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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...


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Coding in the open, with git and GitHub

Published in: Technology
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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

  1. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours Coding in the open with git and GitHub.
  2. Hands in the air time... How many people here: write code? write code that other people use? let people see that code?
  3. Developers are secretive We don’t like people seeing our mistakes. Code reviews scare us.
  4. This is wrong-headed
  5. That was me I used to only release code when “finished”.
  6. (I never released any code)
  7. But... I wanted to make my half-finished code available to others. After all, it might help them.
  8. It might? Just because I don’t think something’s ready for production doesn’t mean it won’t help someone understand or learn. View Source is great.
  9. But I didn’t share. I was lazy.
  10. I started using git Distributed version control. Great for me on the train.
  11. I signed up for GitHub Offsite storage of my git repositories.
  12. GitHub is great! I get to share my code for free. Free as in beer. Free as in making sharing easy. Free as in choosing my own license.
  13. Objective #1 Complete Users can get at my code whilst I’m still developing it. Hooray!
  14. GitHub is People GitHub has a great community. People comment on commits.
  15. So what? People commenting is an indirect code review. My code improves. Because I know people are watching I write better code. And I write more documentation!
  16. Fork Code Easily GitHub lets you easily fork someone else’s project. They can merge your changes back into the main project if they want.
  17. Everything into GitHub I put everything in now. If it might be useful to someone it gets Hubbed.
  18. Hurdles It’s scary to let people read your code. It gets less scary though. After that it’s awesome.
  19. Stop. Demo Time For the benefit of the podcast, in this segment of the presentation will give a live demonstration of GitHub. Almost certainly, something will go wrong.
  20. So that’s it. NeilCrosby on most sites, feel free to add. This talk: Title page photo: