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Is The Patent Research & Analysis Process Overwhelming Your Organization?


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Patent data can hold critical intelligence which is key to any business with IP holdings. Gathering quality intelligence from patent data can be challenging without the right software tools. Here is a quick presentation on a solution which makes access to great IP information easy.

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Is The Patent Research & Analysis Process Overwhelming Your Organization?

  1. 1. Is the patent research and analysis process overwhelming your organization?
  2. 2. Patent databases can be a goldmine of information for businesses
  3. 3. Easy access to quality IP intelligence leads to smarter IP management & smarter business
  4. 4. However, finding your answers in the vast amounts of patent data can be a challenge
  5. 5. You need a solution that can put things into a clear perspective
  6. 6. Something that intelligently helps you categorize patent sets you need to analyze & work with
  7. 7. Something that helps search and locate relevant patents within a prescribed context
  8. 8. Something that analyze patent data & answer questions with ease
  9. 9. Something that helps visualize findings & create graphical reports which are easy to comprehend
  10. 10. A solution that speeds up your IP Analysis process
  11. 11. A solution that delivers IP intelligence you can rely on
  12. 12. A solution that provides better insights & results in a smarter business
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Learn more about how Patent iNSIGHT Pro can help transform patents to intelligence
  15. 15. Click here for a quick 7 minute screen cast demo of patent insight pro CLICK HERE FOR A WEB DEMO
  16. 16. Contact us for a personalized demo or for more information CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFO