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You can win

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You can win

  1. 1. Winners Don’t Do Different Things . They Do Things Differently……........
  2. 2. ABOUT THE BOOKDetails Title – You Can Win Author – Shiv KheraWhat Kind Of Book This book is a construction manual for a success. It is a Cook Book.
  3. 3. Mission Of The BookIt wants to make you to create an action plan for the rest of your life. Action Plan What you want to achieve How you expect to achieve it When you plan to achieve it
  4. 4. BOOK REVIEW The whole book is divided into 8 chapters. I will describe that briefly as described in the book.1. Importance of Attitude2. Success3. Motivation4. Self Esteem5. Interpersonal skills6. Subconscious Mind & Habits7. Goal setting8. Value & Visions
  5. 5. AUTHOR’S PERCEPTIONS“ If there was one thing that you would like to see change, that would make your organization more productive , what would it be? ” All said that….. Attitude
  6. 6. THERE ARE 3 KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THISWORLD Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. Those who wonder what happened. What category are YOU in?
  7. 7. Winners Vs Losers• Winner sees an answer for every problem; Loser sees a problem for every answer.• Winners see possibilities; Loser see problems.• Winners see the gain; Loser see the PAIN.• Winners say, “I must do something.” Losers say’ “Something must be done.”• Winners have dreams; Losers have schemes.
  8. 8. “ Success Is The Progressive RealizationOf A Worthy Goal ” Success and Happiness go hand in hand. Success is getting what you want & happiness is wanting what you get! STRUGGLE [Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a struggle.] Story of caterpillar turning into butterfly. Law of Nature:- - struggle to come out of cocoon helps develop and strengthen its wings.
  9. 9. LIFE IS CAFETERIA Failure are of two kinds:- those who did and never thought And those who thought and never did. Life is like a cafeteria: Take your tray, Select your food, and pay at other end. You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the PRICE. In a cafeteria, if you wait for people to serve for you, you will wait forever. Make the choices and pay the prices.
  10. 10. Humans are most ill-equipped can’t fly like birds. swim like a fish. climb tree like a monkey. don’t have the eye of eagle. don’t have a claws & teeth like a wildcat. Physically humans are helpless & defenseless But nature is responsible and kind Human kind have ability to think Can create his own environment Sadly, very few people use the greatest gift- the ability to think its full potential.
  11. 11. Qualities that make a personSuccessful Give More Than You Get Hard Working People Power Of Persistence Pride Of Performance Be A Willing To Be A Student -Get A Mentor Never compromise your integrity Plan to win and not to lose Learn from other people’s mistakes
  12. 12. CONCLUSION Nobody wants to be a loser. Everybody wants to win. This book tells you that ‘Positive Attitude’ is the key to a successful life. Definitely there will be a change in your life after reading this book. We don’t have to be 10 times smarter than our competitor. All we need is the edge. WINNERS MAKE THE DAYS COUNT. LOSERS COUNT THE DAYS THEY. If you want to look at the practical approach to life & be successful in every part of life. You must read this book.
  13. 13. THANK YOU
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