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Multi-level vCards


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Or, how to give the right data to the right people

Published in: Technology
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Multi-level vCards

  1. 1. Multi-level vCards Or, how to give the right data to the right people
  2. 2. You already have a vCard
  3. 3. But you don’t want everything to be grepable by everyone
  4. 4. But also there’s some stuff you’re happy with acquaintances knowing
  5. 5. Managing three vCards is a pain
  6. 6. So just manage the one
  7. 7. Quick live demo
  8. 8. First version of this code simply created µformatted HTML
  9. 9. Which then got passed through technorati’s hCard parser
  10. 10. But technorati’s converter screwed up conversion of IM usernames
  11. 11. So now an exported vCard from Address Book is used as input
  12. 12. And “the app” creates the output vCard itself
  13. 13. Based on a list of acquaintance-only and friend-only items
  14. 14. Which imports nicely into address book
  15. 15. Obligatory LOLcat