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Saving for christmas


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Saving for christmas

  1. 1. ContentsIntroduction..................................................................2Plan a Budget ...............................................................3Cutting Back.................................................................7Ways to Make Extra Money.............................................9Do Not Touch Your Christmas Fund................................11Throughout the Year....................................................12When all Else Fails.......................................................14Copyright ©2013 by 99cash.comAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever withoutwritten permission. 2
  2. 2. IntroductionWe all know how hard it is save money, especially when themajority of American live from paycheck to paycheck.However, saving for Christmas is not impossible. You onlyhave to learn how to create a budget, use resourcesavailable to help you stick to your budget, and have willpower to change a few habits.This guide should help you throughout the entire year savemoney for the upcoming Christmas and can be used to helpyou save money for any event you desire.The guide will help you: create a budget show you ways you can cut back on spending without starving give you a few ideas on how to make some extra money show you how to keep your Christmas fund intake provide ways to save throughout the entire year ahead as well as a few tips and tricks to help with that Christmas fund what to do when all else failsIf you truly want to save for Christmas without beingstrapped for other things you need, you will be able to dojust that once you use the tips and tricks found in this guide. 3
  3. 3. Plan A BudgetYou more than likely have heard it before but planning abudget is the best way to save for Christmas. The problemwith most that tell you to plan a budget, never explain thebest way to go about the plan or give you any ideas wherethe money will come from when you just don’t have anymoney left over after the bills. With our budget ideas, youwill be able to go farther as after we help you plan thebudget we give you alternative ideas of cutting back andeven how to make extra money in the next chapter. So, donot run away with the thought of making a budget. You cancreate a budget that will not leave your family in distress orstarving.The very first thing you must do is take control of yourfinances. The only way in which to do this is by first learninghow much money is coming into your household and howmuch is going out as well.The first question many people ask is why they need to writedown a budget. The answer is simple. You may know howmuch money you receive every week on your paycheck andhow much the bills are costing you each month. Theproblem is there are more than likely many other expensesthat you never consider and this could be the reason you areshort of money and can never save money for Christmas.Since we are talking about saving for Christmas, the budgetyou prepare needs to be for the entire year. Of course, theremay need to be adjustments along with way due to misseddays at work which would lower your income for a givenmonth or an emergency that made you spend more moneyone week, however, when you have an idea of the basicsyou will be ready to save for Christmas without the worry ofthese small setbacks. 4
  4. 4. The first step is to get a pen and paper; you need to see thebudget. If you only do it in your head, you will forget thingsthat really need to be added to the budget.Add up all the money that comes into your household. Thiscan be from your employer, your spouse’s employer,pensions, government benefits, investments, child supportpayments, or any other money that you receive regularly.On a separate piece of paper at the top, place this figure andcall it incoming.Next, now you must add up your bills for the year. Start withweekly or monthly bills such as your rent or mortgage,utility bills, gas for your vehicle, credit card bills, groceries,cable, internet, school lunches for the kids and any otherbills that you pay on weekly or monthly. Other bills may onlycome around every few months or yearly such ashomeowner’s dues, car insurance, renter’s insurance,medical insurance, or home insurance. Do not forget to addthese other bills into the total amount.On the piece of paper, where you placed the amount ofincoming money, now place the figure from the second stepand subtract it from the incoming money. This is how muchmoney you have left over after you pay the necessitiesevery year. Since we are trying to save for Christmas, howmuch did you spend last Christmas? Use this figure or oneyou would like to spend on Christmas and place that figureunder the number you have after taking away the bills. Now,comes the hard part, how do you save that money so it doesnot have to come out in one lump sum at Christmas.You can see how much money you have left over every yearand more than likely you are wondering, where does moneygo? 5
  5. 5. This is where the tricky part comes in. Did you remember toput in the kid’s allowance, trips to the corner convenientstore, eating out, entertainment, or other times you stop fora soda or a snack? If not, then you can easily see just howfast your money you can go.Now, that you know how much money you have to workwith and how much you would like to save for Christmas it istime to budget that money. Break down the amount youhave left over in a year into the months you have left beforeChristmas. Now, divide the amount you want for Christmasby the number of months that are left. This is how much youmust save each month in order to reach your goal. That thisamount from the money you have to spend each month andyou will know exactly what you left for things that you wantbut do not necessarily need.This may be a very small amount of money and you may bewondering how you can make it when you must eat out fromtime to time while on the road for work. In addition, youwant to take the family out to eat once in awhile or even toa movie, but now you are trying to figure out how you canmake it all work.Remember, no one said it was going to a breeze, but thatyou can actually save for Christmas without giving upeverything you do as a family.The next chapter should help you with this by showing youways you can cut back without giving up all those fun thingsyour family want to do and without cutting out your mealswhile at work. 6
  6. 6. Cutting BackYou may think it is hard to cut back or that you or yourfamily will suffer in the process. This is far from the truth, asa matter of fact, you may even have more money to spendonce you learn these little tricks.Saving on GroceriesWe all know that prices at the grocery store are going upand up, but there are a few ways you can still save a fewbucks.Save on GroceriesWrite a list before heading out to the store and only buy theitems on your list.Keep the money to buy groceries in an envelope and onlytake the amount you have to spend for the week to thestore. This will help you not spend more than you have. Donot use your debit card or credit card - always take cash.Buy for at least a week a time. Buying larger packages willsave you in the long run as you can divide up the meat andfreeze it until you are ready to use. Use coupons. Manystores today will double the coupons and you will amazed atjust how much you can save.Save on Utility BillsEvery household can save a few bucks on their electricitybills just by changing a few habits.The ideas below can help you save on your utility bills: Turn off lights in a room when not in use Close the drapes at night to ensure the heat stays indoors Be sure you have good insulation around doors or windows or use a towel at the bottom of the door. 7
  7. 7.  Turn your heat down and wear a sweatshirt in winter When you are not using appliances, unplug them. This includes can openers, curling irons, toasters, etc... Turn off the computer when not in use Turn off the television when no one is watching it Change to energy efficient light bulbs Take shorter showers Use cold water for washing clothingOther ways to cut backA few of these changes may be hard for a few of us, butthey can save you money so you can have extra for otherthings and to put in the Christmas fund.Instead of eating out for lunch, take your lunchStop buying all those Red Bulls or other energy drinksQuit or cut back on smoking. With the price of cigarettestoday, just cutting back can save hundreds of dollars peryear.Instead of going to Starbucks for coffee, make your own athomeInstead of taking friends out for lunch or dinner, have themover for a barbeque and ask everyone to bring a dish.Do not use your credit cards, only pay for things with cashSet a limit on gifts you purchase throughout the year suchas birthday, anniversary, etc...Lower your internet speed; this will save you a few extradollarsLower the amount of movie channels you subscribe to onyour cable bill. No one can watch all those channels,anyway.Instead of taking the family to the movies, rent the movieand watch it at home. You can even pop popcorn at home,the kids will love making their own popcorn and you will nothave to spend the money for movie tickets or the high pricesfor popcorn at the theater. 8
  8. 8. Ways to make extra moneyThere are several different ways you can make extra moneyif you just think about what you have and what you know.Ask your employer if you can work overtime.Take a part time job such as delivering pizza, as a waiter orwaitress, or even get a paper route.Go through all those things in the attic, garage, and in yourcloset. I bet you can find several items you no longer use.Have a garage sale and sell all of these items.If you do not want to spend the time having a garage sale,you can sell your unwanted items at a pawn shop; onlyremember they will not give you what the items are worth.Have a virtual garage sale. This is pretty easy especially ifyou are on Facebook. You can easily put up photos of theitems you wish to sale and your friends can purchase theitems you no longer use.Want to make it more interesting. Place your items up forauction on eBay. Just remember to put in the starting bid,so you actually make money instead of losing money.If you have several items such as collectibles that you justhave stored away and are not interested in keeping, you canput up an online store at Amazon or eBay and sell theseitems without any hassles at all, expect for shipping.Do you have a skill? This can be anything from writing aresume to learning history. You can easily find others thatneed help with just about anything in the world and are 9
  9. 9. willing to pay someone to teach them. Parents often look fortutors for their children. If you are great a subject, offeryour services as a tutor in your spare time. If you know howto crochet or knit, put up an ad offering lessons. The samegoes for the guitar, piano, or even helping someone learnEnglish.Other services you can offer in your spare include drivingpeople to the airport, to the grocery store, or even the mall.You may not make a large profit, but a few extra bucks willhelp your goals.Do you have a lawn mower? Put up ads to mow lawns, weedflower beds, and trim bushes or trees. In the autumn, youcan rake leaves and in the winter shovel snow. A great wayto make some extra money and even get some exercise.Do you know anyone in your neighborhood that owns a dogor even more than one dog? Put up a flyer to walk dogs inthe neighborhood. This will give you some extra money andalso once again give you some exercise.If you love pets, then you enjoy pet sitting. This is a hugebusiness for families that own pets and cannot or do notwant to take their pets along on vacation. In most cases, allyou will need to do is visit their home to ensure their petshave food, water, take them on walks, or clean out a litterbox.Do you know how to rid computers of viruses? This could bea great way to make some extra money. Many individualsthat have computers do not know how to get rid of a virusonce it attacks their computer, think of how much you couldmake just ridding computers of viruses.There are so many different ways you can make a bit ofextra money that may not take as much effort as you might 10
  10. 10. think and may be even be beneficial, such as walking dogs,which will give you, exercise. Do not touch your Christmas fundThis may be one of the most important chapters in thisguide and also the most controversial. When I say, do nottouch your Christmas fund that is exactly what I mean.Once you start putting money away for Christmas, hopefullyin a savings account, you must forget the money is therealtogether. No matter what the circumstances, do not touchthe money.If you must have extra money for an emergency, it would bebest to find another way to get the money you need insteadof touching your Christmas fund. Why? You may ask. Theanswer is simple, once you start taking money from thefund, you will keep taking money until you will not be able tomeet your goal of the amount of money you wish to save forChristmas.If an emergency arises, you can easily use one of the aboveways to make extra money. On the other hand, if it is anemergency, the best thing to do is obtain a payday loan.Yes, you will have to pay the loan back, but you will be ableto pay the loan by your next paycheck. This may mean thatyou will not be able to put as much in the Christmas fund asyou would like, but you will still have your money put awayfor Christmas and the emergency situation will be resolved.Along with that, you will be building good credit, as paydaylenders report your transactions to the credit bureau, so it isa win-win situation. The best place to visit for a cashadvance or payday loan is You can find toplenders here that will provide you with the money you needuntil payday so you can keep your Christmas fund safe andsound. 11
  11. 11. Throughout the yearNow, that you know you cannot touch your Christmas fund,you are probably wondering what you do throughout theyear when things come up that need the extra money. Theanswer once again is simple. We will go through a fewscenarios to show you just how easy it is never to touch thatmoney and still be able to put money away to save forChristmas.Let’s say, you see a toy that you desperately want to buy foryour grandson for Christmas and it is on sale. Christmas isanother 5 months away and you know the rule of nottouching the Christmas money. What should you do? Theanswer is apply for a payday loan. At, you canapply for a small loan that will cover the toy and pay it backwith your next paycheck.It is the first of the month, you have paid all the bills andput away your Christmas money for the month. You andyour spouse are looking over the sale bill from Sears andyou notice that jeans are on sale. You both need new jeans,but now you do not have any extra money as it is the first ofthe month and that is when all your bills come due. Figureout how much need to purchase the jeans and then obtain acash advance from The money can be paidback on your paycheck when your money is not as tight andyou will get the jeans you need.The same goes for anything you need throughout the year.Most sales often happen at the first of the month whenmoney is tight. If you use a cash advance or payday loan, 12
