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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. This questionnaire was answered by 20 people aged between 12 and 26.<br /><ul><li>What gender are you?Female Male
  2. 2. How old are you?12-16 17-21 22-26
  3. 3. What genre of music do you listen to? R&B Hip-Hop Grime Classical Jive Rock Cultural Pop
  4. 4. Do you watch music videos?Yes No If yes, which music channels do you watch most often?MTV Base MTV Hits VH1 KISS Smash Hits Q
  5. 5. Other__________
  6. 6. How do you feel about females being portrayed in music videos?_____________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. How do you purchase music?iTunes CD’s from a shop Rent CD’s from a library or music store
  8. 8. Use a converter
  9. 9. What do you expect to see in R&B music videos? (tick more than one)Cars Alcohol Revealing clothes Jewellery Different locations Performance Other__________
  10. 10. What do you look for on a music CD cover? (tick more than one)Title Name of artist/band Image of artist/band Musical instruments Location Special effects
  11. 11. Other__________
  12. 12. Do you prefer music videos to subvert (Challenge) or adhere (Stick) to genres?Subvert Adhere