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31.embedded and impacted teeth


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31.embedded and impacted teeth

  1. 1. Embedded and impacted teeth
  2. 2. General information Embedded teeth are those which are unerupted, unusually because of lack of eruptive forces Impacted teeth are those prevented from erupting by some physical barrier in eruption path
  3. 3. Aetiology Lack of space rotation systemic disease like osteoporosis, ectodermal dysplasia, rickets and cretinism cyst and tumours trauma
  4. 4. Clinical features Most commonly third molars are affected Dentigerous cyst may be associated Periodontal pocket formation and subsequent infections may occur Impacted tooth may cause resorption of roots of adjacent teeth Cyst and tumours may form
  5. 5. Management Surgical exposure – it depends upon the tooth involved. Surgical removal – it is done when impacted tooth is causing problems to the patient Complication – it includes transient and permanent sensory loss, trismus, infection, fracture an injury to adjacent tooth