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  1. 1. Research:Modernism: Art/social-political movement that intended to reinvent culture that had become outdated. A rejection against realism.Postmodernism: There was a clear different seen between genres and styles. Became more use to a mediated version of reality. Intertextuality: When one media text refers to another. Parody: When something is ‘mocked’ in an original way.Feminism: A movement in which women questioned their position within patriarchal society. Women are either seen as mothers/ domestic housewives, virgins however most of the time promiscuous. Women were seen as sexual objects. Women are inferior (lesser) than men.Post feminism and ‘The female gaze’: Woman began to state their right to be sexually attractive as long as they are in control. Went against the theories which placed them as objects of ‘The male gaze’.Laura Mulvey – ‘The male gaze’: Women are seen as objects. Voyeurism: Men gain pleasure from looking at females as an object. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body in male videos.Gender stereotypes: Women are more likely to be represented in a provocative way – wearing revealing clothing. Women are more likely to dance or seen as sexual objects, rather than play instruments. Females have a negative ‘sex role’ stereotype pinned against them. Men are more likely to be seen as aggressive and dominance is seen as important. Men are more likely to be seen as independent and able and are less likely to been seen as emotional.