors are great, it looks pretty durable, and i hope my littleone will enjoy it for a long time. “4. Fisher-Price Lil Zoomers Spinnin Sounds Speedway
  7. 7. Ready, set, spin. Baby will love the put-and-take fun of placing two cool race cars on the ramp.They roll down and around on the swirling, light-up raceway, then, surprise. The spinningaction sends each car out to the exit ramp and under the spinning flag. Or baby can pull thegearshift to start the fun. Zooming speedway sounds, lively music and five flashing lightsramp up the excitement, with a winner every time.This toy includes a race car setting. Its fun and interactive for your toddler. The agerecommendation is 6 months to 3 years.Customer Review:“I bought this on a whim for my 5-month old newphew. It was easy to put together - after we got it outof the box - and soon we were up and running. The first few times he just sat back and took it in, butonce he figured out what was going on, he couldnt get enough. In fact, when the cars would stopspinning and come out the other side, he would cry until another one got started. Hes played with itseveral times in the last week or so and gets just as excited. “5. LeapFrog My Own LeaptopThe Leaptop takes the spirit of a real laptop computer and infuses it with an appealing, kid-friendly design. This durable and organically-shaped plastic case opens like a laptop. TheLeaptops lightweight and convenient handle makes it a travel-friendly toy.Above the large alphabet pad, youll find the E-mail, Music Playlist, and Blog functionbuttons. Around the LED screen, youll see computer-like icons displaying all of the Leaptopsinteractive features. Kids will love switching between the Animal, Music, and Alphabet modes,which are accessed with the moveable mouse switch.Each Leaptop has one of two puppy hosts, Violet or Scout. Depending on which Leaptopversion you buy, one of these adorable puppies will accompany your child through all of theactivities. Kids will even have access to Violet or Scouts personal blog by pressing the Blogbutton.
  8. 8. An Introduction to Letters, Animals, Music, and MoreThe Leaptops three play modes and three function buttons will help your child learn thebasics while having fun. Alphabet mode teaches letters and phonics; Music mode turns thealphabet pad into a music sampling machine, so your child can contribute musical animalnoises and funny audio effects to songs; and Animal mode teaches kids to identify animalsand their sounds.The Email, Music Playlist, and Blog functions help children build vocabulary, and practicelistening and reading skills. And theyll enjoy receiving emails and singing along withLeaptops preset and downloadable songs. With the Leaptop, youll be confident that yourchild is exposed to activities that help develop essential skills.Personalize the Leaptop OnlineYoull want to personalize your childs Leaptop by connecting it to your computer with theincluded USB cable. After connecting to the Leapfrog Web site, you can create a parentaccount that allows you to customize this toy laptop by creating a profile for your child.Youll also be able to select songs for the Music Playlist and set up personalized emails fromScout or Violet and other friends and relatives in your childs life. Additional Scout and Violetdownloads are available for purchase, and printable coloring sheets are available for free.Customer Reviews:“I have three boys, ages 3,5, and 6. They are all in various stages of learning to read...they all enjoythis, but my three year old cannot get enough of it. He jealously guards it, keeping it away from theother two kids, and he arried it around with him...he has learned his alphabet, and now he is learningthe sounds the alphabet makes. I thought this would be an OK toy at best, but it has been a hugesuccess story in my much so, that I had to order two more so that hte other boys would havea chance to play with it as well! Even my 6 year old really likes it. Another good product from leapfrog. Im not sure how long this will last though, and Im worried that my very rough boys will break it.We have had it about 3 weeks or so and it has survived, but I worry about the screen. Anyway, greattoy, inexpensive enough that I will probably even buy another one if it does break! THat is how muchmy boys like it. ““We got the leaptop for my 20 month old after finding that most of the other toy laptops werefor older toddlers and had a possible choking hazard. This is just right for my son. He had notrouble figuring it out and really loves the music. My only wish is that there was a selection fornumbers, but otherwise this is a great toy for young toddlers who like music and letters. “
  9. 9. Top 5 Toys For Preschoolers1. Fisher-Price Disneys Dance Star MickeyNow kids can get up and dance as their fun-loving pal Mickey Mouse comes to life right beforetheir eyes. The new, innovative Dance Star Mickey walks, talks, and dances his way into kidshearts, topping off his skills with an "out of this world" grand finale to one of his signaturedances. With one press of Mickeys foot, Dance Star Mickey comes to life for a fun interactiveexperience that encourages kids to get up, get active and dance. Grooving to six differentsongs with styles including, disco, Latin techno, and the Moonwalk, Dance Star Mickey is alsopacked with interactive games that will have children and parents laughing and dancingalong.Customer Reviews:“Dance Star Mickey is simply the must own toy for the holiday season in 2010. If you have the moneyor if you love Mickey Mouse, you will not find a better toy. Its so worth it. The motion is absolutelybreath taking. There are six different dances including a cool moonwalk and 2 interactive games calledFreeze and Mickey Says. My favorite part: When Mickey talks and sings his mouth opens and closeswith each word. Its completely in-synch. Im not afraid to admit it but Mickey has cooler moves thanme. The folks at Fisher-Price have outdone themselves.The only problem with it is that it is powered by batteries but these are included. If your Mickey stopsin the middle of the song, his batteries probably ran out. Ive found to conserve the battery its best toswitch Mickey off with the switch located under his foot when done playing. Also the moonwalk worksbest on a hard slippery floor. He actually does slide smoothly across the floor thanks to the wheelsunderneath the toys feet.There is no way to describe how amazing this toy is until you see it for yourself. No matter what yourage Dance Star Mickey will make you smile. Even after reading how amazing it was, it still blew me
  10. 10. away. Very few products do that. “2. Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning SystemIntuitive and Kid-Friendly TechnologyMade of rugged plastic that will survive all kinds of crazy play, the iXL is similar to popularhand-held game players, but is designed for the use of younger children. The device opens likea book to reveal an LCD touch screen that displays all the action. Your kid will navigatethrough the activities by touching the tethered stylus to the screen.The iXL is extremely intuitive and uncomplicated. The stylus has a holster and is tethered to the deviceby a sturdy nylon string, so your child will never lose it. Opposite the screen is a speaker with volumecontrol, an Action button that allows you to make choices in certain modes, and a Home button thatreturns you to the Main Menu whenever you wish.Easy Set UpTo turn the piece on, you or your child will simply press the Power button positioned on the side of thedevice. All elements of interaction--from the generous buttons and stylus, to the iXLs hearty casing--are practical for childrens use.After unpacking the iXL, youll get it ready for play by inserting four AA batteries then completing aquick calibration of the touch screen. Youll want to install the software for this toy via theaccompanying CD-ROM to access additional features, software updates, and customizations.Additional iXL features include an SD slot for memory expansion, built-in memory of up to 150 MB,and a standard headphone jack for those long car rides or flights.An Interactive Learning ExperienceThe iXL will keep curious kids busy, entertained, and learning with its six preloaded activities. Yourchild will practice reading and comprehension with the Digital Reader, which includes an interactive15-page story available in either the reading or interacting mode. For kids who love action, the GamePlayer features a three-level arcade game that promotes counting and learning about sequences andnumbers.
