Introduction to Lead Nurturing - Presenting Nurture


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Why lead nurturing? Whats it about? How do I get started?

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Introduction to Lead Nurturing - Presenting Nurture

  1. 1. why lead nurturing ?
  2. 2. prospective customers don’t like being called on when they don’t need what you have to offer
  3. 3. but they would be happy to hear from you when they have a need
  4. 4. the key is identifying who are interested in your offering and when to connect with them
  5. 5. it’s about touching leads periodically with content from your company so you leave an imprint on their mind till they need you
  6. 6. it’s about knowing who is actively interested and cultivating interest in those who are not
  7. 7. its about tracking their activity , level of interest & what content they are absorbing about your offering
  8. 8. its about logically scoring your leads based on their activity and readiness to buy
  9. 9. its about automating your lead generating process to deliver sales ready leads
  10. 10. … and we have just made it simpler
  11. 11. request a demo or find out how to get started Tel – 1-408-223-1075 Email : [email_address] Site: