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Neha Kumar's story - Director of "NESA Radiation Solutions" in Chitralekha Magazine May 2014 issue


Published on

Chitralekha - 9th May 2013 (Gujarati)

Name: Neha Kumar
Age: 26
Occupation: Director, Nesa Radiation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


1. Your background

Ø Born & brought up whr?

> I was born in USA and have been brought up in Mumbai.

Ø Parents names

> Father – Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay,

Mother – Mrs. Neerja Kumar

Ø Any siblings

> Younger Brother - Saagar Kumar

Ø School & college names

> School – K.V, IIT Bombay

College – Anna University, Chennai (B.Tech, Industrial Biotechnology)

2. Any childhood memories where you can recollect with your at present work

Right from school I wanted to have a business venture of my own in the field of Biotechnology. When I was in Chennai for my bachelors programme, many of my classmates felt going to the US was the only way to excel in life. It was at that time that I had decided to be in India and do something different from the rest while staying in India. I wanted to prove that if one has the determination to do something, with perseverance and dedication, you can achieve what you want regardless of the place and circumstances.

3. Qualification - B.Tech, Industrial Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai

Ø Any extra curricular activities during those days

> I used to practice dance, painting, karate, singing, yoga when I was in school and have participated in various activities however in college I decided to stay more focused on academics. On every vacation, I used to come to Mumbai and take up laboratory projects and attend Entrepreneurship events at IIT Bombay.

Ø If Any major Turning point

> My father Girish Kumar is a Professor in the Electrical Engg. Department at IIT Bombay and has been in the field of Antennas and Microwaves for about 30+ years. In 2001 when he was writing his book, he started developing health problems like swelling in fingers and legs, sudden anger which was contradictory to the cool headed person personality he is. He visited several doctors and after a month found out that he was sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation from antennas that he was surrounded with all the time at work. He started researching on this and in 2009 after completing my graduation he asked me to research on Biological effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. After going through hundreds of research papers and interacting with several researchers, doctors, patients in India and abroad I found that there were significant health problems from high cell tower radiation on health.

Ø Job experience

>After graduation I joined my father’s IIT Bombay incubated company – Wilcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

4. NESA–When & how Its started (Process)

> I had shared several articles and papers on biological effects of Cell Tower Radiation online and made them avaible for readers. People having health problems and living close to mobile towers read them and started contacting us for details and wanted us

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Neha Kumar's story - Director of "NESA Radiation Solutions" in Chitralekha Magazine May 2014 issue

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