  11. 11. Future young writers can practice the alphabet and their penmanship in the Notepad mode, while youngartists will flex their creativity with the Art Studios digital tools. The iXL includes an MP3 Player withfive preloaded kids songs and a Photo Viewer with three sample images that can be embellished andmanipulated.Software Downloads Expand FeaturesYoull get the most from the iXL by loading the software onto your PC and attaching the device to yourcomputer with the accompanying USB cable. Although with high-speed cable internet software maytake up to 30 minutes to download, once you completed this you can transfer files to increase playingoptions, including additional software for purchase that will add new stories and games for your childto play.Navigating the software is simple and intuitive. You can create up to five profiles for the iXL, so thisdevice can be enjoyed by the whole family. Add images or music files to the library and transfer themto the iXL. The software also gives you access to other fun and free extras, such as printable activitysheets for your child or the whole family, craft and party ideas, and other activity suggestionscategorized by age.Customer Reviews:“Pluses: My 4 year old son was immediately engrossed with this toy and was able to use it very littleassistance; we now limit his time on this device so hell do other activities. This is a good learning toolfor younger children. Various themes are offered: counting, spelling, music, and coloring (can selectfrom a palette of 16 colors); it does offer diverse entertainment. It should be ideal for a long car orairplane trip (small size is good). Family photographs can be downloaded and then drawn upon. Thereare up to 6 user accounts for different youngsters that can be created, but I do not consider this as a toythat can be easily shared; other than there are games for two players.Minuses: 1) Children learn fast and its hard to believe any educational software suited for a 3/4 year oldis going to challenge a 6/7 year old (which is the upper age range). The current software availableseems good for about 3-5 year olds. The included software only has counting up to 20; video game upto only 10; the reading and vocabulary are little more advanced. There are other CD titles released, butIm unsure that these really address the educational level for older children. 2) The transfer speed todown load optional software titles from a CD is very slow. It took about 30 minutes to download theBatman CD; this is about 30 minutes for 42MB of data. Im guessing a 256MB flash memory that isabout 10 years old is being employed in this unit. You just need to be patient when downloading anyitems (CD, photos, music). 3) The screen space for writing words is small; children are asked to writetheir name on the screen, but names longer than 4 letters need to be crammed into the space allotted.The major intent is to trace a single letter or number and then, in this scenario, the writing space isadequate.Other Info: As noted above the unit most likely has a 256MB flash memory installed; initially about65MB is used (this includes the monkey: games, book, spelling, numbers, etc.) and about 160MB isfree. So you should be able to add 4 games ($$$), but most likely not 5 ... especially if you havedownloaded some music and/or photos into the unit. The unit seems a little heavy after loaded withbatteries (not included) ... so smaller hands may have a harder time grasping and not dropping this toy(it does appear to be durable). “
  12. 12. 3. Playmobil My Take Along Puppet TheaterThis fun play along station is perfect for the puppet shows and story telling. Action figures,dolls, and character puppets all work great with the Playmobil scene.Customer Review:“I purchased this take along for my 4.5 year old for Christmas. I couldnt find any reviews but I couldntresist when I saw it at the kids toy store. The other playmobil sets seemed to have too many smallpieces. My son has been pleased with it. He spent some time playing with the little figures. Very nicedetails. It doesnt have too many small pieces. Just the right amount. This is a great way to introducechildren to theater/performance...etc. Also, the story included on the playmobil website is very helpful.It can be downloaded from their website...The only thing is that the little musical device doesnt have a great sound quality, but that couldnt havebeen from the batteries I have placed.Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone age 4 and up. The take along feature is a plus. Myson loved the idea of having it as a "suitcase".
  13. 13. 4. The Sing-A-Ma-JigsYour kids wont be able to resist the Sing-A-Ma-Jig, a whimsical and unique creature thatloves to sing in its own jibber-jabber language. Alone, Sing-A-Ma-Jigs sing their favorite songsand notes, but in groups, they can interact and harmonize perfectly. Kids 36 months to 6 yearsold will be delighted to see these quirky creatures mouths opening wide for each note.A Whimsical Singing CreatureEach spirited and well-made Sing-A-Ma-Jig is constructed with thick, soft fabric and comes ina colorful print T-shirt with a Velcro tab that makes changing easy. Kids will love thesecreatures fun and cuddly shape and will be eager to collect these otherworldly singers.Each creature has its own unique colors, ear shape, and singing pitch. The Sing-A-Ma-Jigsmouth, which opens wide whenever it sings, is as entertaining as its singing. Your kids will bedelighted to see the little teeth and tongue inside the moveable mouth.Customer Reviews:“I wanted not to like these things, because theyre weird looking, but I find myself playing with themevery chance I get. Each differently colored animal, when you squeeze them emits an "Ohhhh" soundof a different pitch. Together, they harmonize. Each time you squeeze them, there is a different notesounded. You really need more than one to get the fun effect. I was thinking these would be perfect forgrandparents to give to sets of grandchildren (or nieces/nephews/siblings/whatever) so they could beplayed with together. They dont do anything else, but what they DO is really fun. Im not sure why.Youll be disappointed with just one, though, because you cant hear the harmony. ““Im not even a little kid and I find these toys so adorable. I got this hot pink toy at CVSyesterday. My mom, my sister and I were going to go see a movie, and we stopped at CVS realquick. Id seen the Sing-A-Mi-Jig on TV and I tried squeezing its belly. So cute! Soon each ofus had a toy in our hands and we were harmonizing in the middle of the aile. If you squeezeits hand twice then press its belly itll sing. This one sings A Tiskit A Tasket. Took me a fewminutes to find out what song it was. Each one sings only one song, but I know that one will
  14. 14. sing Oh Hes A Jolly Good Fellow, and another one Its Raining Its Pouring.So much fun! “5. Tonka Chucks Stunt ParkZip, zoom, turn and even flip-- perform all kinds of stunts with your CHUCK THE DUMPTRUCK vehicle and this fun electronic play set. Press the TONKA plate to activate yourvehicles motor and send him racing down the mountain to do his flip flop stunt or set him upfor his daring two-wheeled hanging stunt. Turn the handle to raise the scoop and help Chuckget to the next level. This little daredevil just loves to show off with you. Vehicle can drive onor off the track. So bring him with you to sit down and read from his storybook and plan yournext big daring feat! Playset requires 2 "AA" batteries (included). Vehicle requires 2 "AA"batteries (NOT included). Works with other Power Playard systems like Boomers FlippinFire Rescue, Rowdys Trash Crash, and Handys Hangtime Bridge. Other sets sold separately.Age 3+Customer Reviews:“My little boy loves this sooooo much! So much going on, with hidden surprises and challenges. And,he REALLY loves even more now that he sees Tonka Chuck the Truck on his new TV show (HUB -Discovery Kids). He can now reenact scenes from the show. He loves to watch Chuck motorize throughall the different ramps and obstacles, and he can customize the he can get creative. My sonfreaked when he opened this gift! ““I just had to review this toy. It is very cute and actually takes some thinking ahead for thelittle one to make sure the track is in the right place before the Chuck dump truck comesalong. IF the track is not in the right place Chuck the dump truck will just keep on movingstraight and off course. This takes some practice for a little one to figure out, but he/she willget that the track has to be lined up right (the yellow loose track pieces that is). Anyway, I hadto review this because the stunt ramp comes with batteries so the kids hear a noise when theblue ramp is lifted... but... the entire Stunt Park will not work unless you have 2 AA batteriesfor the Chuck the dump truck. So, I would hate for anyone to put this toy together and think it
  15. 15. will work since they give you batteries for the un-needed ramp part and not the very neededdump truck. It is really a neat toy. I could not give 5 stars just because of the battery thing...seems a bit dishonest to have batteries for the ramp so you think you have all that is neededbut then notice 2 AA are needed to get the thing to operate at all. So, I wanted to give a headsup! True, all you would have to do is read the box and see you need 2 AA... but still. “ Top 5 Toys For Boys1. Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel ATake to the skies and record videos from a bird’s eye view with the Air Hogs Hawk Eye radiocontrol video camera helicopter. This silver helicopter is a great way to play spy and record upto five minutes of video or hundreds of pictures.Customer Reviews:“Indestructible?!?! This thing went IN my pool and completely submerged, while running. The rotorwas actually running under-water. I took it out, turned it off, let it try for about 12 hours and it cameright back to life! If anything its flying better now! This is a tough little device. Ive crash landed itabout 15 times and it is still fine. 5 Stars for surviving the water.... come on!!!The downsides to this type of R/C Heli are well known: IR control has known issues, 4 "axis"directional control is limiting and makes it hard to get the heli to do "exactly" what you want.. basicallyyou can not control forward/backward motion in this type of Heli.You can control it fairly well if you trim it (often) and learn how it likes to fly. Id say its morecontrollable than the Havocs Ive tried but similar overall.Its a fun toy. It flys and takes pictures and video all via remote control. The fact that this thing sells foraround 50 bucks is pretty amazing. Im sure a $500 or $5000 version would be really incredible but
  16. 16. then I wouldnt be buying/flying it so Im pretty happy overall. ““My experience has been very good! I bought mine at Target. It does take a long time to charge, about40-45 minutes, but then I get about 10 minutes flight time with no crashes without running the Camera.Folks should take note, taking pictures or running the video camera will shorten the battery life, somake sure you dont accidently turn it on. I have crashed and crashed and crashed this thing. It is still inthe same shape it was when I pulled it out of the box. In my opinion, it is better and a lot easier to flythan the other models, e.g. The Jackal. I have already recommended this to my friends for their kidsChristmas gift.Another note folks should know about, the chopper itsself uses a USB cord to charge it, so you need aLaptop, PC, Play Station, X-Box or simliar USB compatiable divice available to charge it. “2. Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Batmobile TumblerMiniature RC Racing Car Folds into the Transmitter/Carrying CaseThe innovative foldable design of this RC racing car is the first of its kind. Kids will lovecarrying this pocket-sized car around, and youll appreciate how simple it is to store andmaintain.Modeled after the Batmobile, this car features a transformation button on the rear window. When thebutton is pushed, the vehicles sides fold down, allowing you to slip the car into the slim carryingcompartment which doubles as the transmitter.While youre removing the car from the case press the transformation button and this speedy racer willspring back into shape. The transmitters two buttons allow for intuitive, multi-directional movement.A Lightning-Fast RC Racer for Indoor PlayThe foldable RC Stealth Rides Racing Car features incredible, agile movement. It performs bestindoors on hard surfaces, where its protected from direct sun. This RC racer has a shorter driving rangethan other RC vehicles, so tell kids to stay close to their cars while they play.
  17. 17. Kids will love getting together and racing their RC Stealth Rides vehicles. Much like a TV remote, thisRC vehicle relies on infrared signals to operate, so playing with two vehicles simultaneously requiresthat they be set to different channels. Setting up a race between two cars is easy--check the backside ofthe transmitters and cars, and switch one set to channel three, and the other to channel four.If the car and transmitter remain idle, the power will automatically shut off. Teach kids to set thechannels to zero after theyre finished with the big race.Whats in the BoxRC Stealth Rides Racing Car with AG13 (LF44) batteries, three extra AG13 (LF44) batteries, andinstructions.Customer Reviews:“Item arrived within delivery window and in good condition. It appears very close in detail to themovie vehicle. It requires channel selection on the case/remote and vehicle itself, with an on/off switch.Once it is turned on and placed on a flat surface, it is actually faster than it appears. The kids love thisitem. In terms of its durability, remember that it does "fold" flat when pressed on the top "vertex" abovethe cockpit and requires a bit of force to get it to lock in place. Once locked in "flat" position, itactually retains that shape until you press the release button. The controls take some getting used to interms of turning left or right but other than that it is a nice pocket replica of the movie vehicle and greatfor table top obstacle courses or racing. We are happy with the purchase. ““My son loves this toy, so much so, his brother had to go out to buy one with Christmas money... “3. Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECSFully-Automatic Blasting PowerThe fully automated Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS has the ability to launch an astoundingthree darts per second. Your child can either squeeze the trigger once to let a single dart fly, orhold the trigger down and have the Stampede launch Nerf darts in rapid-fire succession. Withthree extended 18-dart clips, a quick-reload 6-dart clip, and 60 Clip System darts, the
  18. 18. Stampede is ready to reload and keep the foam flying.Pop-Out Bipod and Blast Shield Fire Up the FunThe Stampedes accessories can be configured for all kinds of action adventures. Kids can bunker downfor an ambush with the pop-out bipod. Simply snap on the bipod to support the barrel, hold the target inthe pin sight, then take a shot.The Stampede boasts a 30-foot firing range, so the backyard or basement can be covered in soft Nerfdarts in no time. When the battle heats up, the Stampedes blast shield attaches quickly to fend offreturn "fire".Designed for Realistic, Active PlayWeighing nearly 5 pounds and built of thick, durable plastic, the Stampede has the heft of a genuinearticle. Nevertheless, its easy to hold and operate--even in the heat of battle--thanks to the triggerhandle and two additional carrying handles integrated into the Stampedes stock.Whats in the BoxThe N-Strike Stampede blaster with pop-out bipod and blast shield, three extended 18-round clips,quick-reload 6-dart clip, 60 Clip System darts, and directions.Customer Reviews:“I obtained this gun for my son. However, I am 50-years-old and even I think this thing is cool. My 13-year-old son thinks it is really, freaking cool. His 11-year-old sister does not think it is quite as cool forsome odd reason...hmmm.Anyway, my son has several Nerf guns. This one definitely has a higher rate of fire power than anyother he has. He also has a Nerf gun called a "long-shot" (or some such thing). The long-shot can shoota bit farther than this gun, but you have to pump it every time you shoot. So, in an outside battle whendistances are greater, the long-shot pump may have a slight advantage. But inside, or in any shorterdistance battle, the Stampede will be the gun of choice.Really, this thing is a lot of fun. My son and his 6-year-old sister are playing with it right now. Thereare dozens of Nerf darts laying around all over the living room. The 6-year-old has poor aim, so thiscauses all sorts of mayhem.But fun is fun, and they are having plenty of fun. It is amazing how quickly they can fire 60 darts allover the place.The only downside to this gun is it uses batteries, so every once in a while I will have to replace the sixD-cells (which do not come with the gun). So this adds some cost. Also, the original buying cost ishigher than other Nerf guns. But it does have 4 magazines and 60 darts included. So that adds somevalue. And watching my kids play with this thing makes it appear that if you figure the cost per hour oftime played with the gun, the cost will end up being fairly low. The gun also seems to be well built andsturdy.In any case, it is very fun and worth having for kids that like Nerf guns...or for the dads that battle it outwith kids. “
  19. 19. 4. Real Construction Deluxe Tool WorkshopThe Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set makes a great gift with over 120 pieces of tools, nails,screws and kid wood. With real sawing, cutting and nailing build anything you can imagine, oruse the included project book. Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set includes: Includes Saw,Hammer, Screw Driver, Hole Borer, Small Detail Saw, Nails, Screws and Multiple Pieces ofKid Wood.Customer Reviews:“This is a great toy. My son got it for his eighth birthday and he has enjoyed it so far. However, itdoesnt really come with an instruction manual. Instead there is a book that shows pictures of what thepieces look like. You have to guess the sizes of the pieces and how to cut them. If you just want to cutthe wood its great, but if you actually want to make something, good luck. ““Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set" is a charming junior carpentry set that includeseverything you would expect to find with this kind of toy, including a saw, hammer, screwdriver, hole borer, small detail saw, nails, screws, and assorted planks of "Kid Wood"(basically a type of plastic Styrofoam). The kid-friendly plastic tools are able to cut andmanipulate the "kid wood" just as real tools would with real wood.With a little effort, your child will be able to build his own toys, furniture, accessories, etc. Igave this to my 6 year old nephew a week ago, and he loves it, having already built a truck, aplane, a box, among other things. When the wood runs out (and it will), you can always ordermore bundled refill packs (sold right here on its true that a more descriptive manual would have been nice, the included "projectmanual" has enough ideas to get kids started. In fact, after an initial glance at the book, mynephew has barely used the manual, except for some occasional quick inspiration as to whatto build next.
  20. 20. Also, keep in mind that this toy is definitely not geared towards the average child under six,and not just due to the small pieces (or lack of detailed instructions); while a five-year-oldmay seem close in age to a six-year-old chronologically, on average there is a fairly bigcognitive difference between the two age sets. In other words, when compared with a six-year-old, the average five-year-old will have a far more difficult time conceptualizing, organizingand building the more complex structures that this toy set is capable of.In all, this is a great toy set, one that encourages and challenges a childs creative thinking andother cognitive skills in a way that is sadly lacking in todays Disney-fied era of prefabricatedtoy merchandising. Only the lack of a more detailed set of instructions holds this toy backfrom a five-star review... but if my six-year-old nephew can overcome that obstacle, thenchances are so can yours. Highly recommended. “5. Spy Net: Secret Mission Video WatchThe ultimate spy tool, packed with high tech spy features. Includes: real working video cameraand microphone to record video, audio and even photos; full color 1.4" TFT screen to watchrecorded videos and live playback; onboard memory to store your evidence and files; uploadand download video missions from Rechargeable battery and USB cable,included. Ages 8+.Customer Review:“Let me say this is one amazing product. I at first thought it was just some high tech watch that perhapsdid a few things extra but was I ever wrong. This watch is amazing.Here are some of the features I found right off:It takes photos, both in real time or you can use the time elapse featureIt has a lie detector built in, we used this feature right away and it was really fun
  21. 21. It is a video camera and you can take video or record voice without anyone knowing itIt has a full screen, easy to see and easy to operateIt tells time in many different time zonesIt can be connected to your computer by USB and you can download missionsIt has a built in voice changer that is a lot of fun to useIt also has several add on features that can be purchased separately that we plan to look into in thefutureAnd that my friend is just the beginning of this wonderful watch.My granddaughter and I had a blast with it for several hours. We recorded everyone, took pictures,videoed, it was great fun. We than decided we wanted to download a mission. Understand, you do nothave to download missions or interact with the website to enjoy this product. Its totally up to you . Ifyou decide to download missions it will probably require adult help and/ or someone familiar withcomputers. I am well versed with computers and I still had to call customer service for a couple ofquick solutions. I was delighted when a real person answered the phone(with no waiting)! She was verycourteous and knowledgeable. Within a few minutes we were back on track and completing our firstmission. The missions are clear good quality videos with easy to follow instructions.I have not had it long enough to tell you how durable it is, however it appears to be very well made.I am very impressed with this product, it is definitely top-notch in fun and entertainment. My 11 yearold granddaughter used the product with ease and loves it. Of course understand Grandmas can havejust as much fun with it as well, and I am living proof of that. Amazing product, well worth yourmoney. Enjoy! “
  22. 22. Top 5 Toys For Girls1. Barbie Video Girl DollA Real Working Camera and Stylish Barbie in OneWith Video Girl Barbie, your child can play filmmaker by shooting real videos. Barbiesnecklace features a camera lens that shoots from her point of view. You can watch therecordings in real time and play them back on the color LCD screen thats convenientlylocated on her back.Barbies controls allow up to 25 minutes of recording at a time. You can scroll through your clips anddelete what you dont want to use. With the USB cable, you can even transfer clips to your computer.Barbies playback mode doesnt include audio, but youll be able to see and hear the clips when youtransfer them to your computer.Barbie comes out of the box in denim jeans, a trendy print hoodie with shimmery pink fabric, andmatching pink ankle boots. You can hold her while youre recording, or use her jointed knees, elbows,and hands to pose and point her toward your film set. Whether shes documenting her birthday party orfilming a dramatic epic starring her favorite Barbie dolls, your child will love the creative possibilitiesof Video Girl Barbie Doll.Video Girl Editing Software Includes Fun, Preloaded ExtrasPlug Barbie into your Windows machine with the USB cable and download the free exclusive editingsoftware that allows you to turn your clips into movies with music, sound effects, graphics, andtransitions. The software comes preloaded with soundtrack music that fits most any genre--fromromance and action, to comedy and drama. Kids will love integrating the Barbie-themed transitions,opening screens, and closing credits screens into their films.With Video Girl editing software, you can even connect Barbie to your computer for live video display.The software is intuitive and easy to use, but younger children may need help learning the tools. Afteryour child is done editing her film, she can save the file and share it with her friends.
  23. 23. Whats in the BoxVideo Girl Barbie Doll with video camera inside, USB cable, instruction manual.Customer Reviews:“We purchased this for our daughters 7th birthday. She loves it! The video quality is surprisingly goodfor something that fits inside a Barbie doll! The audio isnt bad either. You do need quite a bit of lightfor recording, but we were able to record things inside the house with light just from open blinds. Theediting software is a little tricky to figure out, but I was able to "produce" a 2 minute video with intros,transitions, sounds, and credits in about 30 minutes. I dont have any prior experience with editingsoftware, and Im sure it will get much quicker now that Ive figured out how to do it. I dont think mydaughter will be able to edit any videos herself, but I would rather help her anyway. Overall, I think thisis a great product, and I would definitely recommend others buy this if they are thinking about it. ““Im not sure other reviewers appreciate how brilliant this is. Its a working video camera that shootsvideo akin to the quality youd find from high end digital cameras a few years ago, all from a tinycamera embedded in a Barbie dolls chest!The potential is fantastic, tapping into a new way for children to tell their stories and engage inimaginary play. Imagine getting a Barbies Eye View of her dream house or her date with Ken. It addsanother layer of possibilities to make these playworlds come alive for those participating in them.Some reviewers are concerned, but I wonder if theyre the same reviewers who would just as easilygive their pre-teen or young teenage children phones with working video cameras. Its just as difficultto tell what theyre doing with those phones and who theyre sharing photos and videos with. Thatdoesnt mean these devices should be banned. It means parents and caretakers need to teach theirchildren whats appropriate. Little girls could set Barbies hair on fire too, but most parents would saytheyve instilled enough of a sense of right and wrong in their kids to make sure that doesnt happen.As for educational value, its tremendous. Children - boys and girls alike - need to have a workingfamiliarity with technology today. Transferring videos with the hot pink (hot pink!) USB cable is fairlyeasy, but also takes a bit of technological prowess. It takes a little more learning to figure out how toupload such videos to YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else. You can do this with Barbies software, orwith other programs like Picasa (that works great for me). There are some drawbacks, such as soundquality that is subpar to the video quality and battery casing that requires a screwdriver, but still, this isa $45 toy and video camera hybrid, so its impressive for what it is.All in all, Im impressed with the new direction toys are heading in. Im sure its scary for those whosemost sophisticated toy growing up was a Slinky. In her own way though, Barbie Video Girl will inspireyoung girls and empower them to embrace technology, learn from it, and expand their storytellinghorizons. “
  24. 24. 2. FurReal GoGo My Walkin PupLooks, Barks, and Pants Like the Real ThingModeled after a Bichon Frise dog, GoGo is soft to the touch and proportioned close to the realthing. Her ears have a crinkle-style texture and closely resemble a Bichons after a trip to thegroomer. In other words, GoGo is a cutie.Pet GoGo on the head and she will bark with enthusiasm. Pet her on the side, and shell turn to meetyou. GoGos tail wags and she gives off a high-pitched bark. Her head tilts, raises and lowers, and herbody wiggles.Her actions are startlingly life-like, so much so that while our testers were taking a break from playingwith her, GoGo stood before the lunch counter, barking and panting as if she wanted a treat like anyreal dog would. She even sheds, so beware!Remote-Controlled Dog Wants to Go, Go, Go!GoGo is aptly named. With the big-buttoned remote control that doubles as a leash and fits comfortablyin a young childs hand, you can turn on the pup and shes raring to go. Set her to "try" mode, andGoGo will respond to sound or motion--shell also bark, but she wont move. Set GoGo to "on" mode,and she practically tugs at her leash to go for a walk.The leash controls GoGos movements. Press the forward arrow, and she walks at a kids pace; press theleft and right arrow buttons, and she negotiates corners. Once GoGo starts moving, she doesnt want tocome back. Dont worry, though--her motor is not too strong, so kids can easily rein her in when itstime to go home.Even while in the "on" mode, GoGo remains both sound and motion activated, so any activity on yourwalk will make her respond like a real pet. Be careful--if you cough or sneeze in GoGos presence, shecould take off on her own!Built to Walk on Smooth, Dry SurfacesGoGo is designed with four rubber wheels--one beneath each paw--that are hidden by fur. Each of thefront wheels rotates on a cam lobe, and GoGos knees are jointed, so her front legs appear to bend as ifshes extending her forepaws to walk.
  25. 25. Customer Reviews:“GoGo the walking pup is cute and is quite a bit of fun. It responds to being pet in a way that makesyou want to pet it more. We have seen some people react to it as if it was a real dog, trying to call himand rubbing him on his neck. If you ignore GoGo it will whine for attention but then go to sleep after alittle while. If you move near one of its sensors it will wake up and bark for attention. My son, who isautistic, enjoys playing with him and petting him and even trying to feed him. He has been a littlerough with GoGo and GoGo has endured the abuse without any problems. I think the long termenjoyment of GoGo is probably limited because GoGo really can only do so much. But dont besurprised if you find yourself petting GoGo while he is sitting on your lap and youre watching TV. ““I looked on the product page before this arrived to see what kind of batteries it would need. Ididnt see any mention of this, so I was pleased it came with a set of batteries. It does require 4"C" batteries, if you want to have extras on hand.I was glad that my tester was here when this cute pup arrived. My grandson is 3years, 1month. The recommended age begins at 4. This is probably a pretty good recommendation.While a younger child will be interested, there are things they just wont be able to do. Forexample, for it to do a half-turn, you need to hold down the forward button at the same timeas either the left turn button or the right turn button. I also hope the leash controls are sturdybecause it has been dropped several times as well as being used to drag the dog.This dog wasnt just built for walking using the remote control. If you pet her on the head, shewill make excited noises while moving her head up and down and wagging her tail. There areeven sensors on the sides. This dog might even whine to beg you to pet a little longer! If youstop playing for about a minute, the dog will go into "daydreaming" mode and wont move ormake sounds. Activate any sensor and it will wake up. They recommend using the off positionfor the switch on the bottom to save on battery usage. While on the subject of sensors, the dogwill stop moving when you pick it up. If it wont move forward, you should check to see if the"pickup" switch is turned on. Its on the right rear wheel.I think my grandson is having a good time with this pup. He just "walked" it until its in frontof my dogs food and told it to eat! Hes really into imaginary play and this will add to that. Hewalks his dogs with his dad frequently. “
