The Tyranny of Climate Change - ClimateGrump


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Those that are responsible for Climate Change & it's effects will continue to debate but those who are effected the most by it's disastrous consequences are the ones who contributed the least towards causing it. Is that fair? Learn more about the Tyranny of climate change and then resolve to change it because WE have the power to

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The Tyranny of Climate Change - ClimateGrump

  1. 1. The Tyranny Of Climate Change The Urban Rural Cause & Effect Relationship
  2. 2. We have seen a lot of this lately
  3. 3. ...and a lot of this
  4. 4. Images that tell us more than words that our climate is changing
  5. 5. Climate change is the cumulative impact of a 100 years of carbon emissions from fossil-fuel based industrial development that has enriched many of our lives
  6. 6. Most of us who have benefitted from this development compound this by living in cities. Urban consumerism is now accelerating industrial demand for our world’s natural resources. We are now part of the Problem.
  7. 7. Rural communities in the semi-arids are one of the three global communities (coastal communities in danger of inundation and Himalayan communities dependent on glaciers for water, are the other two) who will be most affected by Climate Change.
  8. 8. Ironically, the people who will suffer the most from Climate Change are those who have contributed the least to it
  9. 9. For the people who will be most impacted, Climate Change is an act of Tyranny. Unknowing, yet tyrannical no less
  10. 10. We are part of the Problem. Can we also be part of the Solution?
  11. 11. Climate Change is rooted in our colonial past. The industrial revolution it fostered, & in the attitudes towards our natural resources that continue to define the exploitation of our world
  12. 12. All of us have benefited from our colonial past & from the benefits of a capitalist economy
  13. 13. We owe it to our children & those affected the most, a historical responsibility to correct the mistakes of the past
  14. 14. The tragedy as the world dithers about who should pay how much is that the inevitable tyranny of climate change is becoming less & less an act of ignorance
  15. 15. YOUhave the power to make a change.USE your power!