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Venuelabs Dreamforce 2012 Deriving Insights from Social Local Data


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There are billions of conversations taking place every day on social networks. What kind of insight can be derived from this massive amount of social media data that consumers are sharing publicly? What are the best practices for analytics, metrics, and isolating trends and meaning in the data? How can you use the Internet as a focus group to connect social conversations with product R&D efforts? Join us as we talk about the ways businesses can go from data to insight, and from insight to action with social media.

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Venuelabs Dreamforce 2012 Deriving Insights from Social Local Data

  1. 1. Thank you Neil Crist Founder & CEO Venuelabs @neilcrist @venuelabs
  2. 2. Consumer content with geo-location
  3. 3. Consumer content with geo-location• Mobile consumers leaving 4.1 billion activities & messages monthly. • 2 billion + are tagged with location • >67% have photos have location tied • 20% have distinct sentiment/mood (+/-)• Geo tagged content will surpass non-geo consumer content in the next 12-18 months.
  4. 4. Cross Signal Calibration is Critical • Consumer channels >50 per location • Difficult to anticipate which channels are most active • True understanding comes through holistic listening across channels • Profiles are created by consumers • Traditional social media tools do not surface this content
  5. 5. Location-based is Powerful “Last Mile” of Context “What are my customers saying at the point of purchase?“ “Which of my locations produce the best customer experience?“ “Where can I best invest marketing dollars and reach the right audiences?” “What new channels are my customers engaging with by brand on?” “When our reputation is in trouble, how can I identify the source issue?”
  6. 6. Case Study: Local Marketing ROI250 Location QSR Identifies New Marketing Opportunities “With local listening and • Franchise Brand, 250 Locations measurement, we found one • Execute National Campaigns with franchise owner that was seeing local execution by franchisees 4x return on campaigns.” • Local measurement insures marketing compliance and provide - Steve S., Director of Marketing understanding local ROI • Found 1 metro area with 4x the return on campaign • Analyzed and found they did not follow campaign program, but produced a better experience.
  7. 7. Case Study: Staffing, Customer Experience, RevenueNational Convenience Store Operator Identifies Staff Training Issues “We found that staff were not • Over 900 locations being properly trained, and it • Found repeated patterns of improper was costing us significant cleaning of pumps revenue every day.” • Discovered patterns of blocking customer purchases - John J., Regional Manager, West Stores • Identified facility cleanliness and safety issues • Identified staff and managers that needed to be let go.
  8. 8. Case Study: Measuring Daily DealsLearned the Short-term and Long-term Impacts of Daily Deals • 90 Locations in 7 states, 3 countries • Ran Groupon for all locations “There is more to the daily deal • Sold out, high positive buzz than the day of the deal. We • On fulfillment, found local customer followed customer sentiment at sentiment issues following 3-4 weeks our stores for weeks after to • Identified trouble stores, customer discover what customers really miscommunications thought.” • Net impact to sentiment was more negative long term - Julie T , VP of Marketing and Operations