  26. 26. 3. Justin Bieber Singing DollsHome videos made him an online phenomenon, and now hes an international superstar!Justin Bieber dominates the charts and captures girls hearts with his catchy songs andsignature style. Now you can collect these JB figures featuring songs and outfits from his topmusic videos! Each figure plays a 30-second clip of the featured song and comes in an outfitJustin really wore in the video. Also includes a cool mini fan magazine for you!Customer Review:“This Justin Bieber doll is a very sturdy doll. I cant see anybody breaking theirs any time soon. Theclothes are made of cotton I think, but what was surprising is that the jeans are actually made of denim,and not some fake-feeling fabric. Justin has the following points of articulation: neck, shoulders,elbows, legs, knees, and feet. Foot articulation was kind of surprising, but Im really glad they includedit, as it allows him to be posed in some dancing poses. Only complaint here is that the sunglassesincluded look massive compared to his head, but still manage to look cool somehow. This is a greatdoll for fans, children, collectors, or people who just want the clothes. Also, I really love his jacket. Toget the doll off of demo mode, there is a switch underneath his right arm that has "On, Off, and Demo".Flick the switch to "On", and itll play 30 seconds of "Baby". “
  27. 27. 4. Monster High Draculaura DollMonster High Doll Draculaura with Count Fabulous Pet Bat Draculaura, is one of the coolestghouls in school with her trendy fashions, accessories and scary cute pet bat. And she has avery famous scary cool parents as well. Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula. Doll is fullyarticulated so she can be posed in many different ways. Includes 1 doll, pet bat, accessory,diary, brush, and doll stand.Customer Reviews:“Yes, they do have small parts, and yes they are fragile but its easy to put their hands, arms, whateverfalls off back in place... it snaps in. So dont let that stop you from getting these dolls. They arewonderful and fun and different and hey theyre supposed to be monsters so if a random arm orwhatever comes off its no big deal. It is easy to put back together again. ““I love this doll! I bought it for my daughter 2 days ago & she adores her. I am so glad someone hascome up with a doll for girls who are not into the pretty-princess thing. I plan to buy all Monster Highdolls etc.The doll box clearly states age 6+ for this doll,so dont give her to babies or wild-ones that will pull herapart. Our doll does not come apart easily. We had to pull HARD to detatch her hand. It snapped tightlyinto place,so dont worry about the dropsies stated in an earlier review. Super posibility makes thesedolls super fun for young imaginations. Give Monster High a chance. I dont think you will bedisappointed. “
  28. 28. 5. Blip Squinkies Cupcake Surprise BakeshopCome along to the world of squinkies where you will find a soft and squishy surprise! Watchthe gumball machine transform into a bake shop as you open the flaps on the side. Enjoycountless hours of fun playing in this cup cake surprise bake shop! Fill the cupcake with allyour favorite Squinkies. Then, insert your coins into the slot and turn the dial for a superSquinkie surprise.Customer Reviews:“Excellent, Excellent toy. My daughter loves it. She even carries some of the squinkies off to theshower with her. She likes the "tiny" factor of the toy. I would not recommend this for small childrenwho would put it in their mouthes; but its great for her age-range.Youre able to put the toy-filled balls into the cupcake top, put one of the toy coins in the slot, anddispense it like a gum-ball machine. It is really clever; and my daughter has played with it for hours-on-end.Even though it does not rank high on the educational value; it enables her to use her imagination.Great toy, and I would recommend it. ““Love this toy however I was very disapointed to see how much Amazon is charging for this as well asthe Gumball Surprise Playhouse. They are just under $20 at Walmart and Target. Yes, they sell quicklybut considering the price its worth waiting for. I believe Toys R US also sells both for just under $20. Ilove Amazon and buy a lot from them however this is disappointing. “
  29. 29. Top 5 Specialty Toys For 20111. Playmobil 5923 Figure Set Furnished School SetLearning is fun with the Playmobil School. This playset lets you use your imagination as youexplore the joys of education. Play the role of teacher or student as you explore the multi-levelbuilding. With plenty of room for different classrooms, you can learn about science, art andmore. The school comes furnished with a classroom, science room, art and music room and allthe accessories you need to explore these subjects. Adjust the time on the clock to keepeveryone on schedule or write on the chalkboard to illustrate your lessons. The set includes 10figures for a full classCustomer Reviews:“My 6 year-old daughter requested this from Santa. At first, I was concerned about the highcost of the toy but then she reminded me that "Santa doesnt buy them, he makes them!" so ofcourse, she found this set under the Christmas tree this year. My husband is still assembling itas I type - I would say that it takes about 2.5-3 hrs of assembly and your child will definitelyneed your assistance! I have to say that given its build quality, and number of figures andaccessories, it is a "great deal" when compared to LEGO or other Playmobil sets. The attentionto detail is impeccable- the globe spins and you can even write on the chalkboard and erase it.I am certain that it will provide hours and hours of creative play. The building itself is huge-you will not be able to put it on their bedside table so make sure you have room for them to setthis up in. But I "highly" recommend it ! ““I purchased this set for my 4 year old daughter for her birthday. She already had a smaller "take along"sized set that she really enjoyed. Her eyes lit up when she saw this full sized version. There are somany pieces (this can get a little hairy when it comes time to pick up!) and so many different ways forher to play. I forsee this toy providing many hours of enjoyment and imaginative play. “
  30. 30. 2. Hexbug Nano Habitat SetHexbug Nano Habitat Set. Reconfigurable set lets you create a variety of Nano homes. Gobuggy with Hexbug Nano--the micro-robotic creature that acts like a real bug! Habitat Setincludes 2 extremely rare Nanos and everything you need to make them a happy home: 4easy-connect curved pieces, 3 easy-connect straight pieces and 3 easy-connect hexagon pieces.Configure the pieces any way you like, then turn your Nanos loose to play! Real fun with realscience. Nanos may look like bugs, but theyre actually very cool little robots that use thephysics of vibration to propel themselves along and explore their environment. Learn aboutthe science of micro-robotics as you watch them run and skitter, flip over and pop back ontheir feet... all in their own special habitat, custom-made by you! 1"-long Nanos includebatteries. Assembled habitat is 17" w x 14" l x 2" h. Nanos use 1 AG13 button cell battery each(sold separately for $3). The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set from Brookstone is home-sweet-homefor Nanos! Order yours today. Warning: Choking hazard--small parts. Not for children under3 years.Customer Reviews:“We got this as a last minute gift for our sons 6th B-day. I was talked into it by another mother whowas there to purchase more "bugs" for her kids. She was right, this was an excellent toy for my son. Hespends lots of time setting it up and fighting the little bugs against his sisters. I would purchase thisagain. ““We bought the Hexbug Nano Habitat and two additional Hexbug Nanos for my 6 year old son forChristmas. We were looking for one last gift and the reviews of this product spurred us to make thepurchase. Four days after Christmas, and this is still the hit of the day. He has been building andrebuilding their habitat and watching them go, all while laughing and sliding around on the floor andnarrating their adventures. Hes even begun to try to find his own ways to expand their world. Thetrack, while appearing very simple, is actually fairly durable and can be connected in a variety ofdifferent ways. Even with a set of straight track for expansion, he can usually find a new way toconnect all of the pieces in just a few minutes entirely on his own.
