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General knowledge practice


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General knowledge practice

  1. 1. Fill in the blanks 1. The area around our home is our _______________. 2. A __________ protects the country. 3. On festivals people wear their _____ clothes. 4. The___________puts out fires. 5. People go to different places to __________pray. 6. A carpenter makes ______________. 7. On Diwali people pray to ______________. 8. Hindus pray in _________. 9. A _____________grows food for us. 10. The police help us to live a____________and____________life. 11. On Christmas people go to the _____________to pray. 12. A ______________cleans the streets. 13. We go to _____________when we are sick. 14. Sikh pray on _______________. 15. Many children got to school to ___________. 16. We post __________in the letter box. 17. People _____________from one place to another. 18. In school we learn all about the ___________. 19. Gurpurab marks the birthday of the ______________. 20. A ____________mends our shoes. 21. Mrs roy is the _______________of Sonia’s school. 22. Most means of _______________transport have wheels. 23. On Eid, people wish each other_______________. 24. Some animals are _______________and some are _______________. 25. Our _________________teach us our lessons. 26. Today we use _______________means of communication. 27. Aeroplanes are a means of ________________transport. 28. Christmas pray in__________________.
  2. 2. 29. Some animals live both on ________and in_________________. 30. When we talk to someone or write to someone, it is called__________________. 31. Muslim’s pray in ____________. 32. On _________________and ______________the principal hosts the national anthem. 33. Fish can live only in _____________. 34. Water helps us to put out __________________. 35. The earth us round like an _____________. 36. _____________clouds bring rain. 37. Insects have_______________________legs. 38. The __________________is the open space above the earth. 39. We use water in _______________ways. 40. We should care for our _____________. 41. The moon shines at _____________________. 42. _____________and _______________also need water. 43. All living things need ___________________ 44. We should not _____________ water. 45. The sun is a hot ball of ________________________. Write True and False 1. Hindus pray to different gods and goddess. 2. The holy books if Muslims is the bible. 3. Everyone does the same kind of job. 4. The religion of the Sikhs is called Islam. 5. A watch man cleans the streets. 6. Only some jobs are important. 7. We go to school only play. 8. The principal takes care of the whole school. 9. A shopkeeper sells us things we need.
  3. 3. 10.Independence Day is celebrated in 5th September. 11.All religions teach us to love others. 12.A farmer stiches our clothes. 13.Many people help us in school. 14.Children’s day marks the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru. 15.Christmas pray to Jesus Christ. 16.Clouds look like cotton. 17.Only people need water. 18.The sun is very near to us. 19.We need water for drinking. 20. There is more water than land on the earth. 21.Farmers do not need water. 22. We can drink dirty water. 23.Stars are very far from us. 24.We get water only from rain. 25.Our earth is shaped like an apple. Choose the correct another 1. Which is these is a big animal? (a) An Elephant (b) A Dog (c) A Cat (d) A frog 2. We live on (a) the earth (b) the moon (c) the sun (d) the stars 3. Which of these is a mean of water transport? (a) Yachts (b) Buses (c) Trains (d) Cars 4. Which of these animal’s live on land? (a) A Fish (b) An Octopus (c) A Whale (d) A Tiger 5. Which of these is a fast means of communication?
  4. 4. (a) E-mail (b) Messenger (c) Pigeons (d) Postcards 6. Mans of transport can be used over (a) Land (b) Air (c) Water (d) All of these 7. On land these are (a) Mountains (b) Forest (c) Valleys (d) All of these 8. Which of these is a means of air transport? (a) Bullock Carts (b) Auto rickshaws (c) Helicopters (d) ships 9. Which of these animals flies in the air? (a) A Bird (b) A Fish (c) An insect (d) None of these 10.All living things need (a) The Moon (b) The Sun (c) The Stars (d) None of these 11. Clouds move with (a) the sun (b) the sky (c) the wind (d) the moon 12. Which of these has six legs (a) A Bird (B) A Fish (c) An Insect (d) None of these 13. The moon and the stars connot be seeb during (a) The Day (b) Both of these (c) The Night (d) None of these 14. The moon and the stars cannot be seen during (a) The day (b) both of these (c) The night (d) none of these 15. We keep pets (a) in school (b) in the market (c) at home (d) with neighborhood 16.Festivals are a time to (a) Celebrate (b) have fun (c) Meet people (d) all of the these 17.The people who live in our neighborhood are our (a) Parents (b) Neighbours (c) Friends (d) Grandparents
  5. 5. 18.Diwali is a festival of (a) Lights (b) Sweets (c) Colours (d) Food 19.On Independence day we sing (a) National Anthem (b) The school Anthem (c) Our Favorite song (d) Nursery Rhyme 20. On teachers day we give flowers and cards to (a) Our Friends (b) Our Teachers (c) Our Parents (d) Our Siblings 21. A good neighbor gives us many (a) Gifts (b) Problem (c) Services (d) Neighbours 22.Eid comes after the month of (a) January (b) December (c) Ramzan (d) October 23.In school we learn to (a) Read and write (b) Paint and Draw (c) Do Sums (d) Do all of these 24.When we are sick, are examined by a (a) Neighbour (b) Firefighter (c) Policeman (d) Doctor 25.All Indians celebrate (a) Independence day (b) Gandhi Jayanti (c) Republic Day (d) All of These 26. We respect our (a) Principal (b) Both of these (c) Teachers (d) None of these 27. From a post office we buy (a) Stamps (b) Fruits (c) Vegetables (d) Milk 28. On Gurpurabh, Sikhs decorate (a) Their houses (b) Their offices (c) Chrismas Tres (d) None of these 29.We should try to (a) Stayaway from neighbourhood (b) Make our neighbourhood dirty (c) Help our neighbours (d) Fight with our neighbours
  6. 6. One word answer 1. From where do we got stamps and postcards. _________________. 2. Who helps the doctor ? ____________________. 3. Where do people go for jogging and walking? _______________________. 4. Who sells fruits and vegetables? _________________________. 5. Who grows crops for us? __________________________. 6. Who mends leaking pipes? _____________________________. 7. What do we wear to school? ______________________________. 8. Who guards our neighborhood? _______________________________. 9. Which is the festival of lights? __________________________________. 10.Who celebrate Eid. __________________________________. 11.Who brings gift for children on Christmas? ____________________________________. 12.Which festival marks the birthday of Sikh gurus? ________________________________________. 13.Name three types of transport. ________________________ ________________________
  7. 7. ________________________ 14.Slowest means of transport ________________________. 15.Two means of Air Transport _____________________________. 16.How can we send message quickly __________________________________. 17.Which is called holy month of fasting __________________________________. 18.When did India get freedom from british rule ____________________________________. 19.Which festival marks the birthday of Sikh Gurus ______________________________________. 20.When do we celebrate Gandhi jayanti. _______________________________. 21.Which is called the festival of lights? ___________________________________. 22.What is the home of a dog called ___________________________________. 23.Which animal has gills and fins ___________________________________. 24.Which tiny animal has six legs ____________________________________. 25.What is used to put out fire. ____________________________________. 26.What is the model of earth called _____________________________________. 27.What is known as big ball of fire. _____________________________________.
