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Et news8

  1. 1. ET News related to HR (1 Nov’10 to 5 Nov’10) Neha Sahi MBA 2C
  2. 2. Incentive system for govt staffers next year: Secy •An incentive structure for government servants on extensive power review. •It could be implemented next year. •Incentives would be given out from the cost savings achieved by a bureaucrat in his role, not placing an additional burden on government. •Concept is based on a paper prepared by IIM Ahmedabad.
  3. 3. Contd.. •Incentives would depend on: oExtensive job performance. oCost saving on account of reduction in use of office stationary. oSavings in electricity. •Government has put in place a performance monitoring and evaluation system. •Results of each ministry or department will be put on its website to ensure stakeholder participation and transparency.
  4. 4. Sebi proposes to raise staff salaries •Sebi proposed increase in salaries of its 600 member staff by a huge margin and that too retrospectively with effect from November 2007. •Pay hike would result in additional annual payout of Rs. 14.46 crore. •Senior level officers are biggest beneficiaries by way of more than 90% increase in their emoluments.
  5. 5. Social Security Schemes set to get off the ground faster •Labour ministry plans to create a faster mechanism to clear social security schemes financed through the national social security fund. •Labour ministry looks to speed up the implementation of schemes for workers in the unorganized sector. •Ministry suggests the creation of a high-level committee under the labour secretary to approve schemes, obviating the need for time- consuming legislative approvals.
  6. 6. •2010-11 budget has set aside Rs. 1,000 crore to kick start National Social Security Fund Scheme. •Committee will have representatives from: oMinistry of finance. oPlanning commission. oSecretary of the concerned ministry. •Social Security Now is campaigning for social security coverage for about 423 million unorganized workers through a central legislation. Contd..
  7. 7. Uday Suri is BNP Paribas MF head of sales and marketing •BNP Paribas Asset Management India appointed Uday Suri as head of sales and marketing with effect from 30 October. •Mr. Suri joins from Fidelity Mutual Fund, where he was the national sales head. •Mr. Suri will be responsible for sales, service, marketing and communications and product development.
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