  31. 31. Theyve also been amusing for the adults in the household to play with and watch. They appearincredibly sentient for something so simply constructed. You can even bet on which bug is the toughestor fastest or smartest and wait for them to run into each other going down one o the pathways.I cant yet attest to how long the batteries run, but after 3-4 days of fairly heavy usage, they appear tostill be going strong. “3. Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dink DeluxeMake 60 Shrinky Dinks with genuine Shrinky Dink Film and an awesome array of ideas andaccessories. A complete Shrinky Dinks fun factory with oodles of supplies. Includes 10 sheetsof pre-printed Shrink film, charm bracelets, beads, greeting cards, gift tags, jewelry, cord, hairclips and keys chains plus 8 color pencils, sharpener, and hole punch. Color bake and watchthem shrink. Quick and clever craft perfect for parties, play and rainy days.Customer Reviews:“I am very impressed with this set. First of all, Shrinky Dinks are just as awesome as I remember thembeing 25 years ago. Although they are even more fun now, playing with them with your own kids andwatching my 3 year old looking through the window of the oven as they begin to shrink. We playedwith them together for almost 2 hours!!! The kit comes with everything, right down to the hole puncherneeded to make the dinks into necklaces etc. Everything is right there. Super great Kid. Worth themoney and will provide hours of fun! ““I LOVE this shrinky dink kit. I have purchased/am purchasing it for every girls birthday this year. My5-yr old really likes to color the patterns in and then watch them shrink in the oven. I also like theaccompanying supplies to make necklaces, barrettes, keychains, gift tags, etc. Its a great value for theprice. If you have a child that enjoys arts and crafts, put this at the top of your list. All gift recipients (5yr olds) have told me that it is their favorite thing to make.
  32. 32. One thing that I must stress is follow the instructions EXACTLY! Preheat your cookie sheet in theoven. Use babypowder on the foil. Watch the shrink dinks shrink. Do not use a toaster oven; you willnot get the best results. I know this as a friend of mine used a toaster oven and didnt follow the rest ofthe instructions - the shrinky dinks didnt turn out very well. “4. ThinkFun Solitaire ChessEveryone knows the best part of Chess is capturing your opponents pieces. Solitaire Chessmakes the best part the whole point. Players get 10 pieces, two each of the Knight, Rook, Pawnand Bishop, one each of the King and Queen, and 40 challenges. Set pieces on the boardaccording to the challenge cards, and proceed to capture each one, but only by using the samemoves allowed in traditional Chess. Players have to capture a piece with every move, so thegame is fast-paced and always exciting. Ages 8 to Adult.Customer Reviews:“I have purchased numerous ThinkFun games. Our favorites include all versions of Rush Hour,Sudoku, Clever Castle, Zingo, SMatch, and Chocolate Fix. Ive tried a few others which we like, butthose are my favorite. This is a new one to add to the favorite list! Having spent the summer learninghow to play Chess, I am very excited that we can use the rules of the chess pieces to solve logicpuzzles. It is really, really well done! The goal of each card is to have the chess pieces capture the otherpieces until only one is left standing. The game is set up in a grid, so that you can look up the answersin the order at which you need to move the pieces. Ex. A2 moves to B4, etc. etc. The chess pieces are ina sliding drawer underneath the case which holds the challenge cards. Just beware, the cards aredifficult to get out at first. It took some effort to slide them out. ““As a non-chess player, I was intrigued by this games promise to challenge experienced chess playerswhile also teaching novices the basic rules of the game. WOW! What a fantastic way to learn the rulesof chess! Early challenges help new players get used to the various moves each chess token can make,and theres a handy reference provided just in case. By challenge 4 I felt comfortable remembering the
  33. 33. chess moves and was on a roll! Each of the 60 puzzles challenges you to eliminate all but one piece,kind of like a peg solitaire game, and you need to plan moves carefully or youll be stranded and needto reset. Great brain exercise in strategy and planning.I would recommend this game to any game lover, whether a chess newbie or someone who has beenplaying for years - it is a blast, and the packaging design allows it to pack all together and travel easily,Ill take this on my next trip! “5. UglyDoll Classic UppyFrom the creative minds of two artists emerge the Uglydoll family. What started as a drawingof a playful orange character known as Wage has turned into a whole new world of fun. Theaward-winning Uglydoll plush characters are available in a variety of styles each with theirown distinct personalities. Uglydoll characters inspire creativity while reminding us that weare all unique in our own special way. These are the dolls that not only girls are seen carryingbut boys as well. They are the dolls that many boys are willing to nap with, be seen on thestreets with and take to camp. Uglies are neither superheros nor stuffed animals. Each hastheir face hand-sewn which gives them all a slightly different look. Bop n Beep is blue on oneside and green on the other side.
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