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Et news

  1. 1. ET NEWS<br />Submitted By:<br />NehaSingla<br /> MBA 2C<br />
  2. 2. India will solve BlackBerry issue: Canada<br /><ul><li>India and Research In Motion will succeed in negotiating a compromise to keep BlackBerry service in place in the country, suggested by Canadian federal trade minister Peter Van Loan
  3. 3. Van Loan and industry minister Anand Sharma discussed the issue amid talks about trade in Ottawa.
  4. 4. He said that India is seeking a similar arrangement with RIM that exists in Canada. He said in Canada, police are allowed to intercept telephone and other forms of communications by obtaining a warrant from a judge
  5. 5. Withdrew a threat to ban BlackBerry service for at least two months while it reviewed RIM’s proposals to give security agencies greater access to corporate email and instant messaging.
  6. 6. India began a sweeping security review after the November 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, which was co-ordinated with cellphones, satellite phones and Internet calls</li></li></ul><li>The Indian government has said RIM is exploring the possibility of installing a server in India, as part of the ongoing negotiations that narrowly avoided a ban on its services on August.<br />One possible compromise could be to set up a BlackBerry Messenger server in India for instant messaging, but keep key corporate enterprise email servers abroad. <br />BlackBerry is eager to convince corporate users that its enterprise email will maintain the gold standard for security.<br />RIM co-chief executive said the company expects to resolve its security concerns with countries such as the United Arab Emirates and India, which want access to encrypted data on the devices<br />He said that RIM doesn’t have access to the encrypted data. “RIM simply has no ability to read the encrypted information<br />We have made it clear that we are respectful of government needs and fully co-operative to comply with lawful requirements on industry standards basis.<br />
  7. 7. Skill development no longer not-for-profit<br /><ul><li>India faces a huge skill gap where only 4.3 million skilled hands are available against a demand of 13 million,” says SanjeevDuggal, CEO of Centum Learning, which is training tribals in Assam and panchayat representatives in Orissa for employable skills and better understanding of legal rights.
  8. 8. We are proud to do our bit in bridging this demand and supply gap and giving our country a sustainable employability model.
  9. 9. Centum company works at three levels: Working with corporate groups for supplying trained manpower; providing higher education specifically serving retail industry and, third, developing skills among youth in less developed regions.
  10. 10. He feels that the other two areas are no less important as they allow them to establish a stronger network and devise a competitive training </li></ul> modules.<br /><ul><li>SantanuBhattacharjee, the founder of the venture, is working to make rural youth in West Bengal more employable in the services sector—IT, retail, BPO. Technableoffers a six months training course which includes English language, communication, presentation and other soft skills, along with basic computer training. </li></li></ul><li>The profit social enterprise started with a partnership with St Xaviers College in Kolkata to provide training to students. <br />The biggest challenge in skill developments is mobilisation of your resoruces and to overcome this, Centum works in coordination with government departments.<br />In future, Centum seeks to broaden its educational consumer base. Right now we are earning only from our corporate clients and see the skill development module as an investment. But over a period of time we shall be generating revenue from consumers too.<br />While Centum now wants to spread its business in the South, Technable is now looking at a geographic and vertical growth. “We are now looking at more partnerships in the future to expand our scope and scale<br />
  11. 11. ReligareTechnova launches TradeExpress<br />ReligareTechnova Ltd (RTL), a leading provider of software solutions to the global capital markets has launched ‘TradeExpress’, a mobile trading application.<br />This application is built on a wireless platform solution that allows trading institutions to provide delivery of real-time mobile financial services to their customers. <br />This trading provides full order functionality including order placement, real time quotes, top gainers and losers etc through a fast, user-friendly and secure application, available anytime anywhere. <br />It includes server and client side technology, designed for easy integration with existing trading systems.<br />It’s a complete, multi platform solution, capable of running on a broad range of handsets and is fully prepared for new networks. <br />With its presence in over 10 countries, ReligareTechnova is poised to be a leading global IT and software solutions provider. <br />
  12. 12. Apple launches IPhone4 in China<br />Apple launched the latest version of its iPhone in China and boosted its presence in the world's biggest Internet and mobile market by opening another two stores in Beijing and Shanghai.<br />It is available in Apple stores in two cities, as well as at China Unicom retail outlets for buyers who sign a two-year contract with the operator.<br />The 16-gigabyte version of the smartphone, which will have wireless Internet capability, will cost 4,999 yuan (744 dollars) at Apple stores with the 32-gigabyte selling for 5,999 yuan.<br />China Unicom, the country's second-largest mobile phone operator, reportedly took nearly 50,000 pre-orders for the iPhone4.<br />
  13. 13. The iPhone 4 made its debut in China just a week after Apple officially launched the iPad tablet computer in the country.<br />The new stores in Beijing and Shanghai will bring the company's total to four in China two in each city. It plans to have 25 stores in the country by the end of next year. <br />China has at least 420 million web users and is also the world's largest mobile market with more than 800 million subscribers as of the end of June.<br /> <br />
  14. 14. KBC-4 punchline runs into trouble<br />AmitabhBachchan’s promotional campaign for KaunBanegaCrorepati (KBC) on Sony Entertainment Television may run into trouble with its punch line -‘TumMujheKhoon Do Main TumheAzadiDunga.<br />Mumbai-based advocate Goya Sodhi on behalf of his client ParveenAbdi, grand daughter of a freedom fighter, has sent legal notices to Mr Bachchan and the channel.<br />The legal notice states that the promo which uses the slogan given by freedom fighter NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose has been utilized in extremely lighter and derogatory manner. <br /> They requested the channel to withdraw the on air promo by Monday, failing which we will file a peti.tion in the Bombay High Court<br />
  15. 15. Air promotional ad is a high decibel campaign costing the channel over Rs 10 crore.<br />When contacted Sony Entertainment said, We haven’t received any notice yet. We will respond only once we receive it. <br />
  16. 16. THANK YOU<br />