Ready Contacts For Salesforce


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Business contacts, account intelligence, profiling questions, email addresses, direct phone numbers and other rich lead and account data delivered straight to your account with the push of a button

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Ready Contacts For Salesforce

  1. 1. have you ever come across a missing piece of data in your account that you wish you could request ?
  2. 2. missing a specific decision maker in one of your target accounts?
  3. 3. missing a contact’s email address that would have been useful?
  4. 4. a direct phone number or extension to speed up connecting with someone?
  5. 5. postal addresses , company information and company details for a target account?
  6. 6. perhaps there are some account intelligence questions you could have answered about the target account?
  7. 7. Have you ever thought “If only I could have…” a decision making contact a working email id some more info on this account a direct phone number some profiling intelligence alternate influencer contacts at this account
  8. 8. lack of important data points can be one of the most frustrating road blocks for sales persons using
  9. 9. if only data could be requested on-the-fly and pushed straight to Salesforce…
  10. 10. there is always this magic lamp you can try out or…
  11. 11. you could simply add the ReadyContacts Research Button to your account
  12. 12. how does it work?
  13. 13. simple
  14. 14. setup the application in your Salesforce account
  15. 15. it will display buttons on the leads , contacts & accounts pages ReadyContacts Research
  16. 16. click to request new contacts, email ids, account info etc ReadyContacts Research
  17. 17. we get it , process it & push actionable data back to your Salesforce account
  18. 18. pay as you go pricing
  19. 19. rich data delivered to your account
  20. 20. at the push of a button
  21. 21. ReadyContacts For SFDC Tel : 1-408-223-1075 Twitter: Get Started