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In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop and challengeforms or conventions of real media            products?
CD COVER                     USE                        DEVELOP                     CHALLENGE                     • Use of...
INLAY                     USE                        DEVELOP                       CHALLENGE                     • Written...
CD                     USE                          DEVELOP                    CHALLENGE                     • Name of art...
BACK INSERT                     USE                     DEVELOP                       CHALLENGE                     • Typi...
MAGAZINE ADVERT                     USE                           DEVELOP                       CHALLENGE                 ...
MUSIC VIDEOUSE                          DEVELOP                      CHALLENGE• Adele:                     • Stop motion w...
MUSIC VIDEOUSE                       DEVELOP                       CHALLENGE• Product placement       • We normally see   ...
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1 in what ways does your media product use


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1 in what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop and challengeforms or conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. CD COVER USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE • Use of one back ground • Adeles cover uses one • Instead of using one colour which we also see font for her name and picture of the artist in Adeles album cover – album name. which we see in real similar genre to our However, we developed media products, for album. this as we used two example, Adeles, we • Adele is seen to be different readable fonts. decided to have looking away from the Amy Piner is written in a reoccurring pictures camera and so is our feminine which allows us to show artist which reinforces font, whereas, TORN, is the full effect of herReal media product the sad emotion. written in a font that being torn with the • Use of black and white emphasises the word. fading of the same image Adele on the image, which also and her becoming more reinforces the emotion. shattered. • Make the artists name and album name clear by having two different colours which are almost a theme throughout.
  3. 3. INLAY USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE • Written a message that • We developed on the • We challenged the real relates to the album. On written message by media product by leaving our inlay we have a highlight the fact that the the background plain in message written about message relates to the order for the message been torn which relates album I wrote the word and image to stand out. to our album name. This ‘tear’ in the same font as • We also added credit at is similar in Mariah the font torn is written the bottom to the Carey’s inlay where she in, I also underlined the production has a message written word hold as this word team, family, friends andReal media product with the word rainbow puts emphasis on the fans which is not seen on involved which also picture. inlay cards. Mariah Carey relates to her album name.
  4. 4. CD USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE • Name of artist and • Unlike on the real • We challenged the real album name is clear on media product where media product by adding our CD as well as the real one colour has been a copyright around the media product – used for the artist and edge of the CD. This Adele19. album name. We copyright states the • One colour has been developed this idea by rights and shows the used as the background. showing continuity by record label name. This colour is a running having the two different Whereas on the real theme throughout which colours used on the media product theReal media product has been used on both album cover. record company name is CD’s. just printed below. Adele
  5. 5. BACK INSERT USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE • Typical conventions • Instead of just placing a • By adding facebook and present: picture, we developed twitter logos we have • Track listing is the idea of having a challenged the numbered and clearly picture by creating a conventional back insert laid out. silhouette. A dark as people are more • Barcode. silhouette almost shows active online and • Institutional a darker/emotional side therefore can keep information. to a person and connected to the artist • Record label logo. reinforces the theme. via this service. • Stuck to the colour • The real media product • Instead of having the scheme throughout. doesn’t have the artist same background colourReal media product and album name written as the front cover, we Adele on the back again. challenged this by taking the red from the album name – TORN – and using this as the background colour for the back. This shows continuity as we have done a reversal of colours, putting TORN in the same colour as the cover background.
  6. 6. MAGAZINE ADVERT USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE • Artist and album name • To develop the • As many people now is clear – two different magazine advert, we use Smartphones, we fonts and colours are have added an image of have ensured access to used. There also the what the CD cover looks content is easy on their biggest font size as thats like. This makes it clearer phones by simply placing what’s most important. for potential buyers. By a QR code which can be • A colour scheme is putting an outline scanned by a clearly noticeable. around the cover enables Smartphone. • Both covers state when it to stand out further. • We have challenged theReal media product the album is out. • Although both adverts use of one colour for the Mariah Carey say the CD is background, by having available/out now , one main colour, unlike the real media however, adding tears product, we have and showing a darker developed this more by colour below to reinforce adding the recognisable these tears which logos of stores where the emphasise the album CD can be bought. name. • We have also challenged the picture, as we have used two different pictures, however, wearing the same clothes.
  7. 7. MUSIC VIDEOUSE DEVELOP CHALLENGE• Adele: • Stop motion was used • We challenge the use ofSomeone like you to show two flashbacks – flashback as one was in- See Adele wearing a One happy flashback and colour which showed ajacket. one sad flashback. happy memory and the- Our singer wears woolly • Instead of using shots one that was a sadclothing. which constantly show memory was in black and- Use of black and white. the artists face. We white which is chose to do some point conventional for a• Eamon: of view shots – The first flashback.I don’t want you back scene when she’s looking • Instead of the artist-Use of black and white at pictures and a scene in singing to the partner asto show a flashback. the middle where we see we see in music videos- Use of fades. her writing before it such as in Eamon, in the zooming into a flashback. first scene we see her• Frankee: singing down towardsF U right back the frame which holds a-See her throwing stuff happy memory of theout the window same as two.our last scene.- Use of black and whiteto show a flashback.- Use of fades – ends in afade so does our
  8. 8. MUSIC VIDEOUSE DEVELOP CHALLENGE• Product placement • We normally see • We challenged the females in their bedroom conventional opening singing, which reinforces scene by showing a point isolation and loneliness. of view shot instead of However, we developed an establishing shot this by having our artist showing the artist and sitting in the living room. location.• Narrative based story line.• Love/Break ups• Lip syncing • We used stop motion to reinforce the flashbacks instead of just using black and white.