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ScienceFusion ©2012 puts the technology stake in ground of science education with the first stand-alone online science curriculum. Unlike traditional companion technology, the ScienceFusion Student Interactive Digital Curriculum and Online Teacher Digital Management Systems are designed to maximize the interactive nature of a digital environment to provide students and teachers the opportunity to explore science either entirely online, or in tandem with the inquiry program and the write-in Student Edition. ScienceFusion contains over 700 digital lessons (different from the print SE lessons), 300 simulations, 1500 animations, and over 180 video clips featuring History Channel Science Videos.

ScienceFusion is unique in the marketplace with its complete online curriculum for students. The entire course can be managed and taught online. The program also has a highly engaging, interactive print Student Edition that challenges students to ask questions, think critically, and make informed decisions on every page. The consumable Write-In Student edition is a personal record of knowledge and a study guide for end-of-year courses. Teachers will have two complete options to introduce, teach, reinforce, and assess their state standards. The smaller, strategic component array produces ease of management for teachers.

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  • As our editors built HMH’s new science program Science Fusion, we had to take into account the 21 st century learners, today’s students. This new philosophy in our curriculum is reflected through a few topics taught to more depth at each grade level. The result is that we had to “fuse the two together” to generate a new energy for science.
  • We’ll begin with Active Learning………… in the past we’ve said to students, “OK kids get out your science books and read”
  • With Science Fusion you will say “OK kids get out your science books, and also your pencil, highlighters and crayons and let’s circle, draw, underline, outline and let’s do a puzzle when we finish the lessson. We say that because we have a “write in” student book at every grade level. Your school system buys the book the first year and then it comes automatically for the life of the adoption. The benefits of a write in book have been documented by research I’m sure you’ve read but the best thing is that students are involved in the science lesson from the first to the last minute of every lesson.
  • As you look at the lessons you will see all the opportunities for students to write in their books. You will see active reading techniques and engage your brain questions. All these features really help the students be active learners in the science classroom and during the reading of the book.
  • Here is an example of an active reading strategy that you will see on each page. This is a great way to reinforce those language arts skills during science. This also helps students comprehend the difficult science content because they are now an active participant in their learning.
  • Students also have the opportunity to do the math that is related to the science lesson. We all know how math and science go together so it should be common practice for students to do math problems directly in their science book.
  • At the end of each lesson we provide formative assessment, but assessment does not always have to be punishment. We provide students with assessment right in their “all in one student book” with a game like format. At the end of a lesson you will see Sum It Up!, a comprehension activity that reviews the major science content of the lesson, but in a fun appealing format to kids. Brain Check is the next type of assessment that always reviews/assesses the lesson vocabulary in a puzzle format. Apply It is more open ended and requires higher level of thinking. Students have an opportunity to express themselves here by writing about the science content they have learned. Take it Home is an family involvement activity in every lesson that encourages students to share their science learning with home.
  • Our formal assessment is found in the Assessment Guide, a blackline master, found online and on a dvd. This guide contains, a quiz for each lesson, a benchmark test for each chapter, performance assessment/alternative assessments and 3 benchmark tests that are paralleled for the beginning, middle, and end of year. All of these tests can be assigned to students to take online. These same test also come on an ExamView cd and can be modified to suit your needs.
  • A characteristic of these 21 st century learners is a love of all things technology so now let’s take a look at the digital curriculum.
  • Science content can be taught from the student book and corresponding ebook. These two books are exactly the same. OR it can be taught in a completely different format using the online digital lesson. Science Fusion gives you 100% coverage of the content two times or 200%.
  • So the digital curriculum allows you to cover 100 per cent of the standards in addition to the 100 per cent coverage in the student book. As we built this program we wanted the inquiry activities to encourage the 21 st century skill of collaboration and be very simple, straight forward, and easy to do……
  • So we put the inquiry activities in a flip chart or lab manual. Let's look at the guided inquiry lesson …now usually you need to run off a lab page to work through the scientific method or use as a recording sheet ….remember that your write in student book is an “all in one” book….. so you will see the recording sheet housed right in the student book for each guided inquiry…..You may also notice that we have done something to appeal to 21 st century learners…a digital link to a virtual lab activity
  • If you would like the opportunity to explore a virtual lab please contact your sales representative and he or she will provide you with links to view this exciting feature of the program.
  • Step by step instructions for each inquiry activity are found in the teacher edition directly under a picture of the flipchart. As you can see in the one on the screen all iinquiries can be conducted as a directed or independent inquiry activity, note the science notebook ideas on the inquiry page. A point of comparison is that SF has an inquiry activity tied to each lesson and each of our inquiry activities always takes students through the 5 step inquiry process.
  • Thank you for viewing this presentation of science fusion. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
  • Science fusion 2012 Presentation

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    2. 2. Program Components• Student Interactive Digital • Teacher Edition – Digital Lessons • Assessment Guide – eStudent Edition • Teacher Resources DVD-ROM – Video –based Projects • Equipment Kits – Interactive Glossary – Unit Quizzes • Leveled Readers – K-5 – Virtual Labs • Inquiry Resources – Student Handbook – Flipcharts for K-5• Student Edition – Lab Manuals for 6-8• Teacher Digital Management Center – All of the Student Interactive Digital – eTeacher Edition – Full Teacher Support