  12. 12. you will not have to touch your Christmas fund and will beable to pay the loan back with your next paycheck sincethere are no other bills to pay.Payday loans can help you in so many ways throughout theyear so you can actually save money and still meet all theobligations you have from dinner parties to birthdays to carrepair.A small loan from, will certainly give you peaceof mind and will not break the bank. You will still be able tostay on your budget, just figure in the payday loan for theweek or the month, excluding the week when all the billscome due. If you take your Christmas money out of thebudget at the first of the month with the rest of the bills,then you have nothing to worry about, paying back thepayday loan will be easy and simple.Any time there is a sale and you really need the items, use apayday loan. This is the best way to build your credit,rebuild your credit, and still save for Christmas at the sametime. Payday loans and cash advance loans are not whatmost people believe. As long as watch your budget, add inthe loan, and pay the loan back in a timely manner, you willnot get in trouble.Remember, you can always use other options along with apayday loan such as ways to save money and ways to makeextra money. When you use all these methods together, it isvery easy to save for Christmas or for any big purchase, youmay have in mind.When you apply at, be sure to read all theagreements and learn which lender will give you therepayment you can live with that is in your budget. Somewill want the money repaid with your next paycheck whileothers will work with installments so you do not have to pay 13
  13. 13. the entire amount back in one lump sum. Reap the benefitsof payday loans and you can still save for Christmas. When All Else FailsHere it is the middle of November and no matter what youdid the last few months, you could save any money to putinto your Christmas. You may have forgotten all the otherholidays that demand money throughout the year. Eventhough you may have added in your budget a miscellaneousamount for birthdays and other things, you may haveforgotten such things as how much it costs to throw abirthday for an 8 year old when you take them to the pizzajoint. You may have not factored in Halloween costumes,Thanksgiving dinner, or your in-laws coming to town for aweek. All of these small things when not added to yourbudget can really destroy all your hard efforts in saving forChristmas.Other things that may have come up that destroyed all yourefforts may have been catching the flu and missing work fortwo weeks, an automobile accident that landed you in thehospital, or even one of the kids coming down with themeasles and one of you had to stay at home with your childand were unable to work.There are so many reasons that you can be thrown offcourse especially when money is tight already and you onlya few dollars you could spare to put back for your Christmasfund.You may have done very well saving for Christmas butrealize that the amount you decided to put back is not quiteenough for the gifts on everyone’s list. You may have justput a figure out there without considering just how far themoney would go such as deciding to spend only $20 per 14
  14. 14. person. This could be very disastrous situation, especially ifyou have children that are into electronics.Twenty dollars per person will not stretch as far as it oncedid when you consider that a video game today can cost upto $100 according to the game your child has his or heartset on. Then there are iPods, cell phones, iPads, digitalcameras, computers, laptops, Xboxes, and so many otherthings that certainly cannot be purchased for $20.The good news is that when all else fails, you can turn You still have time. Sit down and write downthe items you need to purchase on everyone’s list. Now,take away the money you saved in your Christmas fund.This is what you need, of course.Now, go online to and apply for a payday loan.The form is simple, only takes around ten minutes and whenapproved the money will be electronically sent to your bankaccount. You do not need good credit, as a matter of fact,you do not need any credit. All you need is a job, a bankaccount, and be at least 18 years of age. As soon as you areapproved for a payday loan in the amount of $50 to $1500,the money will be sent to your bank within 24 hours.Now you can enjoy going Christmas shopping and know youdid a great job of saving for Christmas. Once you get use tousing the tips and tricks in this guide and rely for all your emergencies you will be able toeasily have a wonderful Christmas every year.No matter the reason you need extra cash, by using ourSaving for Christmas guide, you should be able to relax andhave the money you need at hand when you really needwhether for an emergency or to provide the rest of themoney you need for Christmas. 15
  15. 15. 16