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  • 2) Subsequently, it offered consumers a challenge, stating that the product would definitely deliver on its promise. In a few days, the advertisements claimed, the consumer's would clearly see the difference between in their skin’s complexion if they used FAL.3) Every 14 days, a win­ner was se­lect­ed and her pro­file show­cased on the Web site. At­trac­tive prizes such as jew­ellery, per­fume, hol­i­day pack­ages etc. were given to the win­ners.4) men were tar­get­ed by hint­ing that they would be able to im­press a girl more eas­i­ly if they also used a fair­ness-en­hanc­ing prod­uct.5) HLL provoked Fair n handsome n came up with menz active.6) claim­ing that it en­hances fair­ness and also help re­move dark spots.
  • yes! The company had promised that their product would help Increase fairness of the skin to protect the skin from darkening & gently, safely lightning the skin.It was promised that the F&L is a product specially used by ladies and similar product for men is launched as per the promotional advertisement displayed to attract the male customers too. Virtually the launching of product in such a small sachet form benefited both i.e. the company by way of exemption of excise duty and increase in profit and the customer as a whole.
  • Fair & lovely

    1. 1. Fair & Lovely By Group 1
    2. 2. Introduction  Fair & Lovely is the largest-selling skin whitening cream in the world.  It holds a commanding 50-70 percent share of the skin whitening market in India.  The market value of Fair &
    3. 3. Creating a demand for the product  The fascination of Indians for fair     skin created a need of fairness creams. Advertisements of FAL said that consumers would obtain fairness comparable to the moon’s glow. Godrej offered an innovative online promotional campaign, 'the fairglow face of the fortnight’. Emami Launched Fair and Handsome for men. HLL also came up a product for
    4. 4. Ethics  The product fair and lovely lightens the skin which is called the miracle worker and provides the result within the four weeks it is going to have a temporary effect because of bleaching.  Skin colour is a powerful theme in India and much of Asia where a lighter colour represents a higher status.  Advertising of fair and lovely is
    5. 5. HUL’s‘Vi­sion’and‘Value Creation  Increase fairness of the skin  Specially used by ladies and similar product for men  Launch of small sachet
    6. 6. Target Market Segmenting On The Basis Of: Demography  Young women aged 18-35  There is repeated evidence that schoolgirls in the 12-14 years category widely use fairness creams.  The lower income groups also are a significant target market for Fair & Lovely.  HLL marketed the product in ‘affordable’ small size pouches to facilitate purchase by the poor. Geography 6
    7. 7. Unique Selling Proposition  Power of beauty.  Fairness in 4 weeks.  Maximum fairness with the power of 8.  For flawlessly fair skin.  Change your story- Fair n Lovely Menz Active. 7
    8. 8. STP Analysis Segmentation And Targeting:  Income-1-5 lac  Age +12-50  Gender-Female  Education-High School and collage educated  Geography-Anywhere in India  Personality-Wishes to take charge of her destiny 8
    9. 9. Positioning :  Value Positioning.  Benefits driven Positioning.  Problem/ Solution Positioning 9
    10. 10. THANK YOU