  8. 8. 28.What twinkles at nights in the sky. ______________________________________. 29.What brings rain ___________________. 30.What is covered with land and water __________________________. 31.Name two things that shine in the sky ______________________________. Complete these Words 1. C _ M P U T _ R 2. O C T _ P _ S 3. S Q U _ R R _ L 4. C R _ C O D _ L E 5. _ N S _ C T S 6. _ S T R _ C H 7. R _ V _ R S 8. M _ U N T A _ N S 9. V _ L L _ Y S 10. T H _ N D _ R 11. A N _ M _ L S 12. K _ N N _ L 13. C H R _ S T _ A N S 14. M _ R K _ T
  9. 9. 15. H _ S P _ T A L 16. M _ S Q U _ S 17. G _ R P U R _ B 18. P _ S T O F F _ C E 19. C _ R P E N T _ R 20. F _ R M _ R 21. G _ R D W _ R A Question Answer Q1. How does the neighbourhood market help us? Ans Q2 How does the post office help us? Ans Q3 What can we find in a park? Ans
  10. 10. Q4 Why do we need help from others ? Ans Q5 Why should we respect all kinds of work? Ans Q6 Name any two people who help us and write they do? Ans Q7 How do people celebrate festivals? Ans
  11. 11. Q8 How do people celebrate EID? Ans Q9 What is Special about 15th August? Ans Q10 Why do we pray to GOD? Ans Q11 What is a place of worship? Ans Q12 Why do we got to school? Ans
  12. 12. Q13 What is the name of your class teacher? Ans Q14 Name two means of land transport and water transport. Ans Q15 What is communication? Ans Q16 Name 2 means of communication. Ans Q17 Where do animals live ? Ans
  13. 13. Q18 What are birds? Ans Q19 What are pets? Ans Q20 State any two reasons why we need water? Ans Q21 Name any two places from which we get water. Ans Q22 Why should we not waste water? Ans
  14. 14. Q23 Where do we all live? Ans Q24 What is the earth covered with? Ans Q25 What does the Sun give us ? Ans Riddles 1. I am a place. I have many, shops people came and buy things like fruits, vegetables and milk, etc name me. Ans________________ . 2. I am a person. I grow crops for you. Who am I? Ans_______________ 3. I am a land transport. I run on tracks. I have many wheels, name me
  15. 15. Ans_______________ 4. We buy postcard, stamps etc from here. it sends and receives letters and parcels for us , what place is it? Ans________________. 5. It is a means of communication. People talk and send messages on it. What us it? Ans_________________. 6. I am a person. I make furniture who am I ? Ans__________________ 7. We live on the trees and fly in the air. We have a beak and claus. Who are we? Ans___________________. 8. It is a sikh festival. It marks the birthday od sikh gurus. Which festival is it? Ans___________________. 9. I am water animal. I have fins and gills. Who I am? Ans___________________ 10. It is the day when our country become free from british rule. Which festival is it? Ans__________________ 11. It is festival of light. People decorate their houses and burn crackers at night. Which festival is it? Ans____________________ 12.We are tiny animal having six legs. Most of us wings. Who are we? Ans____________________ 13. All living things cannot live without me. You can use me in many ways. Name me. Ans_________________ 14. We twinkle in the sky at night. You cannot count us. Who are we? Ans____________________
  16. 16. 15. I am round like an arrange. I am covered with land and water. Name me Ans____________________ Match the columns 1 Parks Makes furniture 2 The police Mends leaking pipes 3 A soldier Protects our country 4 A Plumber Grows Crops 5 A Nurse Everyone for the work they 6 A good Neighbourhood Have grass, trees and flower 7 A post office Help the doctor to treat us 8 A farmer Gives us many useful services 9 We should respect Sells post cards, envelop and stamps 10 A Carpenter Protects us from robbers and thieves 1 Diwali Koran 2 Eid Vedas 3 Places of worship Guru Granth Sahib 4 Sikhs Bible 5 Christians 15th August 6 Chrismas Mosque 7 Gurpurab Santa Claus 8 Independence day Goddess Lakshmi 9 Muslims Gurudwara 10 Hindus Temple,Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras