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Bosch visit


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Bosch visit

  1. 1. 7/20/2012BOSCHLIMITED,JAIPUR INDUSTRIAL VISIT Report of industrial visit to Bosch Limited, Jaipur | By Neha Jain
  2. 2. Index 1. Objective of visit 2. Industry and Company Overview 3. Learning and Feedback 4. Other information 5. AcknowledgementsObjective of industrial visit to Bosch LimitedPGDM 14 batch visiting Bosch Ltd, Jaipur with FacultyThe objective of any industrial visit is to see the real business practices, ordeal text book knowledge withindustrial practices and build up the requisite analytical skills. The main purpose to visit the Bosch Limited was tobe familiar with the environment in which a production unit functions to carry out various actions andprocedures to bring about the undertaking of day to day operations and realize business goals. Interaction withvarious managers and other employees was required to understand the management styles and the difficultiesat operational echelon.
  3. 3. Industry & Company OverviewThe Bosch Limited plant is at a prime industrial location at Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur. Mr. Santosh Joseph(HR manager) briefed us about the company.The Bosch Group is one of the world’s major private industrial companies. In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the“Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. This marked the beginning of RobertBosch GmbH. The headquarters of Bosch Limited are in Germany. The company provides employment to around302,519 people worldwide and has 350 subsidiaries and regional companies all over the globe.Bosch is a chief supplier of technology and services in India. Bosch entered India in 1922 at Kolkata and later setup its manufacturing operations in 1953. Presently they have around 14 manufacturing sites and 3 developmentcenters. The company provides work for about 22500 workers in India, and achieved total combined income ofover 6630 crores in business year 2010 and had turnover of 68 Bi INR in 2011 (and Jaipur plant’s turnover is 9000MINR). The Bosch Group holds 71.18% stake in Bosch Limited. (According to Limited, India is headquartered in Bangalore, with manufacturing facilities at Bangalore, Naganathapura(near Bangalore), Nashik, Jaipur and Goa.In India, the Bosch Group is comprised of the following companies -  Motor Industries Co. Ltd.  Robert Bosch India Ltd.  Robert Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd.  Bosch Rexroth India Ltd.
  4. 4. Bosch Limited manufactures and trades in all the three major business sectors of Bosch:Automotive Technology:Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Injection Systems, Car Multimedia Systems, Auto Electricals and Accessories, Startersand Generators, Energy and Body Systems.Industrial TechnologyPackaging Machines, Special Purpose MachinesConsumer Goods and Building TechnologyPower Tools, Security SystemsAccording to the company’s official, there is an invention every 30 minutes in the company worldwide.The Jaipur plant manufactures VE Pumps and is one of the six Bosch plants all over the world. Jaipur plant has aworkforce of 1000 blue collar employees and 250 white collar ones.Some facts:  The tagline of Bosch is “Invented for Life”  The company strives to create environment friendly products  As a CSR initiative, they have installed a clean water plant in Goner  They believe in less marketing  Almost every other car has a Bosch product in it  The average age of employees in Jaipur plant is 34 years  Both local companies and export houses are their customers  According to them, their success factors are independence, financial strength, innovative strength, quality, reliability and global presence  They give 8% of annual revenue to Bosch family and after keeping up investment and future requirement amounts rest is given to charityLearning & Feedback about VisitWe were guided to the warehouse of products and educated about the management of goods, inventory andsupply system. The authorized representative (Mr. Ravi) made us aware of the work environment. We learntabout the supply chain management, team management and product management in the Bosch.The warehouse is called shop and is divided into areas according to the required stages in development of theFuel injection pumps. All machines are imported. The main divisions of shop are:
  5. 5.  Assembly area  Calibration area  Post calibration area  Packaging areaThere are two systems to enhance supply chain management: kalmal cards and two bin system. Both of theseensure that there is no shortage of required goods and the exchange within the shop is transparent.The whole unit is mapped into a chart with a technique called as VSM. This is updated twice a year. The progressof individuals and their skills as well as issues related to production are displayed on Problem Solving Boards. Theproblems are solved using fish bone method. To enhance team skills, Team Oriented Production Board is used. Itdisplays general, quality, cost and delivery graphs. Thus, we learnt about inner functioning of the organization inpractical scenario.Feedback:Bosch Limited is a multinational company and has a structural and well organized system. The companyencourages creativity and innovation. The visit can be defined as a valuable experience.Other information  Bosch Limited was conferred with the Car & Bike India Award in "Best Auto Component Manufacturer" 2012, 2011, 2007  Received NDTV Car & Bike Award - ‘Automotive technology of the year’, 2010 and 2009  Received CNBC TV18 International Trade Award, 2010  Received in 2006: Dun & Bradstreet American Express Corporate Award - ‘Top Indian company in the Auto Components sector’  Bosch has a monopoly in the sector of automotive developmentAcknowledgementsI thank Ms. Ajeta Bhatia, Mr. Abhishek Tuteja, Mr. Adarsh Paretha and Mr. Ankit Sharma for organizing andaccompanying us to the visit.