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GOLD at IEEE Hyderabad SAGM 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology, Travel
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GOLD at IEEE Hyderabad SAGM 2012

  1. 1. GOLD Affinity Group Hyderabad Section SAGM 8th July 2012Sabyasachi GhoshChair, GOLD Affinity Group
  2. 2.  Speaker : Arun V – Founder Oyestra Labs Topic – “Entrepreneurship as a career path”
  3. 3. ◦◦
  4. 4. ◦◦ Showcased member benefits for professionals◦ Queries on membership dues and society dues.◦◦ Mentoring from senior professionals.◦ Awareness/myth busting for students
  5. 5.  July 2012 – STEP @ Hyderabad August 2012 – Python Meetup Jan 2013 – Joint event with PES Collaborating with TISP committee Mongo DB Meetups (DCI) Joint CS colloquiums Other